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Beverly L. Pack

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"Civil War letter 1862

Page 1.
First 1/2 of the first page missing.

"We was surrounded by the Rebbels at the Cumberland Gap one month before we give it up. I stood out on the Knoxville road on picket in sight of the Rebbels several days and nights. Accordingly on the 18th of Sept. we left the gap and started for the Ohio River by the way of Flat Licks, Goos (Goose) Creek salt works @ Manchester Booneville & Proctor. From there to hazel Green"

Page 2
First 1/2 of the second page missing.

"Gifted and how do ------------ baked it. One (?) baked in tin plates and thought it was the best bread I ever eat. We worked our way through to Greenupsburgh. (OH) From there to Ciotiville. (?) There we got on the cars and went to Portland Ohio. There we was stoped and said to go to Galipolise. (Gallipolis, OH) but did not go there. We mounted the cars and went to Cincinnati by the way of Chilickothey OH (Chillicothe, OH)"

Page 3

"From Covington we come to this county. I have been here 22 days. Times is tolerable still here though this is chiefly Rebbel country. Now I will say that J____ Wheeler (James Wheeler) and Wm Green (George W. Green?) Samuel ___? daniels (James J. Daniels) ___? & John Slone (John Sloan) came here ____? and was not molested on the ____? tell you how mutch (much) it _ratified (gratified) us to see them. They came ____? as good a time as they could hav (have) come ___? all got four months pay yestarday (yesterday) and we have the best chance to send it home that we have had since we come froom home. Now Josh John tells me that he saw father a few days ago and the Rebbels (has?) ruined them all. if you ___? tell me what they are all a going to do. ___ Now Josh I would like to see you all once more but you know my chance is bad and I don't expect to see you till peace is made. Unless you come to see me I can't git to home honorable and will not come dishonorable. So I want you to right (write) to me and give me all the news and let me know how you are geting (getting) a long. give my best respects to all the friends. so I will quit if you will suffer me to subscribe my self to be your true brother in law till death.

Charles Pa__ (Pack)
Joshua R. Wheeler
Direct your letter to Winchester Clark Co KY"

"LICENSE TO ADMINISTER THE ORDINANCES. Rev. G. L. PACK, having been duly examined and approved by the Kentucky (Forty Third) Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, is hereby given authority for one year to administer the Lord's supper, to baptize and to celebrate matrimony.

Signed by order, and in behalf of the Kentucky Annual Conference.

A. H. Miller, President
R. J. Kendall, Secretary
Sept. 16, 1910"

“North and South East Kentucky Civil War Notes,” by Joe R. Skeens, 1996.

PACK, William b. d. Aug 26, 1864
**buried at Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Cobb Co, GA

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