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Product Summary


Hand-Picked Card Tricks – (NEW!)


Written and illustrated by Steve Beam

Metallic Spiral Bound – 52 pages


If you need a sleight of hand fix while learning semi-automatic card tricks, this may just be the breather for you (so to speak).  Ever wonder what happened to the sleight of hand being regularly generated from Raleigh in the form of The Trapdoor since it closed in December of 1998.    This lecture book includes the full descriptions along with 43 illustrations for over 25 hot card items.  Three were previously printed in The Trapdoor and three were previously published in Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III (although a few of these were updated here for the first time).  The remainder consists of never before published flourishy sleight of hand revelations and changes along with a few new stunning easy-to-do items. Designed as lecture notes for two full lectures as well as a stand-alone sampler package of the magic of the author, you can’t go wrong with Hand Picked Card Tricks.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25.




The Underhand Shuffle – (NEW!)


Written and illustrated by Steve Beam

Softbound – 24 pages


This is the ultimate full-deck false overhand shuffle.  It is disarmingly convincing and amazingly versatile.  In addition to the basic full-deck shuffle, specific use shuffles are described for replacing the double undercut, as well as retaining the center, top, and bottom stocks.  You will also find included the best red/black retention shuffle available for those using Out of This World variations.  Finally, the centerpiece of the manuscript is a spectator-fooling, magician drooling multiple location which rivals Multiple Impact for full contact audience devastation.  Each of three to five spectators cuts to his own selection, then fully shuffles the cards before returning the pack to the magician.  In a sure-fire comedic killer, the magician nails all of them.  Suitable for platform or close-up…………………..$15.

(Note: Some of the ideas in this manuscript have been published in the Semi-Automatic Card Trick series.)



Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III


Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Hardbound, 239 pages, fully illustrated.

Chapters include: Gambling Tricks, Impossible Locations, Impossible Revelations, Singularities, Face Up / Face Down Shuffles, The Match Game, Cards of Color, Topological Effects, Multiple Locations, Moves, and The Routine Builder.

Contributors include: Jack Avis, Steve Beam, Doug Canning, Tom Craven, Tom Gagnon, Joel Givens, Tony Griffith, Mark Horowitz, Stewart James, Josh Jay, Lewis Jones, Marty Kane, Doreen Knott, Jerry Mentzer, Joe Mogar, John Moran, Anthony Owen, Marc Paul, Gary Plants, Al Smith, Allan Slaight, & Andy Stone. ………….......$45


Digital Effects – The Magic of Joe Mogar

Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Hardbound, 230 pages, 200+ illustrations

Joe Mogar has specialized in thimble magic for the last fifty years. Here, for the first time, Joe parts with the secrets he has used to reinvent this branch of the art. In addition to diabolically clever sleights, effects, and methods, there are dozens of ideas on how to introduce thimbles into your act and how to present the material.

Thimble magic is extraordinarily visual. Thimbles appear, disappear, morph, change color, migrate, and penetrate. There is no dealing, signing, shuffling, memorizing, or counting. This is all magic, all the time. And, it is the best kind of magic, magic that must be seen to be appreciated.  Multiple presentational hooks are included which can be interchanged with related effects. There is even an innovative Routine Builder which will help you bring the individual parts together into a cohesive and flowing act.  Ninety items. $40.00.

Thimble Packs for the above book:  1 dozen thimbles for $15.  Purchase the book and the thimbles together and save $5 for a total of $50.



Semi-Automatic Card Tricks II

                                          Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Hardbound, 230 pages, 100+ illustrations

Almost 30 years of studying and performing magic have given the author the experience to know what works before an audience. This knowledge has been used to invent and select only the best in cutting-edge card effects. Combined this seasoning with fifteen years of international lecturing to magicians and the result is strong performance material that is properly and clearly taught.
In addition to dozens of effects by the author, contributors include: Simon Aronson, Jack Birnmam, Doug Canning, Aldo Colombini, Tom Craven, Ron Ferris, Joel Givens, Wayne Kyzer, Stewart James, Tom Ladshaw, Marv Leventhal, Simon Lovell, Gene Maze, Steve Pressley, John Riggs, Joe Rindfleisch, Scott Robinson, Allan Slaight, Richard Vollmer, and Steven Youell.….................$40



Semi-Automatic Card Tricks I                      


Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Hardbound, 170 pages, 50+ illustrations

These are not your typical self-working card tricks. Clever principles & devious subtleties have supplanted sleight of hand. Unlike many self-working card tricks, these do not appear to be self-working to the audience. The latest technology has been used to eliminate superfluous dealing and counting. In addition to dozens of effects by the author, contributors include Michael Beam, Doug Canning, Tom Craven, Stewart James, Wayne Kyzer, Simon Lovell, Martini, Gary Plants, Steve Pressley, John Riggs, Scott Robinson, and Allan Slaight.

