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Ranch Guest Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Voca Vista Ranch. We hope you enjoy your visit and that your hunting experience will be one filled with lasting memories of the opportunity to camp and hunt white-tailed deer, turkey, and/or feral hogs. In order for everyone to experience Voca Vista Ranch camping and hunting to its fullest, please observe some common-sense guidelines and rules:

1.Voca Vista Ranch is approximately 100 acres of undeveloped, untamed, wild ranch land with hazards such as but not limited to holes, rocks, limbs, brush, low hanging limbs, dead limbs in trees, exposed roots, unstable soil, bluffs, creeks, barbed wire, etc., the habitat to wild creatures such as but not limited to poisonous snakes (rattlesnakes, copperhead, water moccasins), ticks, lizards, spiders, fox, coyotes, bobcats, turtles, etc., and home to domesticated livestock. Please exercise caution while on Voca Vista Ranch and caution while using any and all facilities such as but not limited to ground stands, hunting boxes, and/or tree stands.

2. We are Not Responsible for accidents, injury, or harm of any kind.

3. Please exercise caution in using any weapon (gun and/or bow and arrow) by following the 10 Commandments of Shooting Safety.

4. Do Not leave your assigned hunting area. Your hunting party is welcome to hunt all huntable areas of the ranch as you choose, but we mark designated areas for your safety. We realize that you do not know the terrain as well as you could, so flagging reduces the chances of incidence of friendly-fire accidents.

5. Do Not Shoot across any fence or  road. Though we encourage hunters to bring their own portable stands and/or blinds to set up where they wish, do not set up a stand and/or blind within 50 yards of the ranch perimeter fence.

6. Do Not cross any fence to track wounded animals without first getting Land Owner or Wildlife Manager.

7. No shooting from any type of vehicle.

8. No walking through the pasture except to track game.

9. Orange safety vest should be worn when hunting or walking in pasture.

10. Do Not shoot any Domesticated Livestock or animals...such as Cattle, Llamas, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Guineas, Turkeys, Goats, Sheep, Donkeys, etc. If you kill or injure any of these animals, you will have to pay for them and/or their veterinarian bills.

11. All Texas Hunting Regulations will be followed - No Exceptions.

12. Game Harvest Limit per hunter is per lease period not per day - Important: Voca Vista Ranch harvest limit is more restrictive than Texas Parks & Wildlife Regulations. See details about
Game Harvest Limits. All Game killed must be checked in with the Wildlife Manager or Owner.

13. No Guarantee on Kills. No Trophy Fees.

14. No refunds for any reason (except for Herd-Management Deposit), including the malfunction of feeder timers for any reason.

15. No Burning of Trash of any kind, especially paper. Paper is easily caught by the wind and creates a hazard for grass fires. Camp fires are to be confined to the designated stone-rimmed fire pit located in the camp ground; no bonfires allowed--No Exceptions. Strictly Enforced by Owner and/or Wildlife Manager. In addition, Local Burn Bans are strictly enforced by local law enforcement officers.

16. When a McCulloch County Burn Ban is in effect, NO FIRE OF ANY TYPE FOR ANY REASON WILL BE ALLOWED except controlled BBQ devices as described in the next item. The McCulloch County Sheriff strictly enforces the Burn Ban.

17. You can bring your own BBQ smokers, grills, etc. but place them inside or directly next to the stone-rimmed fire pit when in use. You must use BBQ devices inside the fire pit during a Burn Ban.

18. Keep campsite, hunting stations, and pasture free of all trash such as cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc.

19. Use the "golden rule" about human waste disposal; please bring a shovel to bury waste near the camp ground. Never dump sewage tanks on premises from travel trailers or motor homes. 

20. No driving off already existing roads in any type of motorized vehicle. ATVs and UTVs are allowed, but do not drive them off existing roads. No Exceptions. Strictly Enforced by Owner and/or Wildlife Manager.

21. No significant sawing or pruning of trees or brush without the consent of Owner and/or Wildlife Manager. Do not clear your own senderos.

22. Land Owner or Wildlife Manager reserve the right to terminate any and all leases for broken rules and unruliness.

23. Each Hunter must present valid driver's license and hunting license and fill out release of liability & registration form during initial registration to gain entry.

25. No hunting after dark. Period. Experienced hog hunters, enquire before booking a hunt about exceptions to this rule, granted on a case-by-case basis.

26. These rules are designed to protect present and future habitat for all to enjoy, and we want your stay with us to be the best it can be. Please let us know how we might improve your visit to Voca Vista Ranch.

Thank you for selecting to hunt on Voca Vista Ranch. We look forward to your next visit.

Lease Terms, Prices, and  Ranch Rules are Subject to Change Without Notice

Last updated on August 06, 2005