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This group of soldiers are those whose service was not specifically identifiable with one of the major conflicts listed on the Lawrence County Veterans page. However, many of these soldiers may have participated in one or more of the major conflicts. If you have knowledge about any of these soldiers please contact me.

Evidence of other soldiers who had served with connections to Lawrence County has been recorded from courthouse ledgers, cemetery records, newspapers, or other documents. If you have knowledge of a soldier not found on this page or any of the pages for the major conflicts please let me know so that the information may be added to this list. --Beverly L. Pack

Other Soldiers Documented in Lawrence County, Kentucky

ADAMS, HowardUnkSergeant – U. S. Army
ADAMS, Larry E.Aug 17, 1960Dec 24, 1980Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGraves-Childers Cemetery
ADAMS, Roscoeabt 1901U. S. Navy (1920)
ADKINS, Ernest R.Jan 5, 1947Mar 7, 1999Colonel – U. S. Army; OH Army National Guard (Retired with 28 years service); also served in VietnamOak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, OH
ADKINS, Gail HarrisApr 26, 1947U. S. Air Force (abt 1969)
ADKINS, Grover DeeAug 11, 1940Jul 14, 1980Specialist Five – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
ADKINS (ATKINS), JayJun 19, 1882Sep 30, 1965 KY – Private – U. S. Army (23 Dec 1911 - 22 Dec 1914)Greenlawn Cemetery, West
ADKINS, WillisUnk7th Infantry Division
AKERS, Merle Travis19551984FA – U. S. Navy Greenlawn Cemetery, East
ATHINGTON, HarklesNov 29, 1903Aug 24, 1943KY - Corporal - 29th InfChandler Cemetery
AUXIER, John GlenJun 2, 1905May 27, 1982Private – U. S. ArmyBorders Chapel Cemetery
BAKER, Donald EdwardMar 29, 1935Mar 9, 1985 Private – U. S. ArmyFannin Cemetery
BAY, Homer T.Unk1942OH – Private Pinehill Cemetery, Fulkerson Addition
BENARD, James LouisDec 25, 18861960U. S. Cav
BOCOOK, Joe R.Mar 3, 1956May 24, 1974F. A. – U. S. Navy Harmon Cemetery
BOGGS, JohnnyUnk
BORDERS, MartinUnkUnkCo I, 5th WV Inf Vaughn Cemetery
BOWLING, Homer JacksonDec 21, 1933Feb 24, 1982U. S. ArmyFlatwoods, KY
BOYD, Frank C.Feb 22, 1932Jan 13, 1992KY – U. S. Army Preston Gap Cemetery
BRANHAM, Millard FillmoreUnkU. S. Navy – retired 1950’s
BREWER, Earl B.Oct 31, 1911Aug 28, 1969KY – Private Borders Cemetery, Ulysses
BRYANT, W. C.UnkUnkCo K, 68 KY Enlisted Militia Hannah Cemetery
BURCHETT, James R.Feb 2, 1932Aug 15, 1959KY – Private First Class – U. S. Marines ReserveWoods Skeens Cemetery
BURGESS, Allen P.Aug 4, 1932UnkKY – Private The New Burgess Cemetery
BURGESS, George F.Dec 17, 1914Nov 17, 1974F1 – U. S. NavyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
BURKE, BenMay 11, 1915Jun 16, 1981Sergeant – U. S. Army Buchanan Chapel Cemetery
BUSH, William L. "Bill"Jun 14, 1934Nov 18, 1992Airman Second Class – U. S. Air ForceGreenlawn Cemetery, East
BUTLER, James MichaelUnkU. S. Navy
BUTLER, James R.Apr 27, 1935Oct 1, 1966U. S. Army Greenlawn Cemetery, West
BUTLER, John L.Jul 7, 1918May 18, 1984Private - U. S. NavyYatesville Memorial Gardens
BYINGTON, Paul JonesJan 26, 1902U. S. Navy
CAREY, Ulysses M.18721958Pinehill Cemetery, Wilson Reserve
CARTER, Gary KennethUnkPrivate First Class – U. S. Army 1970’s
CARTER, George LewisDec 23, 1931Nov 28, 1953KY – Airman First Class – U. S. Air ForceCarter Cemetery
