Guarantee that your
bottom line is not
drained by employee
anger or emotional pain
Unresolved employee conflicts shake the
very foundations of corporate America.
The costs of not addressing the Employee Pain Drain
are astounding:

* Lost Profits
* Declining Productivity
* Conflict and Stress

* Dwindling Employee Morale
* Worker's Comp Claims
* Turnover and Re-Training Costs

There is a way to clean up workplace toxins and create:
The Results are Amazing!
When your company harvests its emotional power, new excitement and
strength become the fuel to create an incredible and magnificent
workplace. Your company becomes truly a number one company on
all levels because Employee Happiness = Company Profits!
Doris' work can improve your bottom line.
Your angry, tense, and drained employees can be filled with
energy and joy. They can be eager contributors to your business!
"Doris is a great speaker...a good
investment that can save you money."
Marci Russo, Assistant Vice-President
Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta, CA
"Doris makes every minute count, so you get information you can
understand and use."
Marsha Needham, Human Resources Director
CNN News, Los Angeles, CA
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