The following list of PACK court records come from “Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky 1800-1826,” by Charles C. Wells, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1995. NOTE: page numbers refer to the page in Wells' book. If you have a question about any of these, just write me a note. NOTE: Please keep in mind that all material is in the Public Domain and I am providing this information for personal, non-commerical use ONLY.

Beverly L. Pack

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County Court Book 1

(p. 55) May Term, Monday, 22 May 1809 Ordered Revel Priest, Samuel PACK, John Stratton, and John Brown mark the best way for a road from Brandy Cag to Clark’s mill and to report at the next court. (p. 72) February Term, Monday, 28 January 1811 Charles PACK appointed surveyor of the land from Floyd Courthouse to opposite Robert Haws to replace Henry Crum who resigned. (p. 76) February Term, 24 February 1812 John Harris appointed surveyor of the road from the Floyd Courthouse to opposite Robert Haws’ shop to replace Charles PACK who had resigned.

County Court Book 2

(p. 97) August Court, Monday, 22nd of August 1814 Francis A. Brown appointed administrator of the estate of Abraham Childers. Bond set at $200.00 with Alexander Young, Samuel PACK and Hezekiah Borders as securities. (p. 106) February Term, Monday, 26 February 1816 Samuel Sullard, Samuel PACK, John Haws and Moses Mead to mark a road from Isaac Preston’s to the mouth of Tom’s Creek.

County Court Book 3

(p. 164) March Term, Monday, 16 March 1818 John Frazer, Joseph PACK, James H. Wallace and Stephen Hamilton are recommended to the Governor as fit persons to fill the office of Justice of the Peace of this County. (p. 170) August Term, Monday, 17th of August 1818 On the motion of Samuel PACK, ordered that John Stafford, Adam Bowman, Charles PACK and Hezekiah Wiley mark a road from John Vanhoose Sr. to intersect the road below Jinney Wiley’s. (p. 178) March Term, Monday, 15th of March 1819 The following persons were reccommended to the Executive as fit persons to fill the office of Justice of the Peace. Alexander Dunbar and Richard R. Lee in Prestonsburg in place of James Brown, sworn in as Sheriff. Peter Amyx and Jas. P. Harris in Prestonsburg in place of James H. Wallace, removed. Joseph PACK and Lewis Wellman in place of John Frazer, removed. (p. 185) May Term, Monday, 15th May 1820 On the motion of George PACK, the husband of Sally PACK, late Sally Lain, one of the heirs of John Lain, deceased, it is ordered that Richard R. Lee, William J. Mayo, Henry B. Mayo and Harry Stratton do apportion and allot unto the said George PACK, husband of the said Sally, one equal fourth part of the estate of said John Lain.

County Court Book 4

(p. 199) January Term, Monday, 28th of January 1822 On the motion of Francis Spaulding, ordered that William Moore, Samuel Thompson, Isaac Cooksy and Joseph PACK to view and mark the best way for a road from Edward Miller’s in a direction to the ferry at the forks of Sandy. (p. 222) September Term, Monday, 26th of September 1825 William Brown, an old Revolutionary Soldier, produced in open court his schedule for the purpose of obtaining a pension as follows; On this 26th day of September, 1825, personaly appeared in open court, being a court of record for the County of Floyd, William Brown a resident in said County, aged 78 years, who first being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration. That the said William Brown entered the service of the United States as an Ensign in the fall of the year 1780 in the State of Virginia, in the company commanded by Captain John Henry in the 13th Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Dabbony in the line of the State of Virginia on Continental Establishment. That he continued to serve in said Corps in said office until November 1781, after the surrender of Cornwallis, which was on the 19th day of October 1781, when he was discharged from the service of the State of Virginia about four miles below Richmond at Rocketts Landing, that he hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension except the present, that his name is not on the roll of any state but Kentucky, and that the following are the reasons for not making earlier application for a pension; I have been for about 7 or 8 years living with one of my son-in-laws by the name of George PACK and him together with his family with what little assistance I could render supported me, that my son-in-law with whom I did live is now dead and has left a helpless widow and family who are not more able to support themselves. I have for several years past have been advised to make an application for a pension, but I thought I never would do it so long as I could support with out because I thought and knew that I had rendered much service to my country in the achievement of its liberty, I therefore determined never to be a public charge to my country so long as I could possibly avoid it by what little labor give me for the reguard he had for me as a relation and what little work I was able to do but he is now dead and from age and infirmity I am unable any longer to support myself. I have no family but myself nor has not had for about 8 years past. My occupation has been that of a farmer but am now from age and infirmity unable to persue it. That I have no other property or securities other than what is contained in the schedule here to annexed and by me subscribed. SCHEDULE: One old mare and colt worth $35.00 Three head of cattle at $6 each $18.00 (S) William Brown The following changes has been made in my property since the year 1818. That that time I had one horse which I swaped for the mare I now own with one Charles PACK, about three years since, and since the mare has had the colt above named. Also in the year 1818 I had about the same number of cattle I have now, that is three, but they had some young ones, which are the same above stated, and I killed the old ones for beef, I think three, to support myself.

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