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About the Ranch

Voca Vista Ranch is 100 acres of multiple-terrain ranchland in southeastern McCulloch County, 14 miles southeast of Brady and only 2 miles north of the San Saba River. We have both highlands and lowlands, deep cover, draws, knolls, pastures, a few small tanks, and a variety of flora and fauna set in the northwest Texas hill country. Our property sits along the southern edge of a ridge that feeds Brady Creek to the north and the San Saba River to the south. Thus, you can experience both the spectacular views of the Edwards Plateau and the gentle downslopes of the San Saba Valley in one package. Voca Vista Ranch has three established hunting stations, each with feeders: two boxes in the lower pastures and one open-air blind up on the mountain. Though we offer spring turkey hunts with feral hogs, the focus of our hunting offerings is white-tailed deer with fall turkey and hog hunts on the side. We run our feeders year-round. Learn more about our wildlife food plots and new hunting guidelines.

bluemtn.jpg (201703 bytes) From the "mountain" on the northern third of the property, you can see three counties (including McCulloch), maybe four.

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Voca Vista Ranch--a division of Farr Hill Farms, LLC--operates under Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Hunting Lease License Number 411200003794 (TPWD Customer # 800700532796) and is subject to laws & provisions related to this license.


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