Sunny Murray

born September 21, 1936 Idabel, Oklahoma

Cecil Taylor-Cell Walk for Celeste

Candid 9034 D rec NYC, Nola's Penthouse Studios 1/10/61
Archie Shepp-ts; Cecil Taylor-p; Buell Neidlinger-b; Sunny Murray-d
Section C (take 1) (C. Taylor) 10:17
(It is believed that Sunny Murray replaced Dennis Charles on this track. Murray does not appear on other tracks.)

The Gil Evans Orchestra-Into The Hot

Impulse A-9 USA rec NYC 10/10/61
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Archie Shepp-ts; Henry Grimes-b; Jimmy Murray-d
Pots (C. Taylor) 6:30
Bulbs (C. Taylor) 7:00

add Ted Curson-tp; Roswell Rudd-tb
Mixed (C. Taylor) 10:00
(Murray does not appear on other tracks)

Cecil Taylor Jazz Unit-The Early Unit 1962

Ingo 16 I rec Stockholm, Gyllene Cirkeln 10/62
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Kurt Lindgren-b; Sunny Murray-d
Spontaneous Improvisation (C. Taylor) 14:35
Flamingo (Gruoya/Anderson) 14:15

Albert Ayler-Holy Ghost

Revenant 213 USA cd10 Copenhagen, TV broadcast possibly 11/16/62
Cecil Taylor-p; Albert Ayler-ts; Jimmy Lyons-as; Sunny Murray-d
spoken introduction by broadcast announcer Borge Roger Henrichsen 0:42
Four (C. Taylor) 21:46

Cecil Taylor-Live At The Cafe Montmartre

Debut DEB 138 DK rec Copenhagen, Cafe Montmartre 11/23/62
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Arthur Murray-d
Trance (C. Taylor) 8:55
Call (C. Taylor) 8:44
Lena (C. Taylor) 6:39
D Trad, That's What (C. Taylor) 21:26

Cecil Taylor-Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come

Debut DEB 148 DK rec Copenhagen, Cafe Montmartre 11/23/62
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Arthur Murray-d
What's New? (Haggart/Burke) 12:10
Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (C. Taylor) 9:10
Lena (Second Version) (C. Taylor) 14:22
Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (Second Version) (C. Taylor) 8:00

Cecil Taylor-Live At The Cafe Montmartre

Freedom TKCB-70310 J cd2 Copenhagen, Cafe Montmartre 11/23/62
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Sunny Murray-d
(In addition to all of the titles from the above two records, this cd reissue contains the following two tracks.)
Call (alternate take) (C. Taylor) 6:36
Untitled Sample (?) 20:05

John Tchicai

(private recording) NYC, apartment of John Benson Brooks spring 1963
Bill Dixon-tp; John Tchicai-as; Jimmie Stevenson, Jr.-b; Sunny Murray-d
For Helved (take 1) 10:13
For Helved (take 2-fs) 1:30
For Helved (take 3) 10:22

Cecil Taylor Unit

(private recording) NYC, Lincoln Center, Philharmonic Hall 12/31/63
Jimmy Lyons-as; Albert Ayler-ts; Cecil Taylor-p; Henry Grimes-b; Sunny Murray-d
In Fields (C. Taylor)
Octagonal Skirt (C. Taylor)
Fancy Pants (C. Taylor)

Bill Dixon 7-tette/Archie Shepp And The New York Contemporary 5

Savoy 12184 USA rec NYC 2/5/64
Archie Shepp-ts; John Tchicai-as; Ronnie Boykins-b; Sonny Murray-d; Ted Curson-tp
Where Poppies Bloom (A. Shepp) 7:45
Like a Blessed Baby Lamb (A. Shepp) 9:28

Don Cherry-tp replaces Ted Curson
Consequences (A. Shepp) 5:00
(Murray does not appear on other tracks)

Albert Ayler-Spirits

Debut DEB 146 DK rec NYC, Atlantic Recording Studios 2/24/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Norman Howard-tp; Henry Grimes-b; Sunny Murray-d
Spirits (Ayler) 6:35

add Earle Henderson-b
Witches and Devils (Ayler) 11:55

Henry Grimes out
Holy, Holy (Ayler) 11:00

add Henry Grimes; Earle Henderson out
Saints (Ayler) 6:05

Albert Ayler-Swing Low Sweet Spiritual

Osmosis 4001 NL rec NYC, Atlantic Recording Studios 2/24/64
Albert Ayler-ts,ss; Call Cobbs-p; Henry Grimes-b; Sunny Murray-d
Goin' Home (Traditional) 4:23
Ol' Man River (take 2) (Hammerstein/Kern) 5:29
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Traditional) 4:49
When the Saints Go Marchin In (Traditional) 4:29
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 3) (Traditional) 4:30
Deep River (Traditional) 4:15
Ol' Man River (take 1) (Hammerstein/Kern) 3:59

