Is being disabled about the same for a gay person as a straight person? It probably is except in one major respect.

Gay establishments do not generally lend themselves to easy access. A person in a wheelchair will find some difficulty in being able to go to a gay bar or a gay restaurant. This is changing gradually. Most gay places have too little money to provide access.

The Otherside lounges in Atlanta, and Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale are exceptions.

I do not know a lot about the personal problems of hearing impaired, visually or mobility challenged persons.

I am growing older though and things happen as you grow older. I have a great deal of difficulty with stairs. I do not think of these problems as other people's problems. I think of them as my problems.

This then goes to the question of what are the moral and ethical issues relating to physically challenged persons and their associates?

There are those who say that a physical challenged person is being challenged by God for some reason.

1. My God restores humans to complete use of the body and soul. Don't even begin with the old God's retribution stuff. So much for morality.

2. If you are physically challenged, you are having to struggle with one more thing in life. Still someone else is having to struggle with yet another. As humans, the most important thing that we must master is relationships: relationships between ourselves and God, relationships between ourselves and others, and so on.

From the standpoint of the non-physically challenged, you must try to grow toward mastering the acceptance, love and interaction with all persons including the handicapped.

From the standpoint of the physically challenged, you must try to grow toward mastering acceptance, love and interaction with all persons including those who are not handicapped. And as you grow try to rise above the prejudice and ugliness that you could not have helped but seeing and forgive those who are unkind to you.

You have yet another challenge. Yours is to teach and educate others about yourself. You have a lot to offer. Show the world that God doesn't make junk! Not gay junk! Not handicapped junk! Not gay and handicapped junk!

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