Frank Lowe

tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
born June 24, 1943 Memphis, Tennessee
died September 19, 2003 New York City

Alice Coltrane-World Galaxy

Impulse 9218 USA LP NYC, The Record Plant November 15-16, 1971
Alice Coltrane-p,org,harp,tamboura,perc; Frank Lowe-ts,ss,perc; Leroy Jenkins-vln; Reggie Workman-b; Ben Riley-d; Elayne Jones-tympani; David Sackson-concertmaster; Arthur Aaron, Henry Aaron, Julien Barber, Avron Coleman, Harry Glickman, Edward Green, Janet Hill, Joan Kalisch, Ronald Lipscomb, Seymour Miroff, Thomas Nickerson, Alan Shulman, Irving Spice, William Stone-strings; Swami Satchidananda-voc
My Favorite Things (Rodgers/Hammerstein) 6:22
Galaxy Around Olodumare (Alice Coltrane) 4:15
Galaxy in Turiya (Alice Coltrane) 9:55
Galaxy in Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane) 10:25
A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) 9:58

Noah Howard-Live at the Village Vanguard

Intercord 28488-5U USA LP NYC, Village Vanguard August 22, 1972
Noah Howard-as,perc; Frank Lowe-ts,perc; Robert Bruno-p; Earl Freeman-el-b; Rashied Ali-d; Juma Sutan-perc
Back a' Town Blues
Dedication (to Albert Ayler)

Rashied Ali/Frank Lowe-Duo Exchange

Survival 101 USA LP ca. 1973
Frank Lowe-ts,Japanese fl,perc; Rashied Ali-d,perc
Exchange-Part 1
Exchange-Part 2

Frank Lowe-Black Beings

ESP 3013 USA LP NYC March 1973
Frank Lowe-ts; Joseph Jarman-ss,as; Rashid Sinan-d; Raymund Cheng-vln; William Parker-b
Side A (25:00)
In Trane's Name (Frank Lowe)
Side B (20:50)
Brother Joseph (Frank Lowe)
Thulani (Joseph Jarman)

Don Cherry And The Jazz Composer's Orchestra-Relativity Suite

JCOA 1006 USA LP NYC, Blue Rock Studio February 14, 1973
Don Cherry-comp,cond,tp,conch,voc,perc; Charles Brackeen-ss,as,voc; Carlos Ward-as,voc; Frank Lowe-ts,voc; Dewey Redman-ts,voc; Sharon Freeman-frh; Brian Trentham-tb; Jack Jeffers-tu; Leroy Jenkins-vln; Joan Kalisch-vla; Nan Newton-vla; Pat Dixon-cel; Jane Robertson-cel; Charlie Haden-b; Carla Bley-p; Ed Blackwell-d; Paul Motian-d; Moki Cherry-tamboura; Selene Fung-cheng;
Tantra (8:00)
Mali Doussn'gouni (5:40)
Desireless (1:22)
The Queen of Tung-Ting Lake (4:30)
Trans-Love Airways (6:50)
Infinite Gentleness (3:22)
March of the Hobbits (3:38)

Frank Lowe-Fresh

Arista/Freedom 1015 USA LP
Memphis, Free Tone Studios September 1974
Frank Lowe-ts; The Memphis Four
Chu's Blues (Frank Lowe) 6:29

NYC, Blue Rock Studio March 7, 1975
Frank Lowe-ts; Lester Bowie-tp; Joseph Bowie-tb; Abdul Wadud-cel; Steve Reid-d
Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk) 7:43

Charles Bobo Shaw-d replaces Steve Reid
Play Some Blues (Frank Lowe) 4:52
Mysterioso (Thelonious Monk) 11:44

add Selene Fung-cheng
Fresh (Frank Lowe) 6:18

Don Cherry-Brown Rice

A&M 717/Horizon 18 USA LP NYC Woodstock, NY 1975
Don Cherry-tp,el-p,voc; Charlie Haden-b; Billy Higgins-d; Frank Lowe-ts; Ricky Cherry-el-p; Bunchie Fox-el-bgo; Verna Gillis-voc
Brown Rice (Cherry) 5:14

Don Cherry-tp,voc; Billy Higgins-d; Frank Lowe-ts; Ricky Cherry-p; Hakim Jami-b
Chenrezig (Cherry) 12:50

Don Cherry-voc,Yamaha p; Charlie Haden-b; Billy Higgins-d; Frank Lowe-ts; Ricky Cherry-el-p
Degi-Degi (Cherry) 7:05
(Lowe does not appear on other track)

Don Cherry

(private recording) Kongsberg 6/75
Don Cherry-tp; Frank Lowe-ts; others?

