Linus Hewlett
Corporal, United States Army

The following is taken as best I could read from the microfilm of the BIG SANDY NEWS, Friday, September 27, 1918, page 4:


France, August 24, 1918. Dear Parents:

Just received three of your letters and you canít imagine how well pleased I was to get them. I also got seven more at the same time so you can be sure I was a happy fellow. I am sorry you havenít received but one of my letters since I have been over here. I write every chance I get and that is pretty often. I think I have gotten all the letters you have sent ___ ___ ___ are awfully slow about getting papers. I have never received the Big Sandy News yet, but I am looking for it every day ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ . Horton has finished telegraphy and I hope as this time he has a good job.

You asked me if I had been in any battles. Well I should say I have and am now just back from the front for a rest. I am in a little village and enjoying myself to the fullest extent mixing with the French people and learning a lot of the French language. All I have to do while here is to see that our horses are fed and watered and cared for and eat three good meals a day, and all of our tobacco is issued to us by Uncle Sam.

I sure would have loved to have been home while Dick was there on furlough. Iíll bet he had some time. You be sure and send me one of his and Hortonís pictures and one of my own.

I am liking France just fine and have had some great times since I have been in France.

No, I have never seen any boys from Lawrence county yet, but I have several good friends in my company, but a few of them were sent to the hospital while we were at the front. I have fine health and glad to hear that you all are well.

How is police court now days, and is there much business?

Well I must close for this time as I havenít a lot more to write, so give my love to all and tell Horton and Oscar and Ida to write to me.


P. S. Ė We were on the Chauteau-Thierry front and went through the city of Chauteau-Thierry and crossed the River Marne on pontoon bridges and I go in swimming every day in the Marne, but not in the city of Chauteau-Thierry.

We made it lively for the Germans on that front. Ha. Ha.Ē

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