Programs to Assist the Lawrence County Humane Society

Homeless Homer Program

The Homeless Homer Program is an easy way for you to show your support for the Lawrence County Animal Shelter. By saving the Homeless Pet symbols and UPCs from any Heinz pet food product, such as 9Lives, Gravy Train, Ken-L Ration, etc pet food products you can help provide needed food to support the Shelter. Just cut those little point symbols from any Heinz Pet Food product and send them to the Lawrence County Humane Society at the address below. They'll turn them in to the Heinz Pet Food Company who will provide food for the animals. CLIP & SAVE THOSE SYMBOLS--YOU COULD HELP FEED A HUNGRY ANIMAL TODAY!!!

Purina Pet Food Program

The Lawrence County Animal Shelter also receives food from the Purina Pet Food Company. By redeeming weight seals from Purina Pet Food Products, the Shelter receives needed food to help feed the animals. PLEASE CLIP & SAVE THE WEIGHT SEALS FROM YOUR PURINA PET FOOD PRODUCTS AND SEND THEM TO THE SHELTER!!!!!