Albert Ayler-Goin' Home

Black Lion 760197 USA cd NYC, Atlantic Recording Studios 2/24/64
Albert Ayler-ts,ss; Call Cobbs-p; Henry Grimes-b; Sunny Murray-d
(In addition to all of the titles from the above record, this cd reissue contains the following three tracks.)
Down by the Riverside (take 6) (Traditional) 4:39
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 1) (Traditional) 4:49
Down by the Riverside (take 5) (Traditional) 4:28

Albert Ayler-Prophecy

ESP 3030 USA rec NYC, Cellar Cafe 6/14/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Gary Peacock-b; Sunny Murray-perc
Spirits (Ayler) 7:15
Wizard (Ayler) 8:00
Ghosts, first variation (Ayler) 10:00
Prophecy (Ayler) 6:35
Ghosts, second variation (Ayler) 7:40

Albert Ayler-Holy Ghost

Revenant 213 USA cd10 NYC, Cellar Cafe 6/14/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Gary Peacock-b; Sunny Murray-d
Spirits [incomplete] (Ayler) 6:38
Saints (Ayler) 10:32
Ghosts [incomplete] (Ayler) 10:56
The Wizard (Ayler) 6:51
Children (Ayler) 9:05
Spirits [theme] (Ayler) 0:28

Albert Ayler Trio-Spiritual Unity

ESP 1002 USA rec NYC 7/10/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Gary Peacock-b; Sunny Murray-perc
(there are 2 different versions of ESP 1002, with the title "Spirits" in different versions)

Albert Ayler-New York Eye And Ear Control

ESP 1016 USA rec NYC 7/17/64
Albert Ayler-ts Don Cherry-tp John Tchicai-as Roswell Rudd-tb Gary Peacock-b Sunny Murray-d

Albert Ayler Trio/Quartet

(private recording) NYC, The Ski Lodge 8/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Don Cherry-tp; Gary Peacock-b; Sunny Murray-d

Albert Ayler-The Copenhagen Tapes

Ayler 033 DK cd Copenhagen, Jazzhus Montmartre 9/3/64 Copenhagen, Studio 2, Radiohuset 9/10/64
Albert Ayler-ts; Don Cherry-tp; Gary Peacock-b; Sunny Murray-d

Albert Ayler-Ghosts

Debut 144 DK rec Copenhagen 9/14/64
Albert Ayler-as,ts Don Cherry-tp Gary Peacock-b Sunny Murray-d

The Contemporary Jazz Quartet featuring Sunny Murray-Action

Debut DEB143 DK rec Copenhagen 10/1/64
Franz Beckerlee-as Hugh Steinmetz-tp Steffen Andersen-b Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray Duo

Debut (unissued) Copenhagen 10/64
Sunny Murray-d; unknown-b

Albert Ayler

Philology 88 I rec Copenhagen, Jazzhus Montmartre Berlin Jazz Festival 11/5/64 11/3/66
Don Cherry-tp Albert Ayler-ts Gary Peacock-b Sunny Murray-d Donald Ayler-tp Michel Sampson-vln Bill Folwell-b Beaver Harris-d

Albert Ayler Quartet-The Hilversum Session

Osmosis 6001 NL rec Hilversum, The Netherlands 11/9/64
Albert Ayler-ts Don Cherry-tp Gary Peacock-b Sunny Murray-d

Various Artists-The New Wave In Jazz

Impulse 90 USA rec NYC, Village Gate 3/28/65
John Coltrane-ts Jimmy Garrison-b Elvin Jones-d McCoy Tyner-p Albert Ayler-ts Joel Freedman-cel Lewis Worrell-b Donald Ayler-tp Sunny Murray-d Grachan Moncur III-tb Bill Harris-d Cecil McBee-b Bobby Hutcherson-vib Archie Shepp-ts Reggie Johnson-b Virgil Jones-tb Marion Brown-as Roger Blank-d Fred Pirtle-brs Ashley Fennell-tp Charles Tolliver-tp James Spaulding-as Billy Higgins-d

