Frank Wright

tenor saxophone
born July 9, 1935 Grenada, Mississippi
died May 17, 1990 Germany

Frank Wright Trio

ESP 1023 USA rec NYC 11/16/65
Henry Grimes-b Tom Price-d Frank Wright-ts

Frank Wright-The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings 

ESP 4007 USA cd2 NYC 11/16/65; NYC, RLA Sound Studios 5/67
Henry Grimes-b; Tom Price-d; Frank Wright-ts; Arthur Jones-as; Jacques Coursil-tp; Steve Tintweiss-b; Muhammad Ali-d; Bernard Stollman-interviewer

Albert Ayler-Holy Ghost

Revenant 213 USA cd10 Cleveland, La Cave 4/17/66
Albert Ayler-ts; Don Ayler-tp; Frank Wright-ts; Michel Samson-vln; Mutawef Shaheed (Clyde Shy)-b; Ronald Shannon Jackson

The Frank Wright Quintet-Your Prayer

ESP 1053 USA rec NYC, RLA Sound Studios 5/67
Frank Wright-ts,Buffett sax Arthur Jones-as Jacques Coursil-tp Steve Tintweiss-b Muhammad Ali-d

Sunny Murray-Spiritual Infinity

Columbia (unissued) NYC early 1968
Clifford Thornton-tp and or tb; Arthur Jones-as; Frank Wright-ts; Dave Burrell-p; unknown-b; Sunny Murray-d; possibly others

Frank Wright-One For John

BYG/Actuel 529.336 F rec Paris, Studio Saravah 12/5/69
Frank Wright-ts Noah Howard-as Bobby Few-p Muhammad Ali-d

Frank Wright Quartet-Uhuru Na Umoja

America 6104 F rec Paris 1970
Frank Wright-ts Noah Howard-as Bobby Few-p Art Taylor-d

Noah Howard-Space Dimension

America 6108 F rec 1970
Noah Howard-as Frank Wright-ts Bobby Few-p Art Taylor-d Muhammad Ali-d

Frank Wright-Church Number Nine

Calumet 3674 F rec Paris 3/7/70
Noah Howard-as Frank Wright-ts Bobby Few-p Muhammad Ali-d

Hans Dulfer-El Saxofón

Catfish 5C 054-24 515 NL rec Heemstede, Bovema Studios 10/16/71
Hans Dulfer-ts,Chinese fl,lead voc; Frank Wright-ts,bicycle bell,voc; Bobby Few-p,perc; John Schuursma-g; Jerome Hunter-el-b; Groentjie (John Grunberg)-cga,timb,voc,narration; Steve Boston-cga,timb,voc; Muhammad Ali-d
Rice Path (Frank Wright) 10:30
Very Sad Love Story (Hans Dulfer/Jan Jacobs) 11:05
(Few, Wright and Ali do not appear on other tracks)

Various Artists-For Example-Workshop Freie Musik 1969-1978

FMP R 1/2/3 D rec3 1972
Frank Wright-ts; Bobby Few-p; Alan Silva-b; Muhammad Ali-d
Chapter Ten (Frank Wright) 14:18

Frank Wright Quartet-Center of the World

Center of the World 001 F rec Rotterdam, Doelen 5/26/72
Alan Silva-b,cel,voc; Muhammad Ali-d,voc; Bobby Few-p,voc; Frank Wright-ts,voc
Center of the World, Part 1 (Wright/Silva/Few) 19:51
Center of the World, Part 2 (Wright/Silva/Few) 19:45

Frank Wright Quartet-Last Polka in Nancy?

Center of the World 002 F rec Nancy, France 10/10/73
Frank Wright-ts; Bobby Few-p; Alan Silva-b; Muhammad Ali-d
Winter Echoes (Few) 15:00
Guanna Dance, Part 1 (Silva) 4:05
Guanna Dance, Part 2 (Silva) 11:40
Thinking of Monk (Few) 1:20
Doing the Polka (Few) 10:00

Frank Wright/Muhammad Ali-Adieu Little Man

Center of the World 004 F rec Paris 4/74
Frank Wright-ts,bcl Muhammad Ali-d

Frank Wright Quartet

(private recording) Moers Festival, Germany 6/1/74
Frank Wright-ts; Bobby Few-p; Alan Silva-b; Muhammad Ali-d,perc