CARTER, Tommy DarylAug 15, 1934Jun 24, 1974Airman First Class – U. S. Air ForceCarter Cemetery
CASSELL, Lowell T.Aug 24, 1940Sep 15, 1972OH – Private – U. S. MarinesBorders Cemetery, Ulysses
CASTLE, Perry C.Mar 4, 1880Apr 1, 1959KY – Private - 121st Infantry Regiment Greenlawn Cemetery, West
CHAFIN, Edward R.19111993U. S. Army Air CorpsGreenlawn Cemetery, East
CHANDLER, WilliamSep 18, 1910Dec 6, 1962KY - F1 - U. S. Navy Chandler Cemetery
CHANEY, Thomas19411985Corporal – U. S. Marines Greenlawn Cemetery, West
CHAPMAN, David HaskellJan 11, 1935May 12, 1994Private First Class – U. S. ArmyPeck Cemetery
CHILDERS, Archer FordJan 25, 1940U. S. Army
CHILDERS, Clarence L.19531990U. S. NavyCochran Cemetery, Fallsburg
CHILES, James JuniorUnkUnkU. S. ArmyPrice Cemetery
COLLINS, Harold E.UnkPrivate
COMPTON, JayNov 21, 1908Oct 20, 1974Seaman 2nd Class – U. S. Navy Greenlawn Cemetery, West
CONLEY, Curtis R.Apr 12, 1930Jul 19, 1975Private – U. S. ArmyCyrus Cemetery, Two Mile Creek
COOKSEY, Lindsey M.Feb 27, 1875Jul 22, 1938Private – Coast ArtilleryFallsburg Cemetery
COPLEY, Paul C.Nov 9, 1896Dec 4, 1952KY - F1 - U. S. Naval Reserve ForceRiffe Cemetery
CURNUTTE, CharlesUnk
DAMRON, Arlieabt 1897UnkServed around 1920
DAVENDER, Jack BurgessMar 13, 1928Mar 22, 1953WV - Airman First Class - U. S. Air ForceFitzpatrick Cemetery
DAVIS, ??UnkUnkCaptain – from PA; lived in LC 1880’s
DEMOREST, Patrick AllenAug 15, 1953Oct 16, 1989Specialist Five – U. S. ArmyMarvin G. Sparks Cemetery
DIAMOND, Dewey Lee, Jr.Mar 25, 1939Jun 19, 1964KY – Specialist Four – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
DIAMOND, JackDec 13, 1928Nov 2, 1998U. S. ArmyBlackburn Cemetery, Louisa
DIAMOND, JoeUnkU. S. Army
DIAMOND, Lucian A.Feb 22, 1919Aug 4, 1974Private First Class – U. S. ArmyFannin Cemetery
DIMOND, Edgar Bascom1875Abt 1960U. S. Army
DOBSON, John Lewis, Sr.Jul 29, 1927Apr 27, 1998U. S. Air Force; RetiredBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
DUTTON, David LynnOct 13, 1954Feb 26, 1974Sergeant – U. S. Air ForceVanhoose Cemetery
ELSWICK, JosephUnkUnk39th KY InfWellman Cemetery
ENDICOTT, Robert E.Jan 26, 1935Apr 28, 1972KY - Private First Class - U. S. ArmyBranham Cemetery
ESTEP, Lee R.Jul 29, 1900May 22, 1969KY - Private - 30th InfantryYatesville Memorial Gardens
EVANS, TrumanUnk
FANNIN, John ShermanJan 26, 1888Mar 21, 1965Corporal - Cactus War expedition into Mexico for Pancho Villa; also served in World War IFannin Cemetery
FAULKNER, LewisJul 19, 18681925Private First Class - U. S. ArmyKavanaugh Cemetery, Kavanaugh
FAULKNER, Lewis B.Jan 14, 1920Mar 21, 1979Private First Class - U. S. ArmyKavanaugh Cemetery, Kavanaugh
FISHER, Frankabt 1892aft 1920U. S. Army
FORD, Charles ArcherMay 2, 1967U. S. Navy
FRALEY, James HarveyJun 16, 1946Sep 22, 1999U. S. NavyYatesville Memorial Gardens
FRAZIER, Deweyabt 1903U. S. Navy (1920)
FYFFE, Lorenzo D.Oct 11, 1880Nov 22, 19566th Infantry (1903-1906)
GIBSON, BillNov 2, 1917Sep 20, 1974Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
GILPIN, Charles E.Dec 19, 1940Aug 29, 1980Private - U. S. ArmyWallace Cemetery, Donithan
HALBERT, Anna Jean O’NealJun 20, 1898Jun 21, 1974Military NurseWilliam Vinson Cemetery
HAMMOND, GordonMar 1, 1916Jan 26, 1998U. S. Army Pope-Hammond Cemetery
