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For centuries, the gay population has had to deal with all kinds of preducices and hate. It is a shame that the gay population has had to suffer the cruetly of being ignored first by our doctors and then by our own government in the fight against AIDS.

A parallel but not as striking example is the same lack of concern or interest that women's diseases have had.

Historically, the fight against disease has been a personal and political one.  Those with power and money were able to invest in research and medicines to prevent or cure disease. 

Historically also, there have always been those persons who, for whatever reason,  enjoyed our misfortune.  Shame, shame!!!

On the level of ethics and moralty, it is my personal opinion that no person, including gay and lesbian persons, ever deserve illness or death for merely being who they are.  It is further astounding that any illness is tolerated. 

While we as a society still are seeking cures for cancer, heart disease and numerous other cripling, debilitating and fatal diseases, the needs of our community must not be ignored. We must support our community in the fight against aids, breast cancer and all forms of disease..

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