Coppock's Advanced Internal Ballistic Model (CABM)

This program computes bullet velocity, breech pressure, and bullet travel distance at 3 points: the peak pressure point, at the powder burnout point, and at the muzzle exit point. The model is a classical analytic solution taken from J. Corner "The Theory of Internal Ballistics of Guns". This model is more advanced than the Crow, Mayer-Hart or RD38 closed form models. The model assumes:

An indexed 37 page on-line manual is provided that gives a tutorial of the program as well as the theory and derivation of the equations that make up the model. The powder data base is pre-loaded with parameters for most Hercules, Winchester, and IMR powders, except for the burn rate which must be determined by experiment. The burn rate parameters are provided for the powders used in the sample loads and have been adjusted to fit the given experimental results.

Machine Requirements:

IBM PC XT or later, (MS) DOS with 580 K of conventional memory available. Works good from a Windows 95 DOS window. The registered version contains an install program for easy installation, however it seems to not run on Pentium 2's or higher. The program can be manually installed and runs OK on Pentium 2's and has just been fixed to work on Pentium 3's. Version 1.0 can crash on fast computers when scrolling past the first or last record. Version 1.0a fixes this. CABM seems to have had trouble on Macs running Softwindows. Let me know if this latest fix helps.

1.2 Meg of disk space.

Note: This model is not sold as general purpose handloading manual. A limited number of sample loads are provided to illustrate the performance of the model, but the user must generally fit parameter(s) to compare theoretical results with measured results.

Download free shareware version

The shareware version is limited only by the number of records allowed in the database. A complete on-line manual is included containing a nice tutorial on the theory.

Registered version is $19 plus $2 S&H for unlimited database capacity, which can serve as a nice general load database. Send check to:

Fabrique Scientific, Inc.

P.O. Box 536

Batavia, IL 60510

IL residents add 6.5% sales tax,

All programs shipped on 3.5" HD 1.44 Mb disk.