HANCOCK, Lillian S.UnkJun 17, 1999Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
HANNAH, EscallFeb 14, 1900Oct 1954Private – U. S. Army Hannah Cemetery
HARDIN, Thomas H.Mar 12, 1902Jun 3, 1927Private First ClassHardin Cemetery, Chapman
HARRISON, Robert S.Jun 2, 1928May11,1978Private First Class – U. S. ArmyBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
HAY, Charles F.1940's1970Specialist Four - U. S. ArmySturgill Cemetery, Martha
HAYS, Winifred19141944Lieutenant – Army Nurse Corps Pinehill Cemetery, Section 2
HENRY, Ernest19331991U. S. Air ForceHenry Cemetery, Peach Orchard
HICKS, Charles UnkUnkCo K, 53 KY InfBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
HOLBROOK, Georgeabt 1881aft 1920
HUDSON, Andrew W.18811957OH – Private - U. S. ArmyPinehill Cemetery, Section 6
HUFF, Rudolphabt 1902was serving in 1920
HUTCHINSON, James L.Jul 1, 1943Mar 1, 1990Specialist Four – U. S. ArmyMcCormick Cemetery
HYLTON, RicheaApr 27, 1901Jun 9, 1977Private - U. S. ArmyYatesville Memorial Gardens
ISAAC, Fred EdwardMay 2, 1931Nov 9, 1952KY - Sergeant - 501st Airborne Medical BattalionIsaac Cemetery
ISON, Archie P.19321987Private First Class - U. S. ArmyBoggs Cemetery, Blaine
JACKSON, MillardUnk
JOBE, CharlesUnkPrivate - U. S. Army
JOHNS, ManfordUnkUnkU. S. InfWallace Cemetery
JOHNSON, James RichardOct 11, 1868Sep 14, 1955Colonel
JONES, BillUnk
JONES, John PaulUnkGM 3rd Class - U. S. Navy (entered at age 25)
JONES, Wayne HenryNov 18, 1928Mar 7, 1975Sergeant First Class – U. S. ArmyJones Cemetery
JORDAN, Royabt 1899U. S. Army (1920)
JORDAN, Talmage Gene19351956Co A, 50th InfJesse Sanders Cemetery
KELLEY, Andrew Melvin19511991U. S. ArmyPinehill Cemetery
KELLEY, RayOct 27, 1918May 16, 1974Corporal - U. S. Army Air ForceQueen Cemetery, Glenwood
KELLY, Edgar J.Apr 1, 1933UnkKY – PrivateBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
KISE, David ArtherOct 28, 1914Aug 24, 1999Disabled VeteranKise Cemetery
KISE, Robert Russell "Bobby", IIIJul 26, 1960Apr 27, 1987Senior Airman – U. S. Air ForceKise Cemetery
KITCHEN, William David, Jr.May 3, 1950U. S. Army
LAWSON, WebbJun 16, 1887Nov 26, 1966KY – Private - Troop F, 4th Cavalry RegimentGreenlawn Cemetery, West
LEDFORD, Curtis BurtonOct 29, 1935Oct 1, 1998U. S. Marine CorpsCatron Cemetery, Pomeroyton, OH
LENART, Chester L.Aug 19, 1920Mar 9, 1980U. S. ArmyShannon Cemetery, Clifford
LUBY, John PatrickDec 15, 1971Mar 20, 1994HM 3rd Class - U. S. NavyYatesville Memorial Gardens
MARCUM, LeonardFeb 27, 1889Jul 20, 1974Private – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, East
MARCUM, MiltonJun 1, 1919Dec 28, 1968KY – Staff Sergeant - U. S. Air ForceShort Cemetery
MARCUM, Pembroke S.May 29, 1849Nov 19, 1923CaptainAshland Cemetery, Boyd County, KY
MARSHALL, Roy E.19181991Private – U. S. ArmySkaggs Cemetery
MATNEY, Thomas D.Jul 24, 1911Jul 4, 1952KY – Corporal – Army Air ForceWallace Cemetery
MAYNARD, JohnUnkUnkSergeant – Co E, 45th KY InfWarnick Cemetery, Richardson
MAYNARD, Julus19211975Tec 5 – U. S. ArmyBorders Cemetery, Ulysses
MAYO, John HenryMay 20, 1935Jul 23, 1998U. S. Army Roop Cemetery, Milo
MAYO, William R.Jun 1, 1917Aug 4, 1999Harmon Cemetery, Louisa
MAYS, George L., Jr.Jun 11, 1919Apr 18, 1991U. S. Navy Greenlawn Cemetery, West
McCLURE, Harry R.19141975Sergeant – U. S. Army Childers Cemetery, Gallup
