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Leases, Prices, Terms, & Conditions

Voca Vista Ranch is: 100 acres in southeast McCulloch County, 14 miles southeast of Brady, 2 miles north of the San Saba River; oak, elm, mesquite, cedar, thick brush, open pasture, hills, valleys, ridges, small tanks, scenic views; ground blind, hunting boxes, and the freedom to hunt an area(s) and test your hunting skills. You may bring your own portable stands and set them up in an area of your choice. Feeders run all year with corn and/or milo.

Voca Vista Ranch management implemented a new wildlife agriculture project in 2003: we planted oats, milo, and triple-pea deer crops in two separate food plots late this Spring. For Fall/Winter 2003, we planted all our plots in oats--and even planted a new oat plot! In Fall 2004, 2005, and 2006, we planted another crop of oats. In Fall 2008, we are considering planting another oat crop. The deer love that oats.

This is a good meat hunt, but you might harvest that trophy buck. Very primitive camping is available. Lodging is available from 2 to 15 miles from ranch. To facilitate your hunt, we provide a detailed map of blind and box locations. The topography of the land breaks the ranch up into several hunting areas. We DO NOT engage in ranching activities while you are hunting.

This lease is honestly represented and hunter friendly.

The duration of the day lease period is defined as any and all consecutive days that are booked and/or paid.  The day lease period game harvest limit  IS NOT A PER DAY LIMIT but is the limit for the duration of the day lease period.

Subject to all Texas hunting regulations AND Voca Vista Ranch day lease terms and ranch guest rules.

NO guarantee kill. NO trophy kill fee.

We will book hunters from one group only per lease period. Minimum of 2 hunters per weekend during General Deer Season, 2-day minimum is required; 3 days maximum depending on season or if scheduling works out. Maximum number of hunters per lease period is three. Owner reserves the right to lower minimum number of days per lease period [to 1 day] on short notice. But under no circumstance will more than one group of hunters be booked per lease period, i.e., whether your group is just you or three, your group--and your group only--has full access to all huntable areas per lease period. (A third hunter bringing a child and committing to keeping the child with them during hunting could bring number to 4 maximum in a party.) Minimum and maximum limits are negotiable.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

A Paying Parent or Legal Guardian must accompany all minors for minors to hunt. All members of a hunting party must pay. Discounts for children negotiated on case by case basis.

NO non-paying Guests allowed. All Persons must pay to enjoy the total hunting experience with you and your Hunting Party.

Owner and/or Wildlife Manager will be on property for all hunts but will stay out of Hunters' way--up at the Airstream on the hill.

Reservations and Payment

A Deposit of 1/2 (one half) the Total Due Must be Received within 5 days of the Hunt Booking to Guarantee the Hunt Reservation. Hunt Reservation Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE except for the Herd-Management portion of the deposit if entire Hunting Party cancels Reservation. Per Hunter Herd-Management Deposit is included in the Total Due calculation but is refundable per Deer Game Harvest Limit rules.

Please make all deposit payments with a U. S. Postal Service Money Order and Mail the Money Order Payable to:

Sue C. Farr and Charles A. Farr,  1112 Oaklands Drive, Round Rock, TX  78681

Upon receipt of your deposit payment, a hunt confirmation will be sent to you via email or the U. S. Postal Service.

The Balance Due Must be Paid in Full in CASH ONLY Upon Arrival at registration to gain entry. Each hunter must show driver's license and hunting license with balance due during registration. No Credit Cards or Checks Accepted. The Balance Due Must be Paid in Full even if all hunters in Hunting Party do not show.

Last Minute Bookings are Accepted - Subject to Availability.

Game Hunts by Season and Weapon

The Voca Vista Ranch Lease Game Harvest Limit has been in effect since the 2003-2004 season. In 2008, we simplified the Lease Game Harvest Limit guidelines to further restrict and protect the herd due to drought, the 2007 fire, and new migration patterns. The herd is quite healthy and strong, and we work to keep it that way.

General Season Deer Game Harvest Limit & Herd-Management Deposit

To protect the present and future local deer herd, to maximize genetically superior antler development, and to stabilize buck-to-doe sex ratios, Voca Vista Ranch requires an up-front Herd-Management Deposit of $200 per Hunter per Day Lease Period. The Herd-Management Deposit is in addition to all other NON-REFUNDABLE Hunting and Camping Fees. The Herd-Management Deposit is fully refundable at end of Day Lease Period if Hunter follows three primary Deer Game Harvest Limit rules:

  1. Each hunter may harvest a maximum of two deer per Day Lease Period.

  2. A buck is a deer with a hardened antler protruding through the skin. Each hunter may harvest only 1 fork-antler buck during the Day Lease Period, and that fork-antler buck must have 8 points or more. If you harvest a fork-antler buck that is 7 points or less, you lose your deposit.

  3. If you do not harvest a buck, you may take up to two does per Day Lease Period.

Here are some additional guidelines and notes:

  • Though not required, we prefer you take older adult deer rather than fawns, yearlings (defined by biologists as deer between one to two years of age), or younger deer. If you see two good shots in your scope, please help us protect the herd--and take the oldest one if you can.

