American Revolutionary War Era Soldiers
(1775 - 1783)

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More than 100 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Gabrial Arthur became the first white man to gaze upon the rugged terrain of Lawrence County. Sometime around 1769 George Washington surveyed the land that would become the county seat of Louisa. But it wasn't until Charles Vancouver, a trader, established the first settlement in 1789 at the current site of Louisa that this beautiful mountainous region began to be settled.

Lasting nearly eight years, the American Revolution saw many men serve during the War. By the end of the 1790's and early 1800's early settlers, many of them soldiers from the American Revolution and French and Indian War, began settling throughout different points in the area which would later become Lawrence County. The county was formed in February 1822 from the counties of Floyd and Greenup.

Evidence of Revolutionary War Era Soldiers has been recorded in Court Order Books, cemetery records, federal census, Pensioners Lists, pension application papers, and DAR records. It should be noted that Revolutionary Soldiers who were recorded in Floyd County prior to 1822 but whose physical location actually fell within the boundaries of Lawrence upon her formation in 1822 are listed here. Also, evidence of soldiers found within the boundaries of early Lawrence County (before her redistribution to Carter (1838), Johnson (1843), Boyd (1860), Elliott (1869), and Martin (1870)) are also listed here. The list below is compiled from various sources, and is not intended to be a complete account of Revolutionary Soldiers who had connections to Lawrence County. If you have record of an ancestor who either lived in the county, filed a pension application in the county, or died and is buried in Lawrence County, please contact me so that the information may be added to this list.
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vancouver monument

Monument on courthouse lawn in memory of first settlement by Charles Vancouver in 1789

Soldiers Documented in Lawrence County, Kentucky

David Atkinsonabt 1754abt 1830VA LinePrivateLawrence County
William Batesunkaft Feb 18, 1819 VA LinePrivate
James BlevensDec 25, 1761Nov 28, 1843VA LinePrivateRichard Cains Cemetery
Gilbert Blumerabt 1753aft 1840NY Militia; NY LinePrivate
James L. Boggs1752Nov 1835VA MilitiaLyon-Holbrook Cemetery, Martha
John Bordersbet 1755-1765bef 1820Hessian SoldierWild Goose Shoal, Johnson Co, KY
William Brownabt 1747aft Oct 18, 1833VA LinePrivatePack Cemetery, Charley
Edward Burgess1744Oct 4, 1835VA LinePrivateOld Burgess Cemetery, Tadpole
Jeremiah BurnsOct 26, 1752Oct 13, 1824
Richard CainsFeb 2, 1755Jan 15, 1823VAPrivateRichard Cains Cemetery, Blaine
Basil Castleabt 1761aft Feb 28, 1834VA LinePrivate
Thomas Chandler1762Sep 14, 1840NC LinePrivateWayne Co, WV
Abner ChildersunkunkVA LinePrivate
William Coxabt 1761aft Jun 26, 1834VA Militia; VA LinePrivate
Adam Crumabt 1757aft Apr 4, 1834NC LinePrivate
Joseph Davis, Jr.17641848VA LinePrivateBorders Chapel Cemetery
James Fraleyabt 1759aft June 1834VAIndian Scout & Spy
Micajah FrasherDec 25, 1753Nov 9, 1843VAPrivateFrasher Cemetery, Wayne Co, WV
George HardwickAug 31, 1759aft 1840VA LinePrivateHardwick Cemetery, Donithan
Moses Hennyabt 1757aft 1840
Joseph HensleyunkunkVA LinePrivate
William HolbrookAug 10, 1755Mar 9, 1830NCLyon-Holbrook Cemetery, Martha
Samuel "Sam" Isaac17691862VA or NCIsaac Cemetery
William Jayne (Janes)Jul 10, 1775Jun 14, 1862VA
James Kitchenabt 1749-50Mar 23, 1832VA Continental LineBells Trace, Carter Co, KY
John Lastey (Lesley)unkaft Nov 9, 1833VA Line (Clark's Illinois Regiment)Private
Samuel Leeabt 1763aft Jun 12, 1834VA MilitiaPrivate
William S. LyonFeb 15, 1752Apr 18, 1847NC LinePrivateLyon-Holbrook Cemetery, Martha
Josiah MarcumMay 2, 1759Mar 1846VA MilitiaPrivate - DrummerJosiah Marcum Cemetery, Jenny's Creek, Wayne Co, WV
John Marshalabt 1761aft Apr 18, 1834VA MilitiaPrivate
Phillip Miller, Sr.unkaft Jan 1846
Richard MillsunkunkVA MilitiaPrivate
James Fitspatrick MooreunkunkYatesville Memorial Gardens
Emanuel Nelsonabt 1767abt 1865VA
James Nortonabt 1760aft Jun 6, 1834VA MilitiaPrivate
George Washington Pack 17551825VAPrivatePack Cemetery, Charley
George Parkins (Perkins)Mar 22, 1754Nov 15, 1840NC MilitiaPrivateSharon Cemetery, Lee Co, IA
James Patrickunkaft 1833VA MilitiaPrivate
James Prattabt 1764aft Jun 20, 1834VA LinePrivate
Moses Preston, Sr.1762Dec 3, 1844VA LinePrivateMoses Preston Cemetery
Thaddeus Matthew Ramey17461840VA MilitiaRamey Cemetery, Hoods Fork
John SeeOct 10, 1757Jan 2, 1837VALewisville Farm, Henry Co, IL
John Sextonabt 1759aft Apr 16, 1834SC Militia; NC LinePrivate
James Sparksabt 1762aft Jan 1826NC Continental
James Elliot Stewart17691835VA; KY MilitiaDrummerBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
Peter Sullivanabt 1755Jun 19, 1840VA LinePrivate
Richard Thompson, Sr.1742Oct 11, 1830NCCorporalYatesville Memorial Garden
James Wardabt 1760Jul 15, 1848VA LinePrivate
Bennett WellmanFeb 9, 1754Sep 15, 1830MD MilitiaPrivateWellman Cemetery, Lick Creek
David "Black David" Whiteabt 17471817 (age 70 yrs, 8 mos, 9 dys)PA (Capt. James Archer's Militia Company)EnsignLockwood Cemetery, Boyd County, KY
James Whiteunkaft Sep 1850
Silas Phenix Wooten1759Feb 25, 1846VA LinePrivateWooten/Chapman Cemetery
Robert Young, Sr.Mar 4, 1752May 18, 1790VAFirst LieutenantIrish Creek

Note: Not all of this information has been documented and verified. If you find errors, please contact me at the address below and let me know. I appreciate all assistance in maintaining accurate information.

Additional information, such as Wills, Biographies, Letters, Diaries, Pension Application Papers, etc., may be found on those soldiers which have a link indicated. If you have a web page with information about one of these soldiers, please contact me so that I may add your page to the links.


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