Personal Accounts of near death experience.

The experiences posted to this site are all the ones I received by email. I have not selected the "best" experiences or placed them in any order.

A big web site of experiences

a suicide nde . Masha . Donna . Wayne . Tim . Henry . Rob . Jo . Cheryl . Lillian . MJ . Fran . Ben . Mike . Ralph, suicide . The Birdies

Abi . BK Bill Carmie Cathy Charles Dan David Debbie Dixie Don Dunning Eagleman First.Last Freestone Friend Genevieve Hal Irate Jerry Jim John Joyce Karen Kevin Laurie Little Girl Lloyd Ray Susan Michael Marie S Marie M's son Mark Horton Mark J Mark S Prisoner's NDE Rene Sandra Timothy Tom Tommy Unknown Underwood Anonymous 2 Excerpt from Book

A poem

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