Frank Lowe-The Flam

Black Saint 0005 I LP NYC, Generation Sound Studios October 20-21, 1975
Frank Lowe-ts; Joseph Bowie-tb; Leo Smith-tp,flh,wood fl; Alex Blake-b,el-b; Charles Bobo Shaw-d
Sun Voyage (Joseph Bowie) 7:35
Flam (Frank Lowe) 14:03
Be-Bo-Bo-Be (Charles Shaw) 10:53
Third St. Stomp (Lowe/Shaw/Bowie/Blake/Smith) 10:21
U.B.P. (Leo Smith) 0:45

Frank Lowe-Tricks of the Trade

Marge 02 F LP Rouen, Salle Sainte-Croix des Pelletiers December 8, 1976
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Didier Levallet-b; George Brown-d
Navarro's Tomorrow (Lowe) 10:16
Anytime (Lowe) 6:05
Clear (Lowe) 5:02
A Ballad (Lowe) 5:26
Unsatisfied Blues (Lowe) 5:22
And Then (Lowe) 2:30

Frank Lowe-Tricks of the Trade

Marge 02 F CD Rouen, Salle Sainte-Croix des Pelletiers December 8, 1976
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Didier Levallet-b; George Brown-d
Groove (Lowe) 10:11
Fresh (Lowe) 9:50
Awake (Lowe) 11:23
In a Minute (Lowe) 9:40
Flash Back (Lowe) 1:13
(+ all tracks on original LP, see previous entry)

Frank Lowe-The Other Side

Palm 25 F LP Paris, Palm Studio December 19, 1976
Frank Lowe-ts; Lawrence Butch Morris-cor; Didier Levallet-b; George Brown-d
The Other Side (Lowe) 7:19
Zap (Lowe) 6:18
Up (Lowe) 5:13
Pretty (Lowe/Morris) 5:38
Carmen (Lowe) 7:32
Fresh (Lowe) 6:00

Jerome Cooper-Positions 3 6 9

Kharma 3/4 USA LPx2 NYC, Environ April 25, 1977
Composed and arrange by Jerome Cooper
Frank Lowe-ts; Kalaparusha M. McIntyre-ts
Movement (AA) 10:20

Frank Lowe-Indian bells; Kalaparusha M. McIntyre-school bell; Jerome Cooper-gong bell,bass drum
Movement (A) 8:04

Frank Lowe-whistle; Kalaparusha M. McIntyre-wooden fl; Jerome Cooper-saw,bike horn
Movement (B) 9:36

Frank Lowe-ts; Kalaparusha M. McIntyre-cl; Jerome Cooper-cymbals
Movement (C2)

Frank Lowe-ts; Jerome Cooper-d
Movement (E) 18:08

Frank Lowe-ts; Kalaparusha M. McIntyre-ts; Jerome Cooper-d
Movement (G) 18:00
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Lowe-Doctor Too-Much

Kharma 2 USA LP NYC 5/21/77
Frank Lowe-ts; Olu Dara-tp; Leo Smith-tp; Phillip Wilson-d; Fred Williams-b
Trombone (dedicated to George Lewis & Joseph Bowie) (Lowe) 4:30
Crush (Lester Bowie) 7:45
Parts (Lowe) 7:30
Doctor Too-Much (Lowe) 7:55
Structuralism (Lowe) 3:35
Broadway Rhumba (Lowe) 5:30
Future Memories (Lowe) 4:45

The Frank Lowe Orchestra-Lowe & Behold

Musicworks 3002 USA LP NYC 10/77
Frank Lowe-ts,comp,arr; Joseph Bowie-tb; Butch Morris-cor; Arthur Williams-tp; Billy Bang-vln; Polly Bradfield-vln; Eugene Chadbourne-g; John Lindberg-b; Phillip Wilson-d,perc; John Zorn-as; Peter Kuhn-cl,bcl,mix,editing
Heart in Hand or (How Vain I Am) (13:58)
A Hipster's Dream (4:24)
Lowe-commotion (7:58)
Heavy Drama (12:49)

Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne-Don't Punk Out

QED 995 USA LP NYC 10/13/77
Frank Lowe-ts; Eugene Chadbourne-g,12 string g
Composition for David Murray (Lowe) 1:47
If It Should Happen (Billy Patterson) 4:05
Fright (Lowe) 4:23
At Reel's End (improvisation) 2:31
Bobo Did It (Lowe) 2:31
Ghosts (Albert Ayler) 4:16
The Clam (Chadbourne) 0:54
St. Thomas (Fire Down There) (trad., arr. by Sonny Rollins) 1:29
Phantom to Tower (Parts 1 & 2) (Lowe) 4:22
You Were Right in the First Place (Chadbourne) 2:44
45 1st Ave (Parts 1 & 2) (improvisation) 2:50
There's No Place Like Home (Chadbourne) 2:51 (Lowe solo)
Doctor Too-Much (Lowe) 2:45 (Chadbourne solo)
Don't Punk Out (Parts 1 & 2) (Chadbourne/Lowe) 3:04
(CD issue has additional tracks, see April 2000 entry below)

Frank Lowe Quartet

(private recording) Angouleme, France 5/6/1978 
Frank Lowe-ts; Olu Dara-tp; Fred Williams-b; Phillip Wilson-d

Phillip Wilson Quartet-Live at Moers Festival

Moers Music 01062 D LP Moers, West Germany, 7th International New Jazz Festival 5/15/78
Phillip Wilson-d,perc; Olu Dara-tp; Frank Lowe-ts; Fred Williams-b
Broadway Rhumba (8:21)
Cha Cha (6:31)
This Is For You (4:30)
F & L (9:50)
It's A Party (11:00)
(All compositions by Phillip Wilson)

Billy Bang Sextet featuring Frank Lowe-Sweet Space

Anima 12741 USA LP NYC, New York University, Loeb Student Center north lobby 11/15/79
Billy Bang-vln; Frank Lowe-ts; Luther Thomas-as; Butch Morris-cor; Curtis Clark-p; Wilber Morris-b; Steve McCall-d
A Pebble is a Small Rock (Dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. Irving Stone) (Billy Bang) 16:47
Sweet Space (Billy Bang) 5:10
Loweski for Frank (T.F.R.) (Billy Bang) 12:55
Music for the Love of It (Butch Morris) 5:50
(Arrangements by Butch Morris and Billy Bang except Sweet Space, arranged by Billy Bang)

Frank Lowe-Skizoke

CJR 1007 USA LP NYC, Soundscape 3/31/81
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Damon Choice-vib; Larry Simon-g; Wilbur Morris-b; Tim Pleasant-d
Originals (Lowe) 8:26
The Skizoke (Lowe) 8:17
Sortie - Take I (Ornette Coleman) 5:48
Sortie - Take II (Ornette Coleman) 2:04
Some Do, Some Don't (Lowe) 10:15
Close to the Soul (Lowe) 13:54
(Musical arrangements by Frank Lowe & Butch Morris)

Frank Lowe-Exotic Heartbreak

Soul Note 1032 I LP Milan, Barigozzi Studios 10/22/81 10/23/81
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Amina Claudine Myers-p; Wilber Morris-b; Tim Pleasant-d
Perfection (Ornette Coleman) 7:51
Close to the Soul (Lowe, arr. Lowe/B. Morris) 8:02
Broadway Rhumba (Lowe) 3:24
Addiction Ain't No Fiction (Lowe, arr. Lowe/B. Morris) 6:56
Exotic Heartbreak (Lowe, arr. Lowe/Myers) 8:18
Be Prepared (Lowe, arr. Lowe/B. Morris) 5:34

Frank Lowe Quintet-Live from Soundscape

DIW 399 J CD NYC, Soundscape 2/19/82
Frank Lowe-ts; Lawrence Butch Morris-cor; Amina Claudine Myers-p; Wilber Morris-b; Tim Pleasant-d
Be Prepared (Lowe) 14:56
Close to the Soul (Lowe) 18:19
Exotic Heartbreak (Lowe) 22:35
Face to Face (Lowe) 12:18

