Television  -  Live Videotapes

This is a listing of live Television videotapes known to exist.  For each tape, the following information is provided:  date of performance; location of performance; length of perfomance; quality of video..

If you have any additions to the list, please contact me at

00/00/74    Rehearsal in Ork Loft
 60 minutes.  Black and white video of the band rehearsing in the Ork Loft.

00/00/78    The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC TV)
 5 minutes - “Foxhole"

06/26/92    Glastonbury Festival, U.K.
 55 minutes     Good

12/03/92    Academy, New York
 85 minutes     Poor

02/27/93    Georgetown University, Washington., DC
 90 minutes     Very Good

02/00/93    Later With Jools Holland (BBC TV)
 "In World" + 1 other tune

02/00/93    ABC’s In Concert
 10 minutes - “Call Mr. Lee” and short interview

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