Loyalty is valued in just about every community. In the same way, loyalty is highly prized in the gay community. Having a gay friend on whom you can count is rare but then this applies to straight friends as well. Even more rare is the friend that you can trust with your lover or vise versa.

It is pandemic in the straight community to find wives mixing it up with husband's best friend,or husbands mixing it up with wife's friends or even sisters. One has to just wonder what all the hoopla is about when a straight person point fingers at a gay person for fickle behavior or downright promiscuity.

But let's just get one thing straight(so to speak). Whether straight or gay, men tend to be similar in behavior when it comes to loyalty and faithfulness. The same could be said for women.

Unfortunately, in our country, we have no sanction for a permanent union since our relationships have been trivialized by the straight community. Thus, continuing the myth that there is nothing but sex going on in gay relationships. And such thinking perpetuates the thought that a gay relationship is short term. In point of fact, there is some evidence to believe that the percent of gay couples in any one age group is a mirror image of the same number of straight couples that have been together for similar lengths of time. Gay persons form bonds of commitment that last lifetimes. The country can legislated against our legal commitments but it cannot prevent us from making moral and ethical ones.

Like the phoenix, the gay community has risen from the ashes in the ghettos of Germany and the gutter of the misinformed American public to say:

I DO to our lovers and I WILL to our friends. We are no worse or better than the general population. We ARE BASICALLY GOOD.

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