Babies of Wackiness

A Readers' Guide to Thomas Pynchon's Vineland


John Diebold and Michael Goodwin

 August, 1990 - June, 1991 (on and off); touch-up April, 1997; HTML conversion August, 1998; minor corrections 2002 and as needed...


"For all those folks who want to read Vineland, but are uneasy about making their way in, we've put together a starter kit, a Captain Midnight Decoder Ring that will serve you as a resource, a reference, a map, and a handy-dandy Pynchon guru all in one..."


Introduction Chapter 4 Chapter 8 Chapter 12
Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Chapter 9 Chapter 13
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Chapter 10 Chapter 14
Chapter 3 Chapter 7 Chapter 11 Chapter 15


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