Billy Bang-Outline No. 12

Celluloid 5004 USA LP NYC 7/82
Billy Bang-vln; Jason Hwang-vln; Joseph Hailes-vln; Frank Lowe-ss; Wilber Morris-b; Charles Tyler-cl; Henri Warner-acl; David Murray-bcl; Khan Jamal-vib; Sunny Murray-perc; John "Khuwana" Fuller-perc
Seeing Together (13:28)
Outline No. 12 (7:01)
Conception (19:01)
(All compositions written by Billy Bang, conducted by Lawrence Butch Morris)

The Jazz Doctors-Intensive Care

Cadillac 1011 E LP London, Wave Studios 8/11/83
Billy Bang-vln; Frank Lowe-ts; Rafael Garrett-b; Dennis Charles-d
Little Melonae (Jackie McLean) 4:50
Ballad with one L. (Billy Bang) 8:20
Spooning (Butch Morris) 5:10
Loweology (Frank Lowe) 6:00
Blood on the Cross (Rashied Ali) 4:55
Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman) 12:19

Frank Lowe/Billy Bang/A. R. Penck-Isle in the Ocean

TTT 8 USA LP NYC, Dimensional Sound Studio 5/22/84
Billy Bang-vln; Frank Lowe-ts; Frank Wollny-g; Heinz Wollny-b; A. R. Penck-d
N. Y. Situation I
Isle in the Ocean
N. Y. Situation II

Be Cool in Munich/Live Concert/Part 1

TTT 17 D LP ca. mid 1980s
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Billy Bang-vln,fl; Heinz Wollny-b,d; Frank Wollny-g,d; A. R. Penck-p,d,fl; Dennis Charles-d; Phil Minton-voc; Rene Debas-g

Be Cool in Munich/Live Concert/Part 2

TTT 18 D LP ca. mid 1980s
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Billy Bang-vln,fl; Heinz Wollny-b,d; Frank Wollny-g,d; A. R. Penck-p,d,fl; Dennis Charles-d; Phil Minton-voc; Rene Debas-g

Be Cool in Munich/Live Concert/Part 3

TTT 19 D LP ca. mid 1980s
Frank Lowe-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Billy Bang-vln,fl; Heinz Wollny-b,d; Frank Wollny-g,d; A. R. Penck-p,d,fl; Dennis Charles-d

Going Through

TTT 23 LP NYC, Fred Hirsch Recording Studio ca. mid 1980s
Jeanne Lee-voc; Billy Bang-vln; Frank Lowe-ts; William Parker-b; Dennis Charles-d ; A. R. Penck-p
Part One
Part Two

TTT Live

TTT 25 LP ca. mid 1980s
A. R. Penck-p,d; Heinz Wollny-b; Frank Wollny-g; Frank Lowe-ts; Louis Moholo-d
Fist Gig Studio Fawe-street
(Lowe does not appear on other track)

Frank Lowe-Decision In Paradise

Soul Note 1082 I LP NYC, Vanguard Studios 9/24/84 9/28/84
Frank Lowe-ts; Don Cherry-tp; Grachan Moncur III-tb; Geri Allen-p; Charnett Moffett-b; Charles Moffett-d
Decision in Paradise (Lowe) 4:58
I'll Whistle Your Name (Lawrence "Butch" Morris) 3:26
Cherryco (Cherry) 5:58
Lowe-ologie (Lowe) 5:24
You Dig! (Moncur III) 8:18
Dues and Don'ts (Lowe) 10:53

Killing Floor-A Lot of Lovin'

OSA 801 USA LP NYC, Crystal Sound ca. 1988 
Larry Simon-el-g; Brian Jost-voc,el-b; Andrew James Johnson-d; Frank Lowe-ts; Melvin Gibbs-el-b; Lasoj Thoth-voc,keys 
Directly From My Heart to You (R. W. Penniman) 4:24
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Butch Morris-Current Trends In Racism In Modern America (A Work In Progress) (Conduction No. 1)

Sound Aspects 4010 D LP NYC, The Kitchen 2/1/85
Frank Lowe-ts; John Zorn-as,game calls; Brandon Ross-g; Zeena Parkins-harp; Tom Cora-cel; Christian Marclay-turntables; Eli Fountain-vib; Curtis Clark-p; Thurman Barker-mar,snare d,tambourine; Yasunao Tone-voc; Butch Morris-cond
Part One (24:35)
Part One (cont.) (12:20)
Part Two (10:30)
(Composed by Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris)