Albert Ayler Quintet-Bells

ESP 1010 USA rec NYC, Town Hall 5/1/65
Albert Ayler-ts Donald Ayler-tp Charles Tyler-as Lewis Worrell-b Sunny Murray-perc

Albert Ayler Quintet-Spirits Rejoice

ESP 1020 USA rec NYC, Judson Hall 9/23/65
Albert Ayler-ts Don Ayler-tp Charles Tyler-as Henry Grimes-b Gary Peacock-b Sunny Murray-d Call Cobbs-harpsichord

Sunny Murray-Sonny's Time Now

Jihad 663 rec NYC or NJ late November 1965
Sunny Murray-d Albert Ayler-ts Don Cherry-tp Henry Grimes-b Lewis Worrell-b LeRoi Jones-poem

Sunny Murray-The Lie

DIW 25002 J sev NYC or NJ late November 1965
Sunny Murray-d Albert Ayler-ts Don Cherry-tp Henry Grimes-b Lewis Worrell-b LeRoi Jones-poem

Sunny Murray

ESP 1032 USA rec NYC 7/23/66
Jacques Coursil-tp Jack Graham-as Byard Lancaster-as Sunny Murray-perc Alan Silva-b

Ric Colbeck

Pixie (unissued) NYC, Hunter College 11/23/66
Ric Colbeck-tp; Byard Lancaster-as,bcl,fl; Bennie Maupin-ts; Sonny Sharrock-g; Joel Freedman-cel; Sirone-b; Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray Acoustical Swing Quintet

(possible private recording) San Francisco, Both/And last week of August 1967
Alan Shorter-flh; Carlos Ward-as; Pharoah Sanders-ts; Henry Grimes-b; Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray

(unissued studio session) NYC ca. 1965-1968
Ted Daniel-flh; unknown-alto horn; Sonelius Smith-p; unknown-b; Sunny Murray-d; Joe Lee Wilson-voc

Sunny Murray-Spiritual Infinity

Columbia (unissued) NYC early 1968
Clifford Thornton-tp and/or tb; Arthur Jones-as; Frank Wright-ts; Dave Burrell-p; unknown-b; Sunny Murray-d; possibly others

Columbia (unissued) NYC early-mid 1968
Clifford Thornton-tp and/or tb; Dewey Redman-as or ts; Frank Wright-ts; Dave Burrell-p; Alan Silva-vln or b; Juni Booth-el-b; Sunny Murray-d; Art Lewis-perc, maracas, carhorn, washboard

Dave Burrell-High

Douglas 798 USA rec NYC 6/2/68 9/9/68
Dave Burrell-p Sirone-b Bobby Kapp-d Pharoah Sanders-tambourine Sunny Murray-d

Drum Workshop

(BBC-TV recording) Aldeburgh, The Maltings 10/22/68
Sunny Murray-d
(this recording was interrupted, never broadcast and destroyed)

Drum Workshop

(radio broadcast) Rotterdam 10/25/68
Sunny Murray-d; Elvin Jones-d; Art Blakey-d; Bill Hardman-tp; Julian Priester-tb; Billy Harper-ts; Ronnie Mathews-p; Lawrence Evans-b

Drum Workshop

(radio broadcast or private recording) Copenhagen, Tivoli Koncertsal 10/29/68
Sunny Murray-d; Art Blakey-d; Bill Hardman-tp; Julian Priester-tb; Billy Harper-ts; Ronnie Mathews-p; Lawrence Evans-b; Elvin Jones-d; Joe Farrell-ss; Jimmy Garrison-b

Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers/Sonny Murray Quartet-1968

JCD 08 I cd 11/6/68
Bill Hardman-tp Julian Priester-tb Billy Harper-ts Ronnie Matthews-p Lawrence Evans-b Art Blakey-d Paul Jeffrey-ts Kenneth Terroade-ts Ronnie Beer-ts Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray

Shandar 10.008 F rec Paris, Studio 104 de la Maison de la Radio O.R.T.F. 12/8/68
Ambrose Jackson-tp Sunny Murray-d Michel Portal-bcl,taragot Beb Guerin-b Francois Tusques-p Hart Leroy Bibbs-poem Bernard Vitet-tp Ken Terroade-ts

