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Driving Directions

Voca Vista Ranch is in the southeastern corner of McCulloch County, Texas, about 14 miles southeast of Brady on County Road 208--just 5.5 miles off Highway 71 near where 71 crosses the San Saba River. The village of Voca is just across the river and to our southwest.

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If you can get to Brady or Llano via a highway map or an online tool such as Mapquest or Yahoo (use your city as the departure point and Voca, TX, as the destination), the following map will get you the rest of the way here. If you get lost on the way, try calling our cell phones at 512-517-7877 or 512-415-6840 for help.

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More maps are available on the Links of Interest page.

Approximate Distances from Brady

San Angelo 76 miles
Abilene 104 miles
Austin 130 miles
Temple 133 miles
San Antonio 143 miles
Fort Worth 178 miles
Del Rio 196 miles
Wichita Falls 232 miles
Lubbock 267 miles
Houston 292 miles
El Paso 484 miles

Last updated on July 09, 2003