The Musclow families of Canada are the descendants of two brothers originally called Johann and Karl Musculus, who married two sisters, Emilie and Ottilie Schroeder in Bellin (near Ueckermünde) Germany, near what is now the Polish border. The families came to Canada in 1864, and the brothers became known as John Musclow and Carl Musclow. Carl's family settled mostly in Renfrew County, Ontario, and John's family started in Hastings County and spread out from there.

Much of the data on John Musclow's family were extracted from information gathered and published by Joyce Keller in a manuscript of over 600 pages called "John Musclow and Family". It was distributed in about 1987, with some additions in 1994. My father, Wilfred Siddons, transcribed it (over 3000 people) into computer form, which I inherited and have made available here. I have not verified any of the original data nor the transcription published here.

Note that there are no living people mentioned on this site, leaving a bit less than 800 of the original 3000+ to appear here.

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