Few/Silva/Wright-Solos & Duets

Sun SR102 F rec Massy Paris Reims 1/75-11/75
Bobby Few-p Alan Silva-b Frank Wright-ts

Few/Silva/Wright-Solos & Duets

Sun SR103 F rec Massy Paris Reims 1/75-11/75
Bobby Few-p Alan Silva-b Frank Wright-ts

Frank Wright/Georges Arvanitas-Shouting The Blues

Sun SEB 002 F rec Paris, Studio de la Comedie des Champs Elysees 12/12/77
Frank Wright-ts,bcl,voc Georges Arvanitas-p Jacky Samson-b Charles Saudrais-d

Frank Wright Quartet-Center of the World

Fractal 006 F cd Detmold, Neue Anta 1978
No End (Wright) 17:32
Church Number 9 (Wright) 13:11
(see 3/26/72 for other titles)

Frank Wright-Last Polka in Nancy?

Fractal 007 F cd Detmold, Neue Anta 1978
Two Birds with One Stone (Wright) 18:57
(see 10/10/73 for other titles)

Hannibal and the Sunrise Orchestra-The Light

Baystate RVJ-6023 J rec NYC, Downtown Sound Studio 4/30/78 5/2/78
Hannibal Marvin Peterson-tp,koto,bells; Michael Cochrane-p; Diedre Murray-cel; Cecil McBee-b; David Lee-d,perc; Frank Wright-bcl
The Light (Hannibal Marvin Peterson) 
(Wright does not appear on other tracks)

Frank Wright-Kevin, My Dear Son

Sun SEB 004 F rec NYC, C.I. Recordings Inc. 10/78
Frank Wright-ts,bcl Kamal Abdul Alim-tp Georges Arvanitas-p Reggie Workman-b Philly Joe Jones-d Khalil Abdullah-perc Eddie Jefferson-voc

Frank Wright Sextet-Stove Man, Love Is The Word

Sandra 2106 D rec Munich, Loft 5/22/79
Frank Wright-ts,voc Kamal Abdul Alim-tp Tony Smith-p Richard Williams-b Kahlil Abdullah-cga,perc Gerry Griffin-d

Various Artists-The 20th Anniversary Album

Jazzgallerie Nickelsdorf cd 3/14/81
Frank Wright-ts; Bobby Few-p; Jack Gregg-b; Muhammad Ali-d
Cowboys & Indians (Wright) 7:57
(Wright does not appear on other tracks)

Saheb Sarbib and his Multinational Big Band-Aisha

CJR 1010 USA rec NYC, High Rise Sound Studio 7/81 8/81
Saheb Sarbib-b,p,org,leader Ahmed Abdullah-tp Roy Campbell-tp Steven Bernstein-tp Mark Whitecage-as Jemeel Moondoc-as Lee Goodall-as Paul Shapiro-ss Mel Ellison-ss Lee Rozie-ss Booker T.-ts David Pate-ts Pete Chavez-ts David Sewelson-brs Tim Sessions-tb Rick Davies-tb William Brown-g Steve Groves-g David Hofstra-el-b Guilherme Franco-perc Richard Baratta-d Frank Wright-voc,ts

Peter Brotzmann Group-Alarm

FMP 1030 D rec Hamburg, Funkhaus 11/12/81
Toshinori Kondo-tp Frank Wright-sax Peter Brotzmann-sax Willem Breuker-sax Hannes Bauer-tb Alan Tomlinson-tb Alex Schlippenbach-p Harry Miller-b Louis Moholo-d

The New Frank Wright Quartet-Eddie's Back In Town

Krona 001 USA rec NYC, High Rise Sound 1982
Frank Wright-ts Richard Williams-b Tony Smith-p Gregory Bufford-d

Rising Tones Cross-A Jazzfilm by Ebba Jahn

Film Pals D vid NYC 1984
Peter Brotzmann Ensemble
Peter Brotzmann-ts; Charles Gayle-ts; David S. Ware-ts; Frank Wright-ts; Jemeel Moondoc-as; Roy Campbell, Jr.-tp; Masahiko Kono-tb; Irene Schweizer-p; Peter Kowald-b; William Parker-b; Rashied Ali-d; Ebba Jahn-director,camera; A. R. Penck-design