Sunny Murray-Big Chief

EMI/Pathe Marconi 1727561 F rec Paris, Studio E.T.A. 1/11/69
Francois Tusques-p Ronnie Beer-as Beb Guerin-b Bernard Vitet-tp Sunny Murray-d Hart LeRoy Bibbs-poem Kenneth Terroade-ts Alan Silva-b Becky Friend-fl

Archie Shepp-Live at the Panafrican Festival

BYG/Actuel 529.351 F rec Algiers, Algeria 7/29/69 7/30/69
Clifford Thornton-cor Grachan Moncur III-tb Archie Shepp-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-b Sunny Murray-d Algerian musicians Tuareg musicians

Archie Shepp-Yasmina, A Black Woman

BYG/Actuel 529.304 F rec Paris 8/12/69
Clifford Thornton-cor Lester Bowie-tp Arthur Jones-as Archie Shepp-ts,voc Roscoe Mitchell-bass sax Dave Burrell-p Malachi Favors-b Earl Freeman-b Philly Joe Jones-d Sunny Murray-d Art Taylor-rhythm logs Laurence Devereaux-balafon Hank Mobley-ts

Dave Burrell-Echo

BYG/Actuel 529.320 F rec Paris 8/13/69
Clifford Thornton-cor Grachan Moncur III-tb Arthur Jones-as Archie Shepp-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-b Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray-Hommage To Africa

BYG/Actuel 529.303 F rec Paris 8/15/69
Clifford Thornton-cor Lester Bowie-tp,flh Grachan Moncur III-tb Roscoe Mitchell-as,fl Kenneth Terroade-ts,fl Archie Shepp-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-b Sunny Murray-d Malachi Favors-balafon,bells Earl Freeman-tympani,bells Arthur Jones-gong,tambourine,bells Jeanne Lee-voc,bells

Sunny Murray-Sunshine

BYG/Actuel 529.348 F rec Paris 8/15/69
Lester Bowie-tp Arthur Jones-as Roscoe Mitchell-as Archie Shepp-ts Kenneth Terroade-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-b Malachi Favors-b Sunny Murray-d

Various Artists-History of Jazz Vol. 10

BYG 529.610 F rec Paris 8/15/69
Clifford Thornton-cor Grachan Moncur III-tb Roscoe Mitchell-as Kenneth Terroade-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-b Sunny Murray-d

Clifford Thornton-Ketchaoua

BYG/Actuel 529.323 F rec Paris 8/18/69
Clifford Thornton-cor,cga Grachan Moncur III-tb Archie Shepp-ss Arthur Jones-as Dave Burrell-p,bells Beb Guerin-b Sunny Murray-d Earl Freeman-cga,gong,perc,b

Archie Shepp-Black Gipsy

America 6099 F rec Paris 11/9/69
Archie Shepp-ss Sunny Murray-d Clifford Thornton-tp Chicago Beauchamp-voc Julio Finn-harm Noah Howard-as Leroy Jenkins-vla Dave Burrell-p Earl Freeman-b

Archie Shepp-Pitchin Can

America 6106 F rec Paris 11/9/69 7/23/70
Archie Shepp-ts,ss Bobby Few-p Bob Reid-b Clifford Thornton-valve tb,tp Muhammad Ali-d Al Shorter-flh Djibrill-cga Ostaine Blue Warner-perc Lester Bowie-tp Sunny Murray-d Julio Finn-harm Noah Howard-as Leroy Jenkins-vla Dave Burrell-p Earl Freeman-b Chicago Beau-voc

Sunny Murray-An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker)

BYG/Actuel 529.332 F rec Paris, Studio Saravah 11/22/69
Byard Lancaster-as,ss,bcl,fl Kenneth Terroade-ts,fl Malachi Favors-b Sunny Murray-d,balafon,poetry reading

Francois Tusques-Intercommunal Music

Shandar 10.010 F rec Paris 5/11/71
Francois Tusques-p,g,saw,maracas Sunny Murray-d Louis Armfield-perc Alan Silva-cel Beb Guerin-b Bob Reid-b Alan Shorter-tp Steve Potts-as

Gunter Hampel And His Galaxie Dream Band-Journey To The Song Within

Birth 0017 D rec NYC 2/12/74
Gunter Hampel-bcl,p,vib,comp Jeanne Lee-voc Sunny Murray-d Perry Robinson-cl Jack Gregg-b Mark Whitecage-as,cl,fl Allan Praskin-as,cl,fl Thomas Keyserling-fl,ts Jonathan Kline-vln Marty Cook-tb John Wolf-tb

