Confederate Cemetery
Marietta, Georgia

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The Confederate Cemetery is located off Powder Spring Street in Marietta, Georgia. There are 3,000 Confederate dead from every southern state buried in this cemetery. Many of these are unknown and relatively few have information on their markers. First established for Confederate soldiers killed in a railroad collision in September 1863, it became the resting place for dead from nearby battlefields. In 1866, under the direction of Miss Mary J. Green and Mrs. Charles J. Williams of the Georgia Memorial Association, bodies were moved here from the Chickamauga and Ringgold battlefields. Land for the cemetery was given by Mrs. Jane Glover, Miss Ann Moyer and other citizens of Marietta. Soldiers who died in Marietta hospitals and from the Confederate Veteran's Home are also buried here. A cannon, which served Georgia Military Institute from 1852 to 1864 and was used by the Confederate Army, captured by Sherman's forces and held as a trophy of war until 1910 now rests in this cemetery. Annual Memorial Day exercises are a custom of long standing at this historical cemetery.

The known Kentucky Civil War soldiers buried in this cemetery are listed in the table below. The cemetery is a beautiful, hilly setting adjacent to the Old Marietta Cemetery. There is no on-site office or burial index available at this location. The maintenance office of the Old Marietta Cemetery maintains very limited information on site for the Confederate Cemetery.
Marker Honoring Kentucky's Fallen Soldiers Marker Honoring Kentucky's Fallen Soldiers
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Known Kentucky Civil War Soldiers
W. AckmanunkNov 26, 1863Private - Company A, 5th KY Inf Reg (CSA)
G. W. B____unkunk25th KY Reg (CSA)
James BarlowunkJan 16, 1864Private - Company C, 9th KY Vol Cav Reg (CSA)
John CalvertunkOct 2, 1863Captain - Company E, 5th KY Inf Reg (CSA)
I. C. Carmackunkunk6th KY Reg (CSA)
T. H. CovingtonunkOct 10, 1863Private - Company D, 4th KY Vol Cav Reg (CSA)
Henry CroneunkJun 3, 1864Private - Company B, 1st KY Cav Reg (CSA)
George A. GoorunkJun 26, 1863Sergeant - 29th KY Reg (CSA)
Levi Grossabt 1844Sep 14, 1864Private - Company B, 5th KY Inf Reg (CSA)
William H. HarringtonunkFeb 12, 1864Private - Company I, 5th KY Inf Reg (CSA)
J. C. Heathunkunk3rd KY Reg (CSA)
Robert JamesunkunkLieutenant - Company F, 2nd KY Reg (CSA)
W. McCarneyunkJul 2, 1864Company F, 2nd KY Reg (CSA)
W. H. Miller (M.D.)unkSep 9, 1863KY (CSA)
G. B. PartridgeunkJun 5, 1864Private - Company K, 4th KY Vol Cav Reg (CSA)
Uriah PratherunkNov 28, 1863Private - Company G, 6th KY Reg (CSA)
T. J. ScottunkSep 26, 1863Captain - Company E, 8th KY Inf Reg (CSA)

Do you know any of these soldiers or units? If so, please contact me at the address below.

Unknown Soldiers & Unknown States
J. S. AgnewCompany ?, 1st --
____ Al___--
F. W. AndersonMcDonald Batt. Cav
Joseph AshtonLieutenant, Sweat's Battalion
Charles BaxterCompany ?, 32nd --
M. L. BowlingShelly's Company, Ledford's Infantry
J. L. BowmanCompany K, 18th --
F. M. Bri___Company I, --
Wesley J. Brown--
John Bull--
D. Burford--
Ed Bussey--
J. T. Butler--
A. C____--
J. A. Cannon--
J. H. Cannon--
Jno. F. Carter--
James F. Cheek--
W. M. Copeland--
P. CuningCompany I, --
H. P. Darias--
A. L. DarticBeauregard Rifles
John I. Davis, M.D.--
R. M. Dodd--
S. K. F____--
Wm. H. Faulkner--
F. Fitzpatrick--
H. H. ForestCompany B, --
Walter A. FountainSutt's Batt'y
James FurgusonCompany B, 19th --
W. J. Gaines--
W. J. GordonCompany C, --
L. D. GraceRalston's Bat'n
Oliver GrahamCompany D, 5th --
W. H. Ha___--
John HadleyHowell's Batt'y.
P. T. Hardin--
O. M. Harkin--
C. C. Harlow--
C. W. Harris--
J. L. HarrisLieutenant Colonel, --
O. M. Hawkins--
W. F. HaylesCompany A, Jackson's Bat'n
William Hill--
Humphries Hood--
A. M. Hoover--
A. J. J____Captain, --
J. A. J____Captain, --
D. G. L____--
J. P. Logan--
A. D. M____--
Jacob McConnellCaptain, Company A, --
N. Mimms--
E. B. Moore--
A. NewberryNeuman's Batt'y.
John NoblesCorporal, Company G, 10th --
R. J. NorrisCompany A, Baxter's Bat'n
P. Orr--
Jacob OxfordRobersons' Art'y.
William PeagerCompany ?, 50th --
J. P. Pettus--
B. F. Philips--
John W. PopeCompany D, G. T. Jackson's Regt.
S. Robertson--
J. Roi___--
Dempsey P. Rusk--
J. B. S____--
J. W. S____--
O. A. S____Captain, --
S. G. S____--
W. H. S____--
James SimonHorton's Art'y. - Fowlers
L. C. SimpkinsCompany A, Joe Bell's Bat.
H. N. SmithSergeant, Company C, --
R. T. SmithHowell's Art'y
J. T. StalworthCompany A, 1st --
T. J. StanfordCaptain, Stanford's Batt'y.
E. K. Stone--
H. Tho___Company H, --
E. R. TomaCompany ?, 4th --
Charles Truit--
John A. TuckerSergeant, King's Mt. Battalion
J. A. TyeCompany H, --
W. W____--
L. W___lerCompany A, --
C. D. Walker--
Samuel A. WardLieutenant, --
E. S. WarrockNelson's Bat'n Art'y
Chas. F. WayCompany B, Jeff Davis Legion
E. Wear or Weaver--
T. WelshCompany L, 3rd --
W. B. WilliamsCompany A, Dorough's Bat'n
B. F. WilliamsonStanley's Bat'n Cav.
J. WilliamsonCompany B, Neuman's Batt'y.
J. M. WilliamsonCompany B, 4th --

Note: The information on this page was extracted from Georgia Historical Makers on site, records at the Old Marietta Cemetery office, data currently on hand, and that which other researchers readily provided. A special thank-you is extended to Larry O. Blair & Thomas E. Lyle for use of information extracted from "Confederate Veterans Interred in the Confederate Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia," copyright 1991. Copies may be obtained by sending $9.25 (includes postage & handling) to Larry O. Blair, 192 Sequoia Drive, NE, Marietta, GA 30060-7214. Variations in this information to actual records are possible, and should be verified for accuracy. If you have additional information on any of these soldiers, please contact me at the address below.

Additional scenes of the cemetery may be viewed in full by clicking on the photos below.

Overall View of Confederate Cemetery Archway Entrance Confederate Monument Standing at Top of Hill Confederate Historical Marker Inside the Cemetery Flagpole Confederate States Garden of Heroes at the Base of the Flagpole

View of the Kentucky Burial Section Just Left of the Flagpole View to the Top of the Hill The Confederate States of America Emblem Marker Confederate Historical Marker Outside of Cemetery Old Archway Entrance to Cemetery

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