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I was recently asked the question:

What if all people were homosexual? The human race would cease to exist!

Being gay does not prevent procreation. Actually, gay men and women have been making babies since the beginning of time.

Still, I think that it was just intended to be provocative. Actually, since being born gay is a recessive trait, it is mathematically impossible for that to happen. However, if it were to happen then mankind and womankind would continue anyway.

Remember, being gay does not say who you can have sex with. It only indicates with whom you have a connection, with whom you fall in love.

You can have sex with anyone.

But then you would have a true moral dilemma then. Wouldn't you?
Is it morally or ethically acceptable to have sex with someone with whom you do not love? Is it moral to expect a gay person to perform as a straight person? I think not. Those who would tell the gay population to "just go straight" are asking us to behave unethically and immorally.

Frankly, the continuance of the human race by homosexuals will never be an issue. It has never been an issue except by some weird fanatics.

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