Steve Cohn-The Beggar and The Robot in the Diamonds

ITM/Pacific 970089 D CD Brooklyn, Zen's studio 1/30/86
Steve Cohn-p,shakuhachi,hichiriki; Frank Lowe-ts; Bob Stewart-tu; William Parker-b,musette; Karl Berger-vib; Zen Matsuura-d
The Robot in Diamonds
1st Movement (11:11)
2nd Movement (11:15)
3rd Movement (17:01)
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Lowe Sextet

(private recording) Philadelphia, Painted Bride 11/15/1986
Frank Lowe-ts; Ahmed Abdullah-tp; Joe Bowie-tb; Walter Bishop, Jr.-p; Fred Hopkins-b; Charles Moffett-d

Billy Bang Quartet-Valve No. 10

Soul Note 1186 I CD Milan, Barigozzi Studios 3/8/88 3/9/88
Billy Bang-vln,poetry; Frank Lowe-ts; Sirone-b; Dennis Charles-d
P.M. (Sirone) 5:45
Valve No. 10 (Bang) 9:12
September 23rd (Bang) 5:49
Improvisation for Four (Bang) 4:08
Bien-Hoa Blues (Bang) 4:56
Holiday for Flowers (William Parker) 5:28
Lonnie's Lament (John Coltrane) 12:16

Jayne Cortez-Everywhere Drums

Bola Press 9001 USA CD NYC, Sound Ideas Studios 6/21/90
Jayne Cortez-voc; Abraham Kobena Adzenyah-perc; Edward Blackwell-d; Bill Cole-Korean hojok; Denardo Coleman-d; Frank Lowe-ts; Al MacDowell-b; Charles Moffett, Jr.-ts; Bern Nix-g
Maybe (2:27)

Jayne Cortez-voc; Denardo Coleman-d,sounds; Frank Lowe-ts
Stockpiling (4:30)

(add MacDowell-b; Moffett, Jr.-ts solo; Nix-g)
Firespitters (4:56)

(add Adzenyah-perc)
Nelson Mandela is Coming 2 (4:02)
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Lowe & The Saxemple-Inappropriate Choices

ITM/Pacific 970062 D CD NYC, Greenpoint Studios 4/91
Frank Lowe-ts; James Carter-bs; Michael Marcus-bass sax; Carlos Ward-as; Phillip Wilson-d
War of the Worlds (Marcus) 4:53

FL-ts; JC-bs; MM-ss; CW-as; PW-d
Four Five + Six (Hank Crawford) 4:59
Sandra's Dilemma (Lowe) 3:44

FL-ts; CW-fl; PW-d
Inappropriate Choices (Lowe) 4:52

FL-ts; JC-bass sax; MM-stritch; CW-fl; PW-d
Melody for Melonae (Jackie McLean) 7:12

FL-ts,ss; JC-bass sax,ts; MM-bs; CW-as; PW-d
Loweology (Lowe) 8:08

FL-ts; JC-bs; MM-stritch; CW-as; PW-d
El Haz Malik Shabazz (Lowe) 4:38

FL-ts; JC-ts; MM-bass sax; CW-as; PW-d
Fuchsia Norval (Lowe) 8:15

Frank Lowe-Out of Nowhere

Ecstatic Peace 19 USA EP NYC, Waterworks early 1992
Frank Lowe-ts; Philip Wilson-d
Out of Nowhere [from the motion picture 'Dude Ranch'] (Johnny Green/Edward Heyman)
T.C. Cheyenne (Frank Lowe)

Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Cheerful & Optimistic

Bola Press 9401 USA CD NYC, Polarity 2/22/94 3/14/94
Jayne Cortez-voc; Denardo Coleman-d,programming; James Carter-bs; Frank Lowe-ts; Al MacDowell-b; Bern Nix-g
Samba is Power (4:35)
She Got It (6:46)
Find Your Own Voice (4:03)
I'm Gonna Shake (2:51)

(Nix out)
Cheerful & Optimistic (3:17)
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Bernard Santacruz/Denis Charles/Cheikh Tidiane Fall/Frank Lowe-Latitude 44

