Mexican War Era Soldiers
(1846 - 1848)

last updated July 17, 1999

During the early years of Lawrence County's history, the population was increasing even though the size of the territory was decreasing. Yet, records of our early ancestors are sparce. And when relying upon the history of many old cemeteries to give us the clues we search for, we often fall short from obtaining that one piece of information we need in completing our family history. The reason, as Wolfford describes, "Burial customs remained primitive, with families handling their own arrangements and usually placing only a simple rough stone at the head of a grave. Others, with more money, ordered monuments or in some cases prepared their own tombs of stone." (source 3)

Evidence of Mexican War Era Soldiers in Lawrence County has been recorded in Court Order Books, cemetery records, federal census, Pensioners Lists, pension application papers, and DAR records. It should be noted that soldiers who were recorded in Floyd County prior to 1822 but whose physical location actually fell within the boundaries of Lawrence upon her formation in 1822 are listed here. Also, evidence of soldiers found within the boundaries of early Lawrence County (before her redistribution to Carter (1838), Johnson (1843), Boyd (1860), Elliott (1869), and Martin (1870)) are also listed here. The list below is compiled from various sources, and is not intended to be a complete account of Mexican War Soldiers who had connections to Lawrence County. If you have record of an ancestor who was born in the county, lived in the county, filed a pension application in the county, or died and is buried in Lawrence County, please contact me so that the information may be added to this list.
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Soldiers Documented in Lawrence County, Kentucky

John BotnerunkunkMoses Preston Cemetery
John H. BrownunkJuly 26, 1848 near mouth of Salt River, in Ohio River mustered in April 28, 1847 at Louisa
Matthew Drake(age 69)1870-1890Sailor
Charles Fosterunkunk mustered in April 28, 1847 at Louisa; mustered out August 5, 1848 at Newport
John William Kellerabt 18211865Company E, 16th Infantry Regiment, U. S. Army; enlisted 12 April 1847; Sergeant
H. W. Norrisunk1870-1890

Note: Not all of this information has been documented and verified. If you find errors, please contact me at the address below and let me know. I appreciate all assistance in maintaining accurate information.

Additional information, such as Wills, Biographies, Letters, Diaries, Pension Application Papers, etc., may be found on those soldiers which have a link indicated. If you have a web page with information about one of these soldiers, please contact me so that I may add your page to the links.


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