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This page presents a summary of internal ballistics theory and offers some programs and peak pressure measuring device.

Warning: the theoretical formulas and programs presented below cannot be used to calculate loads for small arms, due to their high sensitivity to initial conditions such as the bullet pull force, chamber throat length variations, bullet engraving forces, and powder grain burn rate deterrent coatings, without verification from empirical measurements such as those presented in reloading manuals. Large guns/cannons do not suffer from the same caveats and are easier to model.


Internal Ballistic Modeling Software:

Chamber Pressure Instrumentation:

Featured in Aug '97 Handloader Magazine!

Handloader #188, "Powder Temperature Sensitivity and the AR15", Steve Faber

Tactical Shooter - July '98, ".408 Cheyenne Tactical (TM)- A Novel 2,000 Meter Tactical Cartridge", John Taylor

Wildfowl - Aug/Sept '98, L.P.Brezny - Shotgun load measurements

Wildfowl - Oct/Nov '98, L.P.Brezny - Review of system

Tactical Shooter - Jan '99, "The .338 Lapua Magnum Cartridge: Origin, Development, and Future", John Taylor

Gun Digest 2000 - Reloading Column - Larry Sterett

Tactical Shooter - May 2000, ".408 Cheyenne Tactical(TM) - A Novel 2000 Meter Tactical Cartridge part 2"

American Rifleman - July 2000 - Reloading Column - L.P.Brezny

Tactical Shooter - Oct 2000, "MAG-15 Using the .45 Professional Cartridge", J. Taylor


Info on the Peak Strain meter. This is still supported, but not available. 

Peak Strain Meter - Overview Q&A


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