Bleu Regard 1949 F CD Pernes-les-Fontaines, France, Studio AID 4/29/94 4/30/94
Bernard Santacruz-b; Denis Charles-d; Cheikh Tidiane Fall-African perc; Frank Lowe-ts
Latitude 44 (Santacruz) 5:55
Head in the Clouds (Lowe) 5:07
Le Delta (Santacruz) 8:46
Twing Twang Twittel (Charles Tyler) 5:57
Sortie (Ornette Coleman) 8:18
Baga Waga (Santacruz/Fall) 3:08
Taxi Brousse (Fall) 6:11
Mr. Buta's Blues (Santacruz) 4:54
Kids' Calypso (Santacruz) 6:19


Qwest 46181 USA CD NYC, Sound on Sound 5/12/95 5/13/95 5/21/95
James Carter-as,ts,bs; Frank Lowe-ts; Michael Marcus-manzello,bass sax; Cassius Richmond-as; Cindy Blackman-d; Alex Harding-bs; Bobby LaVell-ts
Hard Times (Paul F. Mitchell) 4:22
Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)/Rhythm-a-ning (Thelonious Monk) 5:20
War of the Worlds (Marcus) 8:42
Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk) 3:07
In Walked J.C. (Lowe) 3:25
Honkin' Fats (Marcus) 6:21
Lowe Down & Blue (Lowe) 4:29
Tribute (Richmond) 7:31
Ghosts (Albert Ayler) 6:53

Frank Lowe Trio-Bodies & Soul

CIMP 104 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 11/18/95 11/19/95
Frank Lowe-ts; Charles Moffett-d; Tim Flood-b
Impressions (John Coltrane) 9:51
Soul of Fortune (Lowe) 2:02
Bethera (Pharoah Sanders) 6:18
Nothing But Love (Lowe) 5:07
Don One #1 (Lowe) 7:04
Don One #2 (Lowe) 6:01
Happy House (Ornette Coleman) 6:09
For Louie (Phillip Wilson) 8:43
Art Deco (Don Cherry) 7:24
Body & Soul (Johnny Green) 4:24

Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Taking the Blues Back Home

Harmolodic 314 531 918 USA CD Harlem, NY, Harmolodic Studios 1996
Jayne Cortez-voc; Al MacDowell-b; Bern Nix-g; Denardo Coleman-d; Carl Weathersby-g; Billy Branch-harmonica; Frank Lowe-ts
Taking the Blues Back Home (4:55)
Bumblebee, You Saw Big Mama (5:09)
Cultural Operations (4:07)

(Weathersby and Branch out)
Talk to Me (for Don Cherry) (2:58)

(add Talib Kibwe-as)
Endangered Species List Blues (2:56)
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Santacruz/Lowe/Charles-After the Demon's Leaving

AA 312 623 F CD Pernes-les-Fontaines, Studio la Buissonne 1/29/96
Frank Lowe-sax; Bernard Santacruz-b; Denis Charles-d
Wheel (8:47) Santacruz
What If I (5:05) Lowe
Stand Back Girl (6:08) Charles
Nadja (8:18) Santacruz
After the Demon's Leaving
Part 1 (5:42) Lowe
Part 2 (4:10) Charles
Part 3 (4:41) Santacruz
Fight Song No. 1 (6:01) Santacruz

Joe McPhee Quartet-Legend Street One

CIMP 115 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 6/1/96 6/2/96
Joe McPhee-ts; Frank Lowe-ts
Loweville (Frank Lowe) 2:12

Joe McPhee-flh; Frank Lowe-ts; David Prentice-vln; Charles Moffett-d
Memorium (Joe McPhee) 5:33

Joe McPhee-pkt tp,ts; Frank Lowe-ts; David Prentice-vln; Charles Moffett-d
Up, Over, and Out (Joe McPhee) 9:16
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Joe McPhee Quartet-Legend Street Two

CIMP 132 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 6/1/96 6/2/96
Joe McPhee-tp,as,ts,ss; Frank Lowe-ts; David Prentice-vln; Charles Moffett-d
Something Sweet, Something Tender (Eric Dolphy) 14:58
Dark Doings (Joe McPhee) 14:58
There Was a Flower Near Napoli (Charles Tyler) 5:08
Not Absolute (Joe McPhee) 5:58
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Lowe Trio-Vision Blue

CIMP 138 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 2/19/97 2/20/97
Frank Lowe-ts; Steve Neil-b,Guinea harp; Anders Griffen-d
Moffett's Second Line (Lowe) 5:34
Little Melonae (Jackie McLean) 3:27
Aisha's Exit (Lowe) 4:52
What If I (Lowe) 4:02
Vision Blue (Lowe) 3:51
Conversation (Lowe) 4:18
Please Send Me Someone to Love (Percy Mayfield) 4:33
Motion Focus (Lowe) 2:37
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise [from the Broadway musical 'The New Moon'] (Oscar Hammerstein 2nd/Sigmund Romberg) 4:05

