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A page devoted to the lesbian and gay community is the least that I can do to try to help our causes and give something back. I am writing this as a labor of love. These pages are devoted to the most common dilemmas that a gay person encounters and how these dilemmas might be faced.
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These pages are rich with backgrounds and music. If you prefer the information only this is the place for you.
Dating Game

What a life! Who is there out there for me?
What are the rules?

Holy Union

We take our vows seriously! We must.

Family Matters

Our families are important to us.
We must show respect for them if
we expect them to respect us.

Legal Issues

We must protect our relationships by
legal means since we have no rights in
most states.


Most of us feel rejected in our home
churches. I say God has a greater
purpose for you.


What are we like politically? Well, we are
not all flaming liberals.


If we want respect, we must behave respectfully.

Respect For Individuals

The individual is not the enemy!

Respect for Relationships

The biggest problem we have is from within the community. We must respect other couples' relationships.

Young and Gay

What is it like growing up knowing you are gay? Miserable!
You feel all alone in the world.


Loyalty is valued in the gay community
as much as it is in the straight community.


Gay families may have children in them.
What then?
Straight Friends

We have them but it is hard to
trust people who would hurt you if they knew.


Just to find out what you think.

Growing Old

Whether gay or lesbian, you will need
to plan for your old age without
expecting any assistance from anyone.

Questionnaire 2

Go ahead. Tell me what you think of the

Tell me what you would like to see added.

Loss of a Love

Losing your lover to death is so difficult.
How do we start over?
Hate Destroys people

The results of hate crimes
To Murder a Homosexual

Human Rights Information Page
Some of the best links for information.
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From time to time there have been
requests for additional topics.
Here are some of them
the most comprehensive lesbian links

Age Differences

Love brings people of different ages together sometimes.

gay, lesbian and straight teachers

Ethics and Morality Logo
Muhlenberg college
of gay and lesbian psychiatrists
The Result of Fear

It is the fear that one will be found out that governs
one’s life. The knowledge that telling anyone
would be a sheer disaster.

report to congress
4 Myths with statistics Gay Abled

Disabled, or handicapped and gay?
LINK2.gif (1381 bytes) AIDS

No person or group of person ever deserves
illness. Fight AIDS and all disease.
a Gay magazine If Everybody
Were Gay

historical flavor
another Gay magazine

a moms e-mail site for private mailing list for moms, co-moms and moms wannabes
 scen.GIF (577 bytes) A very nice personal journal
Send me your thoughts.
Lesbians online
This is the famous camp song from
The Color Purple

This is the famous song from
La Cage Aux Follies

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Live your life with integrity, pride, and dignity. You are somebody!