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Whether human rights are legislated or not, we will never have respect in our communities until we have earned respect. One cannot legislate respect, honesty or integrity. The gay and lesbian community at large will earn respect as each of us rises above the intolerance of the straight community and behaves with integrity and dignity. We must encourage, and exhort our members to also behave respectfully.

We must act appropriately in public places and gatherings. Interestingly enough, most of us already do this. This does not mean hiding or "not acting gay." What it does mean that we behave according to the circumstances.

Our population is by and large a working, contributing part of our society. We have the same values and morals as the larger community. By outing ourselves as is appropriate, in our own circumstances, we may enter into dialogue with members of our family, friends and coworkers in order to educate the community at large as to the true nature of our community.

Of particular importance is the dispelling of popular myths such as the one that we are child molesters. Good Grief!!! Tell them that of every 200-300 at most 2 were identified as gay or lesbian. That means that a child molester is 100 times more likely to be straight. Child Molestation Study Another study would make that even less likely. Child molestation Study2

Treat each other and others with the same respect for their values as you want to have them treat you. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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