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Shalom (Hello, Goodbye and or Peace)

Welcome to "Daniels Digs"… a little oasis in cyber space… a resting spot with a touch of the ancient to it. We certainly hope it gives you a little visual and mental refreshment while on your travels.

This home page has given us the opportunity of meeting lots of nice people: it has given us the chance to show folks some of the things we love about this world- the modern world and the ancient world

Some of you might like the same things we do.

If so, you will enjoy our bookmarks.

We have had hours and hours of enjoyment and learning from the places they have taken us; and we hope you get something out of them too. Along with our bookmarks, I have a few of my favorite photos from the Sinai Desert listed at the bottom of this page- mostly of me kinda wandering around in amazement at the world of beauty I found myself in.

If you got time, try out the link
It will take you to some of the real beauty of the Sinai Desert and lots of other things that make the Sinai the special place it is. We hope that some of you who have been there will browse around our website and hopefully recapture some old memories and some of the magic feeling of being in the Sinai. And for those of you who haven't been there, maybe surfing around these pages will fire up your imagination, curiosity and sense of adventure enough to go there yourself someday.


And even if you never go, it's a rich and great place to read and learn about.

I lived in Israel from 1976 until 1982. I traveled all over the Sinai when it was controlled by Israel. I hiked the wadis and mountains of the south... the coast line of the Gulf of Suez... the Gulf of Akaba… the desolate El Tih plateau of central Sinai...the waves of sand dunes of northern Sinai… and most of the oases that dot this peninsula.

It's in Egyptian hands now. I know there have been many changes that have taken place there in the last few years, but some things will always be the same- the beauty and timelessness of the desert!.

Sinai is a wonderful place- unique really, a crossroads of some of the most ancient of civilizations the world has ever known. Its sands and mountains have known the ancient Egyptians, Israelites, Canaanites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Edomites, Phoenicans, Greeks, Nabateans, Romans, Turks, British and the modern Israelis and Egyptians again.

Hopefully the things that make Sinai such a special place will be protected and preserved for everyone to enjoy and experience for all time. I certainly hope so, especially for the sake of the people who inhabit the Sinai today and all the peoples of that part of the world.


Well folks, please drop us some mail if know us or even if you don't. But more than anything else we hope you enjoy yourself here and maybe just find something you like.


Shalom folks… from Paul and Linda

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