Court Cases of PACK Descendants

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"BIG SANDY NEWS, Louisa, Lawrence Co, KY. January 12, 1912 - LAWRENCE CIRCUIT COURT –

The jury in the case of the Commonwealth against JOHN PACK for shooting and wounding his wife was not long in making a verdict of guilty and it is said that if the woman had died a verdict of murder with the death sentence would have been returned just as quickly. Pack’s sentence will be from one to five years.

Lawrence County juries are not easily impressed by pleas of unsound mind. The attempt of Pack to kill his wife was savage and cruel. She had left him because of his ill treatment and was living with relatives on Brushy not far from her former home. Selecting a time when he believed his wife was alone, Pack went to the house and at once began his bloody work and the poor woman begging him to stop and crying for help. He fired five bullets into her frail body, the last one being fired as she was sinking to the floor. Pack then turned the weapon to his own throat. The ball ranged upward, lodging in the skull from which it was extracted a day or two afterwards. He was brought to the Louisa Hospital where he was treated several weeks and then lodged in jail.

Mrs. Pack was brought to the home of a relative in this city, where under skillful care and treatment she slowly recovered."

NOTE: The next paper briefly stated that he had been taken to Frankfort to serve his prison term.

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