Cecil Taylor Unit Core Ensemble

(private recording) NYC, Carnegie Hall 3/12/74
Cecil Taylor-p; Jimmy Lyons-as; Bobby Zankel-as; Hassan Abdullah-ts; Craig Purpura-ts; David S. Ware-ts; Elliot Levin-ts; unidentified-ts; unidentified-ss; Charles Tyler-bs; Karen Borca-bsn; Raphe Malik-tp; Hannibal-tp; Arthur Williams-tp; Kevin Fitzpatrick-tp; Joseph Bowie-tb; Sharon Freeman-Frh; Carla Poole-fl; David First-g; Bud Neuber-g; unidentified-g; Sirone-b; William Parker-b; Dave Saphra-b; Earle Henderson-b; Rashid Bakr-d; Sunny Murray-d; Marc Edwards-d; Andrew Cyrille-perc; unidentified-perc; unidentified-perc; unidentified-perc

Various Artists-New American Music Volume 1-New York Section/Composers of the 1970's

Folkways 33901 USA rec NYC 1/1/75
Joe Beck-g Herb Bushler-b Gil Evans-el-p,p Billy Harper-fl David McDonald-d Warren Smith-perc Hugh Glover-sax,voc,samumba,cga Milford Graves-d,voc Mary Lou Williams-p Zita Carno-p Bob Cranshaw-b Mickey Roker-d Sam Rivers-ts,fl,ss,synth Sunny Murray Umum Quartet Milton Suggs-b Tony Waters-cga

Various Artists-Wildflowers 1

Douglas 7045 USA rec NYC, Studio Rivbea 5/14/76 5/23/76
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre-ts Chris White-b,el-b Jumma Santos-d Ken McIntyre-as Richard Harper-p Andrei Strobert-perc Andy Vega-cga Sunny Murray-d Byard Lancaster-as David Murray-ts Khan Jamal-vib Fred Hopkins-b Sam Rivers-ss Jerome Hunter-b Jerry Griffin-d Henry Threadgill-as Steve McCall-d,perc

Various Artists-Wildflowers 5

Douglas 7049 USA rec NYC, Studio Rivbea 5/14/76 5/23/76
Sunny Murray-d David Murray-ts Byard Lancaster-as,fl Khan Jamal-vib Fred Hopkins-b Roscoe Mitchell-as Jerome Cooper-perc,saw,d Don Moye-d

Sunny Murray/The Untouchable Factor-Charred Earth

Kharma 1 USA rec NYC 1/1/77
Sunny Murray-d Byard Lancaster-reeds Dave Burrell-p Bob Reid-b

Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor-Apple Cores

Philly Jazz 1004 USA rec NYC, Blank Tapes Studio 1/1/78
Sunny Murray-d Frank Foster-ss Oliver Lake-as Jimmy Vass-as Youseff Yancy-tp,flh,theremin,various electro-acoustical sound manipulating devices Don Pullen-p Monnette Sudler-g Cecil McBee-b Hamiet Bluiett-bs Arthur Blythe-as Fred Hopkins-b Abdul Zahir Batin-fl,whistles,perc Sonny Brown-d

Sunny Murray Quintet-Aigu-Grave

Marge 11 F rec Paris, Studio Ramses 4/1/79
Alan Silva-b Sunny Murray-Sonor d Richard Raux-ts Bobby Few-p Pablo Sauvage-perc

Sunny Murray Trio-Live At Moers-Festival

Moers Music 01054 D rec Moers, West Germany, International New Jazz Festival 6/3/79
Sunny Murray-d David Murray-ts,bcl Malachi Favors-b,perc Cheikh Tidiane Fall-cga

Fall/Favors/Murray-African Magic

Circle 17 D rec Cologne, Circle Records 6/5/79
Cheikh Tidiane Fall-cga,tama,tabla,voc,perc Malachi Favors-b,voc,perc Sunny Murray-d,voc,perc

Burton Greene/Alan Silva/Sunny Murray-Firmanence

Fore 1 I rec Nederhost den Berg, The Netherlands, Dali Press Studios 10/13/79
Burton Greene-p,prepared p,perc,voc Alan Silva-b,vib,perc,voc Sunny Murray-d,perc

