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How does one deal with the loss of your one true love?  This year, I lost the love of my life.  There is no amount of tears or carrying on that could ever bring my love  back or give me what I had again.  My love was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February of 1998 and died mid year 1999.

We had a year to grieve.   It is now time to pick up the pieces of my life and go on.  It occurs to me that many of us have gone or will go through this.  I am vital and attractive but to begin again is hard. You see I know what it is to be loved and to love.  There are so many people who have no grip on that.   Can one find the perfect match? 

I know that, if you are going through this too, then you are thinking about how lonely you feel.  This is not the time to settle for less than you want or need though.   If you had a wonderful relationship with someone once, you can have it again.   But every relationship is different.
I had a cat that I loved named Coffee. She loved me so and followed me everywhere. At night she would climb up on my pillow and put her sweet head on mine and purr. She would purr me to sleep sometimes.  She got me through some hard times.  And when she was 18, she died.  I missed her so much but she was gone.  Since then,  I have had other cats. Right now I have several but there is one named Toffee who also follows me around and purrs for me when I touch her. She is so devoted but she is not Coffee. But I love her just as much.  Love, whether it be for animals or people, is the same.  Each relationship is different but sometimes the next one is even better.

I have chased love into different states in my old home town.  I am seeking love where I live now.  Where will I meet the next one true love?  Where is the elusive new love of my life?  I do not know. But this I do know.  There is life after love.  And I am going to find it.