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Beverly L. Pack

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Floyd Co, KY Records of Survey

Book A, p. 338 -

On 24 January 1822 a tract of 50 acres was surveyed for George Pack ??? of Adam Gearhart by virtue of Kentucky Land Office Warrant No. 7065. Signed by Thomas Spencer, Samuel Davis, George Pack.

Book C, p. 153 -

On 4 March 1835 a tract of 100 acres was surveyed for William Pack ??? of Moses Preston by virtue of part of one Kentucky Land Office Warrant No. 24404 on Baker's Branch, a branch of Tom's Creek. Signed by Hezekiah Ward, John Castle, William Pack

Book C, p. 185 -

On 26 May 1842 a tract of 150 acres was surveyed for William Pack by virtue of County Court Certificate and on the waters of Toms Creek [or Tabors Creek]. Signed by William Ba?? and Andrew Daniels.

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