The following is a list of male PACK marriages transcribed directly from the ledgers of the Lawrence County, Kentucky Marriage Books. They are listed exactly as they appear in the marriage books. If you have a question about any of these, just write me a note. NOTE: Please keep in mind that all material is in the Public Domain and I am providing this information for personal, non-commerical use ONLY.

Beverly L. Pack

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Aug 30, 1830PACK, ArchibaldCALOWAY, Mary171
Nov 25, 1830PACK, WilliamBOWANS, MitildaBox 3
1831PACK, IsaacBARDERS, GenevaBox 3
Apr 21, 1833PACK, Georgenone listed1100
Aug 16, 1834PACK, CorneliusEVANS, NancyBox 3
1834PACK, AndrewBROWN, SaryBox 3
May 16,1839PACK, SamuelEVANS, Mary1164
Apr 25, 1839PACK, BartlyFLUTA, Anna1163
Feb 9, 1840PACK, BerryBLEVINS, Rebecca1168
1842PACK, GeorgeFANNON, Anna23
Nov 9, 1843PACK, ArchabaldMUNCY, Mary212
Apr 4, 1844PACK, JohnENDICUTT, Sarah Ann215
1851PACK, JohnWHEELER, Jane239
1856PACK, Leander J.HANEY, Oma2102
1858PACK, DanlTHOMPSON, Julia A.2114
1858PACK, DanielTHOMPSON, Julia A.51
1860PACK, John W.SAMMONS, Nancy2A17
1860PACK, DavidPACK, Nancy Jane2A24
1860PACK, J. W.SAMMONS, Nancy59
1863PACK, LewisRAMEY, Susan5212
1865PACK, G. W.BACK, Delilia583
1866PACK, DavisPRESTON, Levina599
1866PACK, JetPACK, Evaline599
1866PACK, LeanderMURRY, Jane5103
1867PACK, IsaacVANHOOSE, Louisa3312
1867PACK, IsaacVANHOOSE, Louisa5211
1868PACK, Davis J.THORNBERRY, Nancy Jane5145
1869PACK, AlvinSPENCE, Martha J.5161
1869PACK, WilliamMEED, Liddy Jane5163
1870PACK, James F.GRANT, Mahala4A105
1870PACK, James F.GRANT, Mahala5164
1870PACK, AndersonPRECELL, Nancy I.1A173
1870PACK, AndersonJUDD, Nancy I.Box 5
1870PACK, WilliamBOWEN, Elizabeth5173
1872PACK, JohnMUNCY, Rebecca4157
1872PACK, JohnMUNCY, Rebecca5183
1873PACK, SamuelELKINS, Margaret4191
1873PACK, SamuelELKINS, Margret5186
1876PACK, DanielSWIM, Nancy5A62
1876PACK, HezikiahBORDERS, LaVina5A64
1877PACK, F. M.LYON, Trinville5211
1877PACK, GreenvillROBERTSON, Caroline5A90
1877PACK, F. M.THOMPSON, Trinville5A156
1878PACK, George W.PACK, Fannie5A128
1878PACK, DanielFRANCIS, Catherine5A130
1879PACK, HenryWHEELER, Trinvilla5A179
1879PACK, DanielHAYS, CollistaBox 13
1880PACK, William C.DEBORD, Nancy A.5A244
1880PACK, William C.DEBORD, Nancy Ann6221
1880PACK, C. M.STEPHINSON, Rebecca5A252
1880PACK, C. M.STEPHENSON, Rebecca6265
1881PACK, LewisBOLLING, Fannie5A196
1883PACK, GeorgeRATCLIFF, America E.7165
1885PACK, C. C.ROBINETT, Eliza8223
1886PACK, LeanderDAVIS, Rhoda M.988
1887PACK, George W.CASTLE, Malissa9331
1887PACK, George W.CASTLE, MalissaBox 21
1887PACK, HarrisonCOPLEY, Francis1019
1888PACK, Marvin H.RAMEY, Martha A.1073
1891PACK, MaridaPRICE, Magia11284
1892PACK, JohnGUSLER, Isabel11517
1893PACK, William H.VANHOOSE, Mary J.12140
1894PACK, C. C.ROBNETT, Gelina1256
1894PACK, G. W.RATCLIFFE, Lucinda12184
1896PACK, LewisBORDERS, Maud12440
1897PACK, John B.BORDERS, Sarah13458
1897PACK, R. H.O'BRYAN, Ida13492
1898PACK, WillieBEASLEY, Dona13497
1898PACK, A. F.LYONS, Aleghana13517
1899PACK, LewisPACK, Jemima D.1449
1899PACK, UlisesBORDERS, Mandabell14130
1899PACK, William H.COPLEY, Bettie14205
1900PACK, ColumbusSLOWEN, Emey14388
1901PACK, OlenaPACK, Selley1518
1901PACK, TheadoarDIAMOND, Susan1555
1901PACK, TheadoreELKINS, Susie1586
1901PACK, OrlioOBRYANT, Molisa15175
1901PACK, HenryHAYS, Sarah15203
1902PACK, John C.BOOTH, Nettie15227
1902PACK, W. R.WELCH, Iuka15315
1902PACK, John V.BAYES, Zelpha15369
1902PACK, IsaacDIAMOND, Sarah E.15419
1902PACK, JerryDALE, Rhoda16290
1904PACK, HarrisonWEBB, Lizzie16378
1905PACK, J. R.PIGG, Gipsie16430
1905PACK, RoscoeDIXON, Martha1763
1905PACK, RandsomMILLER, Maudie17201
1906PACK, George W.SPENCER, Fannie17419
1906PACK, AlbertMOORE, Kate17435
1907PACK, CharleyNELSON, Gracie1994
1908PACK, MendaTHOMPSON, Gypsy2039
1908PACK, BasconFANNIN, Hala20191
1909PACK, RoscoHAYS, Lizzie21275
1909PACK, JohnJUSTICE, Mary2251
1914PACK, OlenaDAVIS, Virgiaa24A165
1914PACK, LewisNOLEN, Jennie2560
1915PACK, WalterJONES, Mintie25118
1915PACK, FredFISHER, Madge25169
1915PACK, LeeDIXON, Ethel25A310
1916PACK, George W.SCARBERRY, Virgie25A406
1916PACK, DavidMOORE, Lula25A472
1917PACK, LewisFYFFE, Rosa26602
1917PACK, Leslie H.BOCOCK, Dolly2785
1918PACK, HenryRUNYONS, Lola27A14
1918PACK, J. HenryABSHIRE, Dellie2812
1920PACK, Henry E.OLIVER, Mary29A115
1920PACK, TracyTRAVIS, Sarah3039
1922PACK, ArbieCOX, Mary3393
1922PACK, HubertPARKS, Lucy3436
1922PACK, FentonESTEP, Clara3457
1922PACK, EverettBORDERS, Alice34103
1923PACK, Ora C.EDWARDS, Fannie3683
1924PACK, ElbertDAMRON, Laura B.3727
1925PACK, ClarenceMOORE, Stella3862
1925PACK, JohnFRALEY, Nora3883

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