NDEers and Watches

After asking 27 NDEers if they wear a watch, about 80% said no. Most say they do not wear watches because they mysteriusly stop working. Some say their watches work fine when they don't wear them. I originally read about this phenomenon in a Melvin Morse, M.D. book ("Transformed by the Light" page 142). I originally thought he had to be crazy when he wrote "One-fourth of a study population that mysteriously stops watches is astonishing, especially compared to the other groups we studied." When I read that, I stopped reading his book. I thought he was being absurd if not lying. Up to that point, I had enjoyed his book. But now I'm a convert. If you know of any NDEers, just ask them two non-leading questions: 1) Do you wear a watch? 2) Why not? The vast majority of NDEers are not aware of this phenomenon and they don't connect their watch problem with their NDE.

Morse says 4% of normal adults and 2% of out-of-body experiencers claim they make watches stop.

At the bottom of this page is an email I received from a non-NDE person who had found this page while searching the internet for an answer to his watch problem.

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Chat room conversations about watches:
[Momma] One day when the fever was 105 - and I had two kids to take care of so of course I was palying doctor mom- My husband came to check on me and I told him that I must go and please take care of the kids
[Momma] When I laid my head soen I began going down a tunnel - It was a long drk tunnel - But when it ended I was in the most wonder light - Bright - Beautiful - But not just the color the felling!!
(Scott) uuummm do you wear a watch?
[Momma] Anyway after the light I was in a field -meadow -yellow flowers and I looked up and saw my mother
[Momma] No I don't wear a watch they won't keep time right
(Scott) have you ever heard of NDEers not being able to wear watches?
[Momma] Not really
[Momma] My digital alarm colock by my bed loses time on a regular basis too
(Scott) Dr. Melvin Morse says 25% of NDEer's watches will not keep time.
[Momma] I've had one watch that worked for a while and then the kids got ride of it
(Scott) What kind was it?
[Momma] battery operated - wind ups don't work at all I have a bunch of themn in the bottom of my jewlery box
(Scott) ave you tried other digital watches, or just one?
[Momma] I'll get a watch it stops working I replace the battery and it will work for a few days then the battery dies or it doen't keep time right
(Scott) you saw your momma, and . . .
[Momma] Any wasy I saw my mother (Who I thought couldn't go to heaven) and one of my husvands aunts who I only knew for about 2 years. I told my mother I was so happy to see her and how much I missed her and she tld me she missed me too and was sorry
Momma] Then my mother told me that I had to go back - I told her I didn't want to that it was beautiful here and I wanted to stay here with her. She told mne that I must go back because I have much much more to do - So needless to say I'm BACK
[Momma] She told me that she is always with me - In fact i've spoken with her at times.
[Jon] What did I miss? Watches?
(Scott) She doesn't wear a watch!
[Jon] Hmmmm. Thought so!
[cyn] Near death travels...
[cyn] just, sometimes with cases of NDE's, if experienced since youth, forms of astral projection takes place, unwillingly
(Scott) cyn, do you wear a watch?
[cyn] Just curious, for I have met a number of people in my work. Watch....no, they don't work properly for me! Why?
(Scott) NDEers seem to have trouble with them.
(Scott) Cyn, have you had an NDE?
[cyn] Well, I can not really say that I experienced one, however, an event at a young age changed my life
(Scott) "changed life" is a strong indicator
[Momma] what was the experience
[cyn] I was pulled under by an undertow in an ocean......and had to be stomach pumped and all of that....
[ankurs] well i had a car accident
[ankurs] taken to hospital
[ankurs] pronounced dead
[ankurs] then came back to life
(irrelevant stuff deleted)
(Scott) Bart, wanna bet on if ankurs wears a watch? ; )
(Scott) Ankurs, no disrespect intended, please continue, do you wear a watch?
[ankurs] saw a brite lite
[Bart] Light experience - I'll bet ankurs can't wear a watch.
[ankurs] i cant because they stop working in a few hours
[Flash7] ankurs, NDE peole usually can't wear mechanical watches.
(Scott) wow
[ankurs] dunno why
[ankurs] how cum
[Bart] because they stop....
(Scott) we don't know why they stop
[ankurs] how cum
[ankurs] o
Email Responses:
I had to give up wearing watches because they stop working after a few weeks or months. Got tired of buying new batteries!
& yes, I have never been able to keep a watch running for longer than about one year (perhaps they have been faulty or cheap watches???)
Add me to your watch problems. I can't wear them. And if you have a t.v. list, add me to that also/ and lights going on & off in the room list as well. .
Watches: ! ?
I have seven, they all work whilst left in the drawer or on my dressing table, they stop when worn for 6 months or so, but work fine when left off for a while. Prior to my NDE (1982) i wore a Divers watch continuously for years and a gold one for going out in the evenings on occasions. Both still work when not worn. I no longer wear a watch.
I have seen where they were talking about broken watches...mine never broke..they always stoped not long after I bought them!! Please don't tell me its the electric in my body either because when I was much younger..I had a watch for 2 years or more ( Guess what kind..lol--takes a licking, keeps on ticking). But now I can't keep one.
I have major problem with watches quitting on me for no apparent reason. I've never related it to the NDE and don't remember when it started. A watch will run for 6 mos to a year and then look like the battery went dead but a new battery doesn't work. The wind up watch I have has been repaired many times but never works for more than a few weeks so I gave up. I just buy cheap watches and throw them away.
Should it interest you, I received a battery operated watch for Christmas. I've been wearning it every day since. At 10:30 AM yesterday, it died, as expected. - Jon
I had to give up wearing watches, they stop working in a short time. - Brenda
>All my life, I could never wear watches on my arms because within the span of >from two days to two weeks, they would stop working. Brand new watches, and I >tend not to bang my arms around much so it couldn't be because I crushed >them. It wasn't the battery either because we would always change the battery >and the watch would still not work. - Emilie
PS..I can't wear a watch either - (sandie)

