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Sooner or later the hate mongers will find these pages. You know who you are if you are one of those people. But just in case you don't know, let me tell you who these people are.

These people fall into numerous groups but I will discuss only three: the murderers, the killers and the thieves.

The murderers are those who would find justification for taking the life of anyone who lives their life differently from theirs. These people find justification for murder in their Bibles for their own behavior that God would find abhorrent. They will bomb, rape, maim and destroy anyone who gets in their way.

The killers are those people who claim to be open to all kinds of lifestyles but who in reality will make jokes about their fellow employees and tell ugly jokes about gays behind their backs. These people deceive themselves and others; all the while they are belittling those whom they claim to befriend.

The thieves are those who seemingly befriend gays and lesbians when they meet them and then treat them like a pet. These people are not interested in knowing who we are or how we feel or what our interests are. And when we respond to their treatment with anger, they may be heard to say, "We tried so hard to make Jeff and John feel at home. They just don't appreciate how hard we tried." Get a grip!!! If you have to try hard to do something with a friend doesn't that tell you something!

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