  • If you harvest a "Nubbin" deer, you lose your deposit. A nubbin deer is a fawn with "nubbins" or pedicles where hard antlers will grow when the deer reaches 1.5 years of age. A nubbin deer is NOT a spike. If you can see bumps on a young deer's head, even if they have not broken the skin, don't shoot--you will have harvested a nubbin and lost your deposit.

  • If you accidentally harvest a pre-nubbin deer, you get back your deposit, because sometimes you cannot see the little bumps that have not yet broken the skin. A pre-nubbin deer is a fawn with nubbins so small that you literally cannot see the bumps through your scope. In theory, you shouldn't be harvesting that young of a deer anyway, and harvesting that young of a deer is strongly discouraged, but it will be considered in good faith an honest mistake.

Deer Herd-Management Deposit Return/Loss Chart

Use the following chart to determine whether you will get back your Herd-Management Deposit based on what you harvest.

  You Harvest This Number of 8-Point (or more) Fork-Antler Bucks AND...
...You Harvest This Number of Does   0 1 2** 3***
0 Return Return Loss Loss*
1 Return Return Loss* Loss*
2 Return Loss* Loss* Loss*
3* Loss* Loss* Loss* Loss*

Chart Notes:

* In this case, you lose your Herd-Management Deposit because you harvested more than two deer during the Day Lease Period per Rule 1. If you take more than two deer per hunter, you lose your Herd-Management Deposit.

* * In this case, you lose your Herd-Management Deposit because you cannot harvest more than 1 8-point (or more) fork-antler buck per Rule 2. If you take more than 1 fork-antler buck per hunter, you lose your Herd-Management Deposit.

*** The rule is pretty obvious here; you take 3 bucks and you just broke Texas law per McCulloch County TPWD bag limit. You lose your Herd-Management Deposit, and we call the local game warden.

Special Late General Deer Season Harvest Limit

During the Special Late General Season, the Voca Vista Ranch Lease Game Harvest Limit is 2 Does (or 1 doe and 1 adult Spike-Antler Buck) per Hunter per Day Lease Period.

Harvest Limits for Other Game

See next section titled Hunting Fees for Individual Seasons by Game.

Hunting Fees for Individual Seasons by Game

Deer -  October Special Youth-Only Season. Pricing and terms not available. No Leases will be sold for this season.

Deer -  Archery  Season (bow hunting only) - $125 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 2-day minimum for this season. Bring your own portable stands to hunt where you want within an assigned area. Add Turkey for $50 per hunter per day--Must be paid by each hunter. No Leases will be sold for this season.

Deer  - OPENING WEEKEND General  Season (all legal firearms only) - $250 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 2-day minimum for opening weekend. Add Turkey for $50 per hunter per day--Must be paid by each hunter.

Deer  -  General  Season (all legal firearms only) - $200 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 2-day minimum. Add Turkey for $50 per hunter per day--Must be paid by each hunter.

Deer  - Special HOLIDAY WEEKENDS (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) during General Season (all legal firearms only) - $250 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 3-day minimum or 3-hunter, 2-day minimum for special holiday weekends. Add Turkey for $50 per hunter per day--Must be paid by each hunter.

Rio Grande Turkey - Fall General Season - Only available with paid Deer hunt. Game harvest limit for Fall General Season is 1 gobbler and 2 hens. An additional $50 per hunter per day for all hunters in party, even if only one Hunter declares he or she will hunt turkey.

Deer -  Special Late General Season (all legal firearms only) - Game harvest limit for this season is described above. $125 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 2-day minimum for this season. This is a pure meat hunt.

Rio Grande Turkey - Spring Season - Game harvest limit for Spring Season is 2 gobblers and 0 hens. $125 per hunter per day. 2-hunter, 2-day minimum for this season.

Feral Hogs - Only available with paid Spring Turkey and/or Deer Season Hunt Reservation. All seasons: take as many hogs per hunter per lease period you will haul off for free!

Nongame and/or Fur-Bearing Animals - If you can get a clean shot for a kill, please feel free to kill coyotes or skunks for no charge; please report each kill to Owner or Wildlife Manager.

Do not hunt the following:

Nongame Animals - Bobcats, Rabbits.

Fur-Bearing Animals - Fox (red and gray), Nutria, Opossum, Raccoon, Ring-tailed cat.  

Quail or Dove (managing these game populations for future seasons).  

Anything else.


VERY Primitive Camping is Available. No restroom facilities exist. We advise you to bring your own DRINKING WATER. Voca Vista Ranch will supply water as needed. We now have a well up on the mountain--bring extra containers to haul water, please. Cost for camping is $15 per hunter per night.

You can bring your own self-contained Camping/Travel Trailers and/or Motor Homes/Campers, but we have NO water or sewer hookups of any kind. We advise you to bring your own DRINKING WATER; we do have a well and will supply water as needed--bring extra containers to haul water, please. One or two electric hookups are available. If your hunting party elects to use electricity, cost is additional $10 per hunter per night. Important: Bring at least 200 feet of weatherproof, heavy-duty extension cord to reach the outlet. Please don't dump your sewage tanks on our property. Dumping gray water on the ground is no problem.

Lease Terms, Prices, and  Ranch Rules are Subject to Change Without Notice

Last updated on July 17, 2008