Maslak/Dikker/Miller/Murray-Mayhem In Our Streets

Waterland 005 NL rec Amsterdam, Bim Huis 10/21/79
Keshavan Maslak-as,ts,bcl,piccolo,hum ha horn Loek Dikker-p Mark Miller-b Sunny Murray-d

Cecil Taylor-It Is In The Brewing Luminous

hat HUT 16 USA rec2 NYC, Fat Tuesday's 2/8/80 2/9/80
Cecil Taylor-p,voc Jimmy Lyons-as Ramsey Ameen-vln Alan Silva-b,cel Jerome Cooper-d,balafon Sunny Murray-d

Jimmy Lyons/Sunny Murray-Jump Up/What To Do About

hat HUT 21 USA rec2 Willisau, Jazzfestival Willisau 8/30/80
Jimmy Lyons-as John Lindberg-b Sunny Murray-d
(CD issued on hat ART CD 6139 has one additional track)

Kenny Millions-No Money No Honey

Hum Ha #16 USA cdr London 10/80
Kenny Millions (Keshavan Maslak)-sax,bcl,picc,voc,mini g,noises; John Lindberg-b; Sunny Murray-d
No Pay No Play (5:28)
Food For The Soul (8:11)
Great Taste (3:07)
Where's My Bread? (4:41)
Please (3:16)
Sweet (7:34)
When You Look At Me I Get Hungry (4:10)
Pockets Are Full Life Is Good (9:20)
(all songs by Kenny Millions)
(Murray does not appear on other track)

Keshavan Maslak-Loved By Millions

Leo 105 E rec London, Wave Studios 10/7/80
Keshavan Maslak-as,ts,piccolo,bcl John Lindberg-b Sunny Murray-d

David Eyges-Crossroads

Music Unlimited 7432 USA rec NYC 11/19/81
David Eyges-cel Byard Lancaster-as,ss,fl,piccolo Sunny Murray-d

Billy Bang-Outline No. 12

Celluloid 5004 USA rec NYC 7/1/82
Billy Bang-vln Jason Hwang-vln Joseph Hailes-vln Frank Lowe-ss Wilber Morris-b Charles Tyler-cl Henri Warner-acl David Murray-bcl Khan Jamal-vib Sunny Murray-perc John "Khuwana" Fuller-perc

Khan Jamal-Infinity

Jam'Brio 001 USA rec Ambler, PA, Morning Starr Communications 3/14/84
Byard Lancaster-as,fl; Clifton Burton-harm; Omar Hill-African perc,cga; Bernard Sammul-p; Reggie Curry-b; Sunny Murray-d; Khan Jamal-vib,marimba
Infinity (Khan Jamal) 4:28
(Murray does not appear on other tracks)

David Murray-Recording NYC. 1986

DIW 8009 J rec NYC, Sound Ideas Studio 5/10/86
David Murray-ts James Blood Ulmer-g Fred Hopkins-b Sunny Murray-d

David Murray-Recording NYC. 1986

DIW 802 J cd NYC, Sound Ideas Studio 5/10/86
David Murray-ts James Blood Ulmer-g Fred Hopkins-b Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray Quartet-Indelicacy

Westwind 005 D cd Leverkusen Jazzfestival 10/87
Sunny Murray-d Wolfgang Schmidtke-reeds Uwe Kropinski-g John Lindberg-b

Sunny Murray/Khan Jamal/Romulus-Change of the Century Orchestra

JAS 002 B cd Berlin 11/6/87
Sunny Murray-d; Khan Jamal-vib; Odean Pope-ts; Middy Middleton-ts; Byard Lancaster-as; Fred Houn-bs; Grachan Moncur III-tb; Tyrone Hill-tb; Ted Curson-tp; Brian Brown-tu; Monnette Sudler-el-g; Dave Burrell-p; Tyrone Brown-b; Romulus-cond,arr

Khan Jamal-Speak Easy

Gazell 4001 USA cd Springhouse, PA, Morning Star Studio 9/2/88
Khan Jamal-vib Dave Burrell-p Sunny Murray-d William Parker-b

Schlippenbach & Murray-Smoke

FMP CD 23 D cd Berlin, FMP Studio 10/6/89
Alexander von Schlippenbach-p Sunny Murray-d

Nelly Pouget-Le Dire

Minuit Regards 17282 F cd Paris, Studio Adam 1/19/91
Nelly Pouget-ts,ss Siegfried Kessler-p Tony Overwater-b Sunny Murray-d

