The following is a list of female PACK marriages transcribed directly from the ledgers of the Lawrence County, Kentucky Marriage Books. They are listed exactly as they appear in the marriage books. If you have a question about any of these, just write me a note. NOTE: Please keep in mind that all material is in the Public Domain and I am providing this information for personal, non-commerical use ONLY.

Beverly L. Pack

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May 3, 1827PACK, LedoshaVANHOOSE, Reuben138
1830PACK, SarahCALAWAY, JamesBox 1
1833PACK, PollyFANNON, WilliamBox 1
Sep 29, 1835PACK, EstherTHOMSON, Wesley1127
May 6, 1838PACK, ElizabethBORDERS, John1154
1839PACK, DelilaMCKINSTER, ThomasBox 2
1840PACK, JaneVANHOOSE, JohnBox 3
1841PACK, FannyYOST, JosephBox 3
Nov 24, 1843PACK, MaryBROWN, Henry211
Aug 19, 1843PACK, Sintha A.ROBERTS, Isaac Jr.214
1844PACK, KizzieWHEELER, James R., Jr.Box 4220
1847PACK, JaneBOYD, HiramBox 1
1848PACK, ElzinaMARCUM, Fleming221
1848PACK, PollyMARCUM, Jacob M.Box 2
1850PACK, SarahHAYES, BazealBox 2
1852PACK, PhebeJUSTICE, EhudBox 2
1858PACK, LucindaBRYANS, Owen2114
1858PACK, LucindaBRYANT, Owen51
1860PACK, Nancy J.PACK, David2A24
1863PACK, MatildaBORDERS, Michael1A67
1866PACK, EvalinePACK, Jet599
1868PACK, ElizabethMCCLURE, Samuel5155
1869PACK, JeminaTHOMPSON, Allen H.4A26
1870PACK, ElizabethENDICOTT, Francis4A103
1870PACK, LidyCHARLES, William5166
1871PACK, LydiaPRESTON, Harrison5172
1872PACK, MatildaBACK, Granvill5178
1873PACK, MaryBORDERS, Daniel5185
1873PACK, AngelinaHAMMOND, Wiley D.4181
1873PACK, Julia A.BABER, James4241
1874PACK, ThursaCASTLE, Lefner4293
1874PACK, JeminaBORDERS, William W.5199
1877PACK, DelanaTHOMPSON, B. F.5A88
1877PACK, VinnieSTEWART, W. D.5A98
1877PACK, E.WILEY, Farmer5A102
1878PACK, FanniePACK, George W.5A128
1879PACK, LottiePRESTON, Atchison5A165
1879PACK, Martha A.SLOAN, William5A179
1884PACK, Hester A.TRAVIS, Joseph869
1884PACK, AlifairAUSTIN, John886
1884PACK, FannyJUDD, J. W.887
1884PACK, AbigailO'BRYAN, Greenville8129
1885PACK, Mary J.KING, Henderson8184
1887PACK, MilleyHICKMAN, Moses P.9323
1888PACK, LydiaGRIFFITH, Abraham10307
1889PACK, RachelDANIEL, Amos A.10324
1890PACK, AliceMILLER, Frelin1111
1890PACK, Lyda M.PLUMER, Charles1180
1890PACK, Margaret E.MCCLURE, M. F.11471
1891PACK, GenoahSTEELE, John11189
1891PACK, CatharineESTEP, Ambrose11307
1891PACK, Rosa B.KING, Robert11396
1892PACK, MatildaBERRY, James C.11449
1893PACK, RosettaSKEENS, Lindsy1219
1893PACK, FannySTEEL, Joseph1286
1894PACK, Dora B.MILLER, George W.12245
1894PACK, LuverniaTHOMPSON, Leander C.12323
1894PACK, FannieBOYD, George W.12397
1896PACK, Laura B.LEWIS, Castle1388
1896PACK, Bertha E.IRVENS, Walter13192
1897PACK, Alley J.WILBURN, John13490
1898PACK, MagnoliaRICKMAN, Patton13371
1899PACK, CrildaFANNIN, Jackson1444
1899PACK, Jemima D.PACK, Lewis1449
1899PACK, ClaraEDWARDS, Joseph1450
1899PACK, NannyNEWCOMB, BenjamanBox 38
1900PACK, Maud B.SKAGGS, Tilden F.14295
1900PACK, CalistaBOYD, Sheridan14389
1901PACK, SelleyPACK, Olena1518
1902PACK, Mary J.CARTER, Marion15266
1902PACK, SylvaLARGE, William G.15357
1902PACK, Mary J.HALE, Thomas15396
1902PACK, Sarah A.VANHOOSE, Allen15459
1903PACK, Sarah J.JACKSON, Albert1620
1903PACK, LauraBAYES, Clarence16134
1903PACK, IdaMILLER, James16284
1904PACK, NoraYATES, George W.16362
1904PACK, EmmaHINKLE, Fred16380
1904PACK, Louisa J.WILEY, James16531
1905PACK, IdaCOPLEY, Henry17103
1906PACK, Ora B.LAMBERT, Fred17515
1906PACK, LydiaBELL, Robert A.1866
1906PACK, SarahCRUM, John18124
1908PACK, Delaney M.MILLER, James2041
1909PACK, MaudWILLSON, Shadrack2023
1909PACK, FannieDEFIELD, Millard21131
1909PACK, Minty O.THOMPSON, Cleavland2235
1910PACK, BellHAYES, Cleveland22103
1911PACK, FrancisDUTY, Lafayette2364
1913PACK, VadaWEBB, Albert24340
1913PACK, CratieBOWEN, Lewis E.24468
1914PACK, PricyDEAN, Henry259
1915PACK, MaryYOUNG, Zack25A261
1917PACK, BessieASTROP, Jesse2710
1917PACK, JaneGOODWIN, A. R.27105
1918PACK, LiddieHAYES, Mat27A24
1918PACK. MyrtleSERGENT, Fred C.2877
1919PACK, PeggieROBINETT, Will2949
1921PACK, Cynthia C.PRESTON, James C.3250
1921PACK, LissieSELBEE, Dewy3274
1922PACK, CellaHENSON, Thomas353
1924PACK, AlkaVANHOOSE, John3798
1925PACK, ElizabethDANIELS, Flem3969

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