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Having a true friend who is also straight is really unusual. But when we have one it is wonderful. The very reason it is so hard to have a straight friend is why it is so wonderful.

Most of us know that if a straight person really knows who we are, they would not accept us. We know how a portion of the general population feels. Therefore we steer clear of people that are "out of community".

We also know that those of you who do want to be friends are fearful that by some connection with us you believe that others will think you are "queer". Trust me. Most of us understand. Remember many of us have spent years in therapy and denial trying to deal with the fact that we are "queer".

Then there are the straight people who want to have a gay friend because it is politically correct. These people claim a gay friend in a fashion similar to the way they claim a pet. Thank you, but no thank you. We need to be loved as a person, please.

"A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same."

"A friend is one who understands where you've been, accepts who you've become and still invites you to grow."

"I have befriended him(the fox) and now he is unique in all the world" from The Little Prince

To those of the straight community that have befriended a gay or lesbian person, I(we) give you heartfelt thanks. You have mastered the level of human existence that says you can look beyond prejudice and fear and see the person, one of God's children. Being able to do that alone will give you light in your life.

And you bring light into our life as well. Remember, most of the gay community has delt with rejection most of their life. To cross over is to say to one of us that we are loveable to you. Most gay and lesbian persons have not known that from straight people.

"Let your light so shine before God...

"God bless us every one."

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