McGUIRE, Glenn AllenFeb 26, 1937Jul 11, 1956KY – Airman Third Class – U. S. Air ForceGreenlawn Cemetery, East
MEAD, NoahUnkUnkCo E, 68 KY MilPrice Cemetery
MEEK, Larry S.Jun 2, 1944May 3, 1963KY – Private First Class - 46th Engineer BattalionVanhoose Cemetery
MILLER, Ray H.Apr 28, 1921Feb 23, 1975Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, East
MILLS, Marvin19181964Master SergeantGreenlawn Cemetery, West
MOORE, David EliUnkU. S. Navy
MOORE, Everett ElwoodMay 30, 1928Aug 6, 1998U. S. Army Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville, KY
MOORE, William17851843CaptainCaptain William Moore Cemetery
MOORE, William Chris19541987Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
MURRAY, Lewis G.18511934KY – SergeantPinehill Cemetery, Fulkerson Addition
NORRIS, Emmitt Jr.Sep 22, 1927Jun 18, 1989Private - U. S. ArmyYatesville Memorial Gardens
NUNLEY, Bennie FranklinAug 4, 1921Nov 26, 1942U. S. ArmyKavanaugh Chapel Cemetery, Kavanaugh
OLIVER, Ronnie KeithOct 16, 1958Aug 27, 1989Lance Corporal – U. S. MarinesOgle Cemetery
OPELL, FredUnk
PACK, Beverly LouisePrivateChief Warrant Officer Five – Army National Guard of the United States (25 Jun 1976 - Present)
PACK, James LutherMar 18, 1940May 5, 1990United States Navy (enlisted 1958 for 6 months)South Webster Cemetery, Scioto Co, OH
PANNELL, Richard Marion19291981U. S. ArmyPinehill Cemetery, Section 7
PARSON, William H.Apr 3, 1895Mar 14, 1946KY - Bugler - 7th CavalryWallace Cemetery, Donithan
PATTON, Paul E.19311981U. S. ArmyRoss-Moore Cemetery, Bear Creek
PATTON, Ray R.19081957KY - 7th BattalionBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
PELFREY, Chester E.UnkU. S. Air Force
PERRY, Earnest C.Dec 5, 1929Dec 18, 1965WV – EN1 – U. S. NavyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
PETERMAN, Columbus A.19281954Private First ClassKavanaugh Chapel Cemetery, Kavanaugh
POOL, John19041973ColonelCrit See Cemetery
POPE, Charley GarlandSep 21, 1939Mar 20, 1999U. S. ArmyPope Cemetery, Louisa
PREECE, JohnUnkPrivate - U. S. Army
PREECE, William H.Jan 23, 1907Sep 20, 1979EM – U. S. NavyPreece Cemetery
PRESTON, Charles William19281989Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, East
PRESTON, Robert S.Oct 12, 1939Jan 9, 1968KY – Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, East
PRICE, Rell E., Jr.Jul 29, 1950Sep 30, 1999U. S. Navy
RADER, David J.Nov 11, 1942Dec 8, 1984Captain – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
RANKIN, Karl C.Aug 29, 1928Jan 4, 1999U. S. Air Force (Retired)Richmond Cemetery, Richmond, KY
RAY, Edward LeeJan 20, 1914Feb 4, 1991U. S. ArmyYatesville Memorial Gardens
REID, John WilliamApr 6, 1937Nov 24, 1999U. S. Air Force (13 Aug 1957 - 11 Aug 1961)Yatesville Memorial Gardens
REININGER, WilliamUnkJan 16, 1939Private – 5th OH InfWebb Cemetery
RICE, OscarSep 19, 1890Jun 5, 1974WAGR – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
RICHARDSON, George S.UnkUnkColonel; lived in LC 1880’s
RIFFE, George W.Apr 24, 1890Oct 30, 1936KY - Private First Class - U. S. ArmyRiffe Cemetery
RIGGS, Milton Jamison18741955KY – PrivatePinehill Cemetery, Section 11
RIGGS, Thomas RobertJul 22, 1960Nov 14, 1986First Lieutenant – U. S. Marine CorpsGreenlawn Cemetery, West
ROBERTS, Garland AllenDec 19, 1930Dec 9, 1950KY – Sergeant – 2207 A. F. Hosp SqPrince Cemetery
ROBERTS, WilliamUnkPrivate First Class – U. S. Army 1990