Frank Lowe-Soul Folks

No More 10 USA CD 2/26/98
Frank Lowe-ts; Bertha Hope-p; Jack Walrath-tp; Steve Neil-b; Ralph Peterson-d
Tubby's Night Out (Lowe) 8:24
Eddie's Dream (Lowe) 7:42
Nothin' But Love (Lowe) 5:27
Ms. Bertha's Arrival (Lowe) 8:38
Inappropriate Choices (Lowe) 3:40
Mirror Minded Rose (Lowe) 6:33
Soul Folks (Lowe) 6:36
Grand Valse (Booker Little) 5:30
Addiction Ain't Fiction (Lowe) 6:36
A Bill For Evans (Lowe) 6:12

Frank Lowe/Billy Bang Quartet-One for Jazz

No More 11 USA CD Brooklyn
Frank Lowe-ts; Billy Bang-vln; Ed Schuller-b; Abbey Rader-d
Echoes (Bang) 8:18
Smoke & Mirrors (Bang) 6:57
Times Squared (Lowe) 8:05
Slamma Jamma (Bang) 5:40
Show Real (Lowe) 8:13
Zoom Tipsky (Lowe) 7:30
Aliens (Bang) 6:47
I Promise You the Moon (Bang) 5:58
Know Your Enemy (Bilal Rahman) 8:25
One For Jazz (Bang) 4:11

Frank Lowe & Bernard Santacruz-Short Tales

Bleu Regard 1959 F CD Pernes-les-Fontaines, Studios la Buissonne 3/19/99
Frank Lowe-ts; Bernard Santacruz-b
Jabulani (Dollar Brand) 3:45
Gepeto (Lowe) 3:03
Walk in Matosinhos (Santacruz) 4:33
Alarm (Santacruz) 5:54
Mopti (Don Cherry) 3:10
Zoom Tipski (Lowe) 3:52
Asian Bird (Santacruz) 4:52
Fuchsia Norval (Lowe) 3:36
Thinking of You (Lowe) 3:05
Fight Song No. 2 (Santacruz) 3:44
Nothing but Love (Lowe) 0:57
43rd West (Santacruz) 2:50
Watusi Egyptian March (Sun Ra) 4:11
Bass Space (Denis Charles) 2:06

Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne-Don't Punk Out

Emanem 4043 E CD Pernes-les-Fontaines April 2000
Frank Lowe-ts
Cascades (Oliver Nelson) 4:12
Manhattan Cry (Don Cherry) 3:17
Open Vision (Frank Lowe) 2:18
(for additional tracks see above on 10/13/77)

Jayne Cortez-Borders of Disorderly Time

Bola Press 2003 USA CD NYC, Harmolodic Studios 5/26/2002 7/29/2002 8/23/2002
Jayne Cortez-voc; Denardo Coleman-d; Sam Furnace-as; Alex Harding-bs; Frank Lowe-ts; Al MacDowell-b; Bern Nix-g; James Blood Ulmer-g
About Flying Home (Jayne Cortez) 3:15

(Furnace out, Charnett Moffett-b replaces MacDowell)
Dialogue on Violence (Jayne Cortez/Denardo Coleman) 6:29
(Lowe does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Lowe Quartet Lowe-down & Blue

CIMP 275 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 9/16/2002 
Frank Lowe-ts; Bern Nix-g; Dominic Duval-b; Michael Carvin-d
Dewey's Tune (Dewey Redman) 5:46
Who Does She Hope to Be (Sonny Sharrock) 9:47
Four or Less (Frank Lowe) 3:36
Lowe-down & Blue (Frank Lowe) 5:17
Riff Raff (Grachan Moncur III) 4:47
Waiting in Sorrow (Lowe/Nix/Duval/Carvin) 4:29
Crazy (Willie Nelson) 6:18
Little Rock's Lament (Frank Lowe) 5:11
Zoomtipski (Frank Lowe) 5:56
Cherryco (Don Cherry) 5:33
Thabo (Frank Lowe) 2:42
Candu (Pete LaRoca) 5:48