October Meeting 1991-Anatomy of a Meeting

Bimhuis 004 NL cd Amsterdam 10/22/91
Paul Bley-p; Sunny Murray-d; Mark Dresser-b
Blue Leaves (Bley/Murray/Dresser) 7:15

Amsterdam 10/23/91
Sunny Murray-d; Misha Mengelberg-p; Ab Baars-ts
Obstinate (Murray/Mengelberg/Baars)
Geneurie (Mengelberg) 6:26
(Murray does not appear on other tracks)

David Murray-A Sanctuary Within

Black Saint 0145 I cd Milan, Barigozzi Studios 12/13/91 12/14/91
David Murray-ts,bcl Tony Overwater-b Sunny Murray-d Kahil El' Zabar-perc,sanza,voc

Sunny Murray & R.A.U.-Illumination

InRespect IRJ 009 401S A cd Vienna, Wiener Volkstheater 7/7/92
Sunny Murray-d; Leena Conquest-voc; Fritz Novotny-cl,ss,fl,bells; Paul Fields-p,voc; Karl Wilhelm Krbavac-viola de gamba; Sepp Mitterbauer-tp; Reinhard Ziegerhofer-b
Next Movie (Fields/Novotny) 11:18
Existence (Fields/Novotny) 23:50
Music Overdrive (Fields/Novotny) 27:27
(see 5/4/94 for one additional title)

Aki Takase-Clapping Music

Enja 8090 D cd Berlin, A-Trane 6/5/93 6/6/93
Aki Takase-p Reggie Workman-b Sunny Murray-d

The Reform Art Unit featuring Sunny Murray-Subway Performances

Granit GR93003/RAU1021 A cd Vienna, Subway Station U3 Westbahnhof 9/2/93
Leena Conquest-voc; Sainkho Namtchylak-voc ; Sepp Mitterbauer-tp; Georg Graf-reeds; Fritz Novotny-reeds,perc; Mario Rechtern-reeds; Paul Fields-vln; Karl Wilhelm Krbavac-viola da gamba,el-g; Mia Zabelka-vln; Reinhard Ziegerhofer-b,el-b; Sunny Murray-d; Walter Schiefer-perc; Hans Echnaton Schano-performance; Stefan Bochdansky-voice; Susanna Wilhelmina-voice
The Subway Performance (Eleven Movements) (Reform Art Unit) 45:00
(Murray does not appear on other track)

Charles Gayle w/ Sunny Murray & William Parker-Kingdom Come

KFW 157 USA cd 1994
Charles Gayle-ts,bcl,p William Parker-b Sunny Murray-d

Walter Malli-Geh' langsam durch die alten Gass'n

PAO 10350 A cd Kaleidophon Ulrichsberg 4/29/94
Walter Malli-ss,as; Eugene Chadbourne-el-g,banjo; Peter Kowald-b; Sunny Murray-d

1. Geh' langsam durch die alten Gass'n [Fritz Wolferl] 7:45
2. I druck' mi' in mein Winkerl [Rudolf Kronegger] 7:28
3. I därf an Wien net denk'n [Horst Chmela] 7:20
4. Amal geht's no [Ferry Andree] 0:52
5. Ansage 0:19
6. Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume [Robert Stolz] 10:10
7. Pfürt di' Gott, du alte Zeit [Carl Lorens] 3:57
8. Beim Wein derfst net fad sein [Ferry Wunsch] 8:30
9. Lavendellied [Karl Hodina] 7:17
10. I häng an meiner Weanerstadt! [Fritz Wolferl] 10:07

Sunny Murray & R.A.U.-Illumination

InRespect IRJ 009 401S A cd Studio Weigelsdorf 5/4/94
Sunny Murray-d; Fritz Novotny-cl,ss,fl
We Are Not At The Opera (Murray/Novotny) 15:36
(see 7/7/92 for three additional titles)

Sunny Murray/Bob Dickie/Robert Andreano-Homework

Super Secret Sound 3SLP 010 NZ rec LPM III 816 South St. Fl. 1 Rear 5/30/94
Sunny Murray-d; Bob Dickie-b,bcl on *; Robert Andreano-el-g,b on *
Swell (Murray/Dickie/Andreano) 9:07
Homework (Murray/Dickie/Andreano) 13:15
Good Things * (Murray/Dickie/Andreano) 3:39
'Why you need a lawyer when your pants'on fire' (Murray) 11:12
Memorial Day (Murray/Dickie/Andreano) 6:37
In (Murray/Dickie/Andreano) 1:36
(Lathe cut, w/ silkscreened cover. Numbered edition of 22)

