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It is not for me to teach or argue the fine points of religion. In fact, it seems that just about everyone thinks that they should be able to pick up a religious document and begin interpreting it with no education at all. These are the same people who would not think of performing surgery on their bodies themselves but feel certain that they should be able to perform surgery on their own souls and any one else's souls. Oh, spare me!

I include some references for those seeking knowledge both gay and straight. However, over the years I have gained some insights that I will share. Take them as you will.

The Bible is the story of God's revelations to mankind. God's nature is revealed though the Mosaic law, the prophets and finally in the New Testament through Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, God is portrayed as having a vengeful, eye for an eye approach to mankind. In the New Testament, God is revealed as, quite the contrary, a loving compassionate God who will sacrifice His only Son to give humankind redemption and life.

The two different views of God are seemingly in conflict. Given that God never changes, it would appear not to be the error of God but rather the error of man. We tend to size everything up according to our own weaknesses.It can be argued many ways but personally I think that God is bigger, grander and more loving than anything we could ever in our humanness imagine. And so perhaps we need to follow the loving way.

You may feel that perhaps homosexuals will be damned forever. God only knows we have heard that enough. And many of our people have left your churches because of it. Some remain steadfast in spite of you.

Most of us never chose to be born gay. No rational person would have chosen to be viewed as deviant, anti-social, and damned to hell. Oh some people do, but I, personally, do not, for the life of me, understand why. It is equally unlikely that God, who created us all, would create a creature without a purpose.

Some people think that perhaps we were born gay but that it is immoral to act out our natural (and believe me it is natural for us) responses to those with whom we fall in love. Really, get a grip! Reverse the situation in your mind. Are you married? Imagine a community in which your marriage was forbidden. Do you pursue this relationship with your spouse? Could you not?

I believe that God wants us all to be moral and loving persons. I believe that you can do that AND be gay. I believe that the traditions of marriage and family apply to gay relationships with the same approach in love, respect, integrity, and honesty that are required of all couples.

And it may just be that a purpose that we serve in this life is to help the straight community, who rejects us, to grow and learn yet even more about God and inclusiveness.

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