If you enjoy card magic, you will eventually read this book. The only question is whether you will read it before or after being fooled and entertained by a trick contained within. 54 items...................Out of Print.




Multiple Impact


Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Softbound, 16 pages


Killer Stage Routine – Steve Beam’s closer for the last 20 years.  5 to 8 spectators cut to a card and bury it.  The magician doesn’t touch the deck during the selection process.  The deck is then shuffled and cut by the final spectator.  With hilarious byplay, the magician takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster – finishing with the audience in stitches and the magician nailing all of the selections.  Built for stage use but it works well in intimate settings as well.  The complete presentation is included.  If you only buy one card trick this century, this should be the one…………………………………………….$15.







Lecture Notes


Everything fully explained and illustrated where necessary.  20 to 24 pages each. Your choice - $12.  


*  Riding The Bikes

*  Magic With No Entertainment Value II

*  Sound Effects

*  Magic For The British Aisles





The Changing Of The Cards


Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam.
Softbound, 40 pages

Published in 1982.


A full book on color changes.  Color changes are the most visual kind of card magic and here is a whole pamphlet chockfull of them. Only a few dozen copies are available and some of them are slightly soiled.  Out of Print. 









Endless Possibilities – by Steve Pressley


Written and  illustrated by Steve Pressley (12/1/48 – 4/5/92)

Softbound, 75 pages

Published in 1991


Steve was one of the stars of semi-automatic card magic.  He lived in Cary, NC (a suburb of Raleigh) and was my favorite in-town session partner.  He was a frequent contributor to The Trapdoor and had material in the first two volumes of Semi-Automatic Card Tricks series.  He died way to young the year after he published a book he had worked on for the previous ten years. The book has inspired card magicians around the world and is a frequent reference in card circles.


There are 17 semi-automatic effects.  Each is efficiently constructed and meticulously described.  Steve had fluidity to his handling of cards which is captured in the text.  (Consult his A Cut Below from Semi-Automatic Card Tricks #1 for my favorite bottom control and an excellent example of how to efficiently and openly reach a desired result.)


The 75-page Endless Possibilities preserves some of Steve’s contributions to the art of card magic.  Physically, the book is printed on high-quality paper. Since graphic design was among Steve’s many talents, he illustrated the book with over 60 line drawings.  This is the first edition (1991)…… ………….$24. 




The Trapdoor (1983-1998)








*   Edited by Steve Beam

*   1983 – 1998

*   70 Issues

*   15 Years

*   Almost 1500 pages









The journal that brought you the now famous theme issues and inserts including:

Creating Magic (#5)           
The No Steve Beam Issue (#11)
Name Brand Issue (#15)
Dead Raccoon Issue (#16)
Bald Magicians' Issue (#20)
Close-up Levitations (#35)
High Octane Card Tricks (#38)
The International Issue (#48)
Several No-Card Issues
Several All-Card Issues
One Live Animal Insert (#18)

There were also one man issues featuring material by John Riggs, Tom Gagnon, Harvey Rosenthal, Harry Levine, Scott Robinson and inserts by Jack Birnman, Steve Pressley, Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, Joel Givens, Troy Hooser, Marty Kane and Scott Robinson. Frequent magicians-only satire and constant pleas for subscriptions add humor between the top quality magic.

The magazine has featured material with bed pans, wigs, worms, cards, blindfolds, eyeglasses, time bombs, electric chairs, drinking glasses, computers, locks, name tags, plants, soda cans, hot dogs, tattoos, superconductivity, breath sprays, coins, rabbit pellets, belts, garbage cans, happy meals, hour glasses, wallets, purses, fish, foxes, rabbits, bottles, ropes, raccoons, creamers, matches, trash cans, doves, rings, boxes, watches, Christmas trees, close-up mats, spoons, hands, feet, keys, wrenches, traps, pens, pencils, checks, money, combs, books, and bottles.

1998 marked the final issue of the journal.  If you would like to receive any of the last three years of humor and magic, send $35 (USA airmail) or $47 (overseas airmail) to the address below. There are no more complete files available.  Incomplete files quoted upon request. Sample issues are our choice (no exceptions) and are $12.00 postpaid (USA). Individual years (“volumes”) prior to the last three, when available are $40 postpaid in the U.S.



Out of Print Books & Manuscripts

*  They Don’t Make Trapdoors LikeThey Used To or You Too Can Walk on Water (1978)

*  Magic – The Vanishing Art or How To Turn A Trick For Fun & Profit (1979)

*  Card Tricks From Mount Olympus

*  Diary of a Deranged Deck

*  The Changing of The Cards (1982)

*  Teaching An Old Deck New Tricks

*  Vienna Notes (Lecture Notes)

*  The Card Book (1979)

*  Steve Beam on Coins (Two Volumes, 1980 & 1982)


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