A. R. Penck-3+2=X 1984    

(no label) rec NYC, Dimensional Sound Studio 5/27/84
Frank Wright-ts,voc; Butch Morris-cor; Frank Wollny-g; Heinz Wollny-b; A. R. Penck-d

A. R. Penck-Catch the Dollar    

(no label) rec (date unknown)
Frank Wright-ts,voc; Butch Morris-cor; Frank Wollny-g; Heinz Wollny-b; A. R. Penck-d

A. R. Penck-Aspects of the NY. NY. NY. Situation    

(no label) rec (date unknown)
Frank Wright-ts; Butch Morris-cor; Frank Wollny-b,g; Heinz Wollny-b,g; A. R. Penck-p,fl (may be others present)

Frank Wright-Run with the Cowboys    

(no label) rec London (date unknown)
Frank Wright-ts,voc; Peter Kowald-b; Frank Wollny-g; A. R. Penck-p,fl,voc; Coen Aalberts-d

Cecil Taylor Segments II (Orchestra of two Continents)-Winged Serpent (Sliding Quadrants)

Soul Note 1089 I rec Milan, BOB Studio 10/22/84 10/23/84 10/24/84
Enrico Rava-tp,voc Tomasz Stanko-tp,voc Jimmy Lyons-as,voc Frank Wright-ts,voc John Tchicai-ts,bcl,voc Gunter Hampel-bs,bcl,voc Karen Borca-bassoon,voc William Parker-b,voc Rashid Bakr-d,voc Andre Martinez-d,perc,voc Cecil Taylor-p,voc

Raphe Malik Quartet-Live at 1369 Club

Boxholder 042 USA cd Boston mid 1980s
Raphe Malik-tp; Frank Wright-ts; William Parker-b; Syd Smart-d

Cecil Taylor-Olu Iwa

Soul Note 1139 I cd Berlin, Workshop Freie Music 4/12/86
Cecil Taylor-p Earl McIntyre-tb Peter Brotzmann-ts,tarogato Frank Wright-ts Thurman Barker-mar,perc William Parker-b Steve McCall-d

Art Ensemble of Chicago

(private recording) Chicago, Petrillo Bandshell 8/31/88
Lester Bowie-tp; Joseph Jarman-reeds; Roscoe Mitchell-reeds; Malachi Favors-b; Famoudou Don Moye-d,perc; Frank Wright-ts

Various Artists-Hollywood Blvd. Concert    

Mara Records 6001 D cdx3 Los Angeles, Hollywood Blvd. Studio 1/15/89
Frank Wright-ts,voc; Frank Wollny-el-b; A. R. Penck-d
Wartesaal 16:34
Deutsche Bank 8:32
Haus Blitz 20:41
untitled 20:36
untitled 3:35
(Disc 3 is titled "Frank Wright". Wright does not appear on other 2 discs.)

A. R. Penck-Prayer for Ingo    

Mara Records 6006 D cd 11/19/89 
Frank Wright-ts Frank Wollny-b A. R. Penck-d

A. R. Penck-Concert in Ulm    

Mara Records 6007 D cd ca. 1990 
Frank Wright-ts,bcl; Frank Wollny-b; A. R. Penck-d

A. M. I. S. Quartet-For Frank Wright

Usine 1003 F cd Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy, France, CCAM May 6, 1992
Joe McPhee-valve tb,ss; Andre Jaume-ts,cl,bcl, Daunik Lazro-as,bs; Jerome Bourdellon-bass fl,alto fl,fl,picc,bcl

"FOR FRANK WRIGHT is the premier performance of the A. M. I. S. quartet recorded in concert, and it was a remarkable first contact. It is a vessel into which is poured the essence of four musical lives focused in memorial celebration of saxophonist Frank Wright's contributions to the jazz continuum. With only a sketched procedural plan and lighting instructions to the stage crew, the concert began in darkness. Upon the entrance of each musician, the light rose gradually until the stage was bathed in light and music. For more than an hour, the completely improvised performance unfolded like a flower, finally resolving in retrograde motion, back into the darkness and silence from which it began. Frank Wright passed from this plane on June 6, 1990." (from the liner notes by Joe McPhee)