Welcome to the Odum's Chapter
of the RuPaul FanClub USA

- Ashley Briquette, President

Our FanClub Chapter Members knows the most about RuPaul on account of cause Odum's is where RuPaul come to learn all his make-up secrets from the Singing Peek Sisters: Starla Peek, LaShonda Peek and Wanda Peek and Sultra Peek sometimes too; and while he was in their trailers learning application techniques, he would tell anything anyone would ax. Test your knowledge of RuPaul to see if you know as much as us at Odum's or find out some 'em new.

RuPAUL Trivia Question

RuPaul's first role in a legitimate theatre production was?

the part of Brick in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

the part of Riff-Raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

the part of Auntie Mame in the musical Mame


The RuPaul FanClub USA, Odum's Chapter is presenting an internet exhibition of lots of photographs of our favorite star RuPaul and it's already started up. Go see the exhibition right now or you'll be missing out.


Yours truly,
Ashley Briquette
RuPaul FanClub USA, Odum's Chapter

Ashley has done got her some picks for her
favorite RuPaul web sites y'all.

Flyer Art
of RuPaul from Atlanta and New York

You can also find RuPaul hangin around lots of other places at Odum's All-Double Wide Mobile Homes Court. You can find Ru at Odum's Community Room, or hanging out with DeAundra Peek, or with Col. Lonnie Fain and John Sex. Odum's Broadcasting Center has a sample of RuPaul's "Starbooty's Revenge" that you can download or you can even buy it for yerself at Rango's Snack Shedd & Gift Shoppe on the 5 Years of Fun cassette from FuntoneUSA.

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No darlin' - loosen your do rag. RuPaul is way too butch for that.

not yet -- but Conjurewoman has done predicted it'll happen.

Thank you!

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