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Does Ketamine Produce NDEs?

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It is possible that Ketamine HCL (Ketalar, Vetalar, Ketaset) can induce NDEs. Dr. Karl Jansen has extensively researched this topic and links to his work can be found at the bottom of this page. The following is a summary of what I was able to find on the internet concerning Ketamine as related to NDEs.

Ketamine is an anaesthetic that is available only to physicians and is "scheduled" in several states. Since anaesthetizing levels of Ketamine "knock you out", the dose required to have an experience is 6 to 10 times smaller than what is given by veterinarians and physicians. "Ketamine is a prescription only medicine and so is not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act. This means that possession of ketamine is not a criminal offence. However, under the Medicines Act, unauthorised supply is illegal."

Tunnels, experiencing God (even if it is you) and oneness, meeting others, out-of-body experiences, life-changes (including "values"), sometimes frightening experiences, seeing the future, experiencing a true reality, believing that you have died, and experiencing things that words cannot describe are all common elements of Ketamine and NDE experiences.

The life-changing aspects of Ketamine are so strong that research in Russia claims that it is very effective in curing alcoholism, phobias, depression, and neuroses. Yale received approval to conduct a double-blind study to confirm the Russian research as it relates to alcoholism. The Russian researcher (Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky) has recently received $24,000 to study the effectiveness of Ketamine in curing heroin addicts.

Words from the Russian researcher Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky:

Words from other Ketamine experiencers:

How Dangerous is Ketamine?

"It is significant that 30 percent of normal subjects given ketamine insisted that they had not been dreaming or hallucinating, but that the events had really happened."

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