Non-NDE Watch Problem

Here is an email I received from a non-NDE person who had found this page while searching the internet for an answer to his watch problem.

Followed the links back up from your NDE page, and thought you might be interested. If not, ignore.

For about the umpteenth time in my life today I went into a watch shop to look. You see, I've got that problem of watches not working on me. On average, they last about six months, then stop. Cheap watches, expensive watches, analog, digital, doesn't really matter. I actually had one that would slow down overnight to exactly one hour late, and then run fine during the day.

So . . . I came home tonight and started surfing, figuring maybe there was an answer out there, and ran across your page. Frankly, I can't say that I've had a true NDE (the light, the tunnel, all that jazz), although I've had several fairly close encounters (was supposed to be on American Flight 191 out of Chicago in May, 1979, the one that dropped an engine on the runway and flipped over in flight killing all 360+ people on board. Long story on how I, and my entire baseball team missed the flight. Involves me hitting 2 home runs in one game in an NCAA tournament to keep us in, and make us cancel those reservations). But nothing that I remember as a REAL NDE. Nor will my parents fess up to having nearly lost me as a youth (I've had this problem since I first started wearing watches in junior high).

I remember reading about 10 years ago of a Miss America contestant that had the problem, and a supposed condition with the human nervous system that can impact watches.

Anyway, you can either put me in the category of an NDE experience not yet realized, or the other small percentage of people who do wacky things to watches.

Second email from same:

Same effect on wind up watches. Although I will say that I have worn my grandfather's gold pocket watch from the turn of the century, and that one seemed to work fine, although I noted that it "unwound" sooner and sooner over the years. That may well be a factor of the age of the watch and its parts more so than any effect I had on it. My family jeweler wouldn't even hazard a guess as to its worth, he just suggested I not actually wear it but put it in a safe deposit box. I did, and then went to an electric pocket watch, figuring it was just wrist watches that wouldn't work, but alas, that pocket watch fell into the same "6 months and out" pattern as the wrist watches. Oh well.

BTW, when I showed the page to my wife, who's always just laughed at me for my "problem," it pretty much freaked her out. She asked, "so, are you going to call your mom and ask whether she almost lost you as a small child" (since I've had this condition my entire life). Don't know if I will yet. Afterall, I've found reference to the fact that approximately 2% of people have this problem, not just NDE-ers. It was interesting to find your page nonetheless.

In terms of names and addresses, I'd just as soon you attribute the story to "Jim" and leave it at that.

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