ROSS, Walter W.Aug 5, 1908Dec 15, 1974Private First Class – U. S. ArmyBorders Chapel Cemetery
ROWE, ArnumFeb 29, 1920Apr 19, 1996Greenlawn Cemetery, West
SCHOLGE, Homer A.187319391st U. S. Vol EngineersPinehill Cemetery, Section 1
SHANNON, JamesNov 5, 1926Jan 6, 1999U. S. NavyShannon Cemetery

SHORT, Billy Franklin

Oct 22, 1935Dec 22, 1994Specialist Four – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
SHORT, EverettUnkOct 17, 1933Private – KY 3rd InfFallsburg Cemetery
SHORT, RobertUnk1930’sKilled at Soochow
SLONE, Herman B.May 2, 1935Jun 10, 1969KY – Private First Class - 41st InfantryGreenlawn Cemetery, East
SMITH, Ernestabt 1894UnkServed around 1920
SPARKS, Homer19181950Private First Class – Army Air ForcePinehill Cemetery, Section 10
SPARKS, MatthewUnkUnkCompany K, 68th KY InfantryKazee Cemetery
SPENCER, Randolphabt 1902Served around 1920
STEPHENS, CalvinUnkUnk68 KY MilHannah Cemetery
STIDHAM, Robert E.Dec 5, 1946Sep 13, 1968KY – Specialist Four – U. S. ArmyMoses Preston Cemetery
SWANN, Cratis19361992Specialist Four – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, East
TAYLOR, Justina Sibyl AdkinsUnkSergeant - U. S. Army (served in Persian Gulf War)
THOMPSON, John H.May 14, 1892Apr 14, 1945KY – Corporal - 159th Depot BrigadeBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
TURMAN, Allen Hatton18831975Kavanaugh Chapel Cemetery, Kavanaugh
VAN DAVENDER, Jack BurgessMar 13, 1928Mar 22, 1953WV - Airman First ClassFitzpatrick Cemetery, Rockcastle Creek
VANHOOSE, Hobert19241974Private First Class – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
VAN HOOSE, James L.Apr 14, 1940Dec 25, 1998U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery
VANHORN, William HaroldJun 3, 1920Jul 18, 1980U. S. ArmyOH
VAUGHAN, ThomasUnkUnkCaptain; lived in Louisa 1910
WADDELL, William E.Oct 20, 1937Sep 27, 1973KY – Private – U. S. ArmyGreenlawn Cemetery, West
WALLIN, Charles19381993U. S. ArmyHarmon Cemetery
WARD, JoeUnk
WELLMAN, CliffordUnkPrivate - U. S. Army
WELLMAN, John S.18691950KY – Private – InfantryPinehill Cemetery, Fulkerson Addition
WHITT, Martin VanburenUnkJan 30, 1931Missouri - Private - 113th Field Service Battalion, 38th DivisionWhitt Cemetery
WILBUR, AmbrosetUnkUnkSergeant – Co F, 69 PA InfWilbur Cemetery
WILLIAMS, Clarence E.--b./d. Oct 1, 1931NY – Private - 108th Infantry, 27th DivisionBuchanan Chapel Cemetery
WILLIAMS, Hardy Mayo19071974U. S. NavyPinehill Cemetery, Section 7
WILLIAMS, Sammy Layne19521974Sergeant – U. S. Air ForcePinehill Cemetery, Section 8
WOODS, John P.18971929MajorPinehill Cemetery, Section 2
WOOTEN, ThomasUnkUnkCo K, 68 KY Enlisted MilitiaConley Cemetery
WORKMAN, Billy JoeUnkU. S. Army
YORK, GlocusUnkunk173 OH InfCrit See Cemetery
YOUNG, Conrad WebbJul 11, 1926U. S. Army

Note: Not all of this information has been documented and verified. If you find errors, please contact me at the address below and let me know. I appreciate all assistance in maintaining accurate information.

Additional information, such as Wills, Biographies, Letters, Diaries, Pension Application Papers, etc., may be found on those soldiers which have a link indicated. If you have a web page with information about one of these soldiers, please contact me so that I may add your page to the links.


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