Sunny Murray Trio-13# Steps on Glass

Enja 8094 D cd Munich, Trixi Studio 11/13/94
Sunny Murray-d Odean Pope-ts Wayne Dockery-b Michael Hornstein-as

Sunny Murray Duo featuring Charles Gayle-Illuminators

Audible Hiss 008 USA cd NYC, The Knitting Factory 1995
Sunny Murray-d Charles Gayle-p,ts

The Reform Art Unit-For John Coltrane and Pablo Picasso

Voves CD 9001 A cd Vienna, Alte Schmiede 1/5/95
Paul Fields-vln,as; Karl W. Krbavac-viola da gamba; Sandro Miori-ts; Sepp Mitterbauer-tp; Sunny Murray-d; Fritz Novotny-cl,fl,ss,perc; Mario Rechtern-sopranino sax,as,bs,oboe,selfmade reeds; Helmut Schiefer-perc; Reinhard Ziegerhofer-b
Human Closely (Fields/Krbavac/Murray/Novotny) 29:14
(Murray does not appear on other tracks)

Christian Brazier-Peregrinations

Bleu Regard 1953 F cd Pernes-les-Fontaines, Studios la Buissonne 10/95
Christian Brazier-b Sunny Murray-d Rasul Siddik-tp Sophie Agnel-p

Interview with Sunny Murray-Birth of a Movement: The Avant Garde Movement in Jazz

Jazz Chronicles JC 49 USA cas

Alexander von Schlippenbach-Schlippenbach Plays Monk

Enja 9104 D cd Bremen 10/29/96
Alexander von Schlippenbach-p; Ino Nobuyoshi-b; Sunny Murray-d

Archie Shepp-St. Louis Blues

PAO 10430 A cd Schloß Sigharting, Austria 6/1/98
Archie Shepp-ts Richard Davis-b Sunny Murray-d Leopoldo Fleming-perc

Sunny Murray/Sabir Mateen-We Are Not At The Opera

Eremite 014 USA cd Amherst, MA, Amherst Unitarian Meetinghouse 6/27/98
Sunny Murray-d; Sabir Mateen-as,ts,fl
Rejoicing New Dreams (Murray) 18:46
Musically Correct (Murray) 18:04
Clandestine, Giant (Murray) 18:06
Too Many Drummers, Not Enough Time (Murray) 12:02

Arthur Doyle/Sunny Murray-Dawn of a New Vibration

Fractal 009 F cd France March 8, 2000
Arthur Doyle-ts,fl,voc; Sunny Murray-d

Arthur Doyle/Sunny Murray-Live at Glenn Miller Café

Ayler 002 SWD cd Stockholm, Glenn Miller Café March 28, 2000
Sunny Murray-d; Bengt Frippe Nordström-as
Spontaneous Creation, part 1 (Nordström) 2:00
Spontaneous Creation, part 2 (Nordström) 6:36
Spontaneous Creation, part 3 (Nordström) 3:19

Arthur Doyle-ts,fl,voc; Sunny Murray-d
African Love Call (Doyle) 12:33
Two Free Jazz Men Speak (Doyle/Murray) 20:16
Nature Boy (Ahbez) 9:27
Joy (Doyle/Murray) 12:33

Itaru Oki-Paris-Ohraï

Ohrai 1009 J cd Paris, Cave Abdu 5/12/01
Itaru Oki-tp; Michel Pilz-bcl; Alan Silva-b; Sunny Murray-d

Tchangodei-Perfekte Leere -> LIEBE

Volcanic 29029 F cd 2001
Tchangodei-p; Sunny Murray-d; Sonny Simmons-sax


Clean Feed 006 POR cdx3 Matosinhos Jazz Festival May 2001
Jorge Lima Barreto-p,prep p; Vitor Rua-18-string g,elec; Tom Chant-ss; Sunny Murray-d

Tsahar/Kowald/Murray-MA: Live at Fundacio Juan Miro

Hopscotch 15 USA cd Barcelona July 2002
Assif Tsahar-ts; Peter Kowald-b; Sunny Murray-d

Sunny Murray/John Edwards/Tony Bevan-Home Cooking in the UK

Foghorn 004 EU cd Britain April 2003
Sunny Murray-d; John Edwards-b; Tony Bevan-ts,bass sax