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A page devoted to the lesbian and gay community is the least that I can do to try and help our causes and give something back. I am writing this as a labor of love. These pages are devoted to the most common dilemmas that a gay person finds in their lives and how these dilemmas might be faced.

We might have a great deal of reason to be angry about our circumstances but we can rise above them and live our lives with devotion to our God and integrity in our lives.

The pages that have been written are just one way that a poor soul has sought to bring meaning into an otherwise very difficult and despairing life.

Well meaning souls who feel that this poor soul is lost would be very much surprised to find that this soul is quite right with God and does not seek "cleansing or healing". However, this soul may indeed offer reassurance to them some day especially when one of their grand children or great grand children are found to be gay. God loves us all. Go love your babies, every one, as he has loved you.


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