New Projects

The following information was provided by Marsha Dotson concerning new projects at the Shelter this year:

"We have some projects in the works right now that I think you'll agree are worthwhile. A fostering program at long last is starting to take shape thanks to Kim Perry! Some of the cats may be pregnant or nursing mothers. I'd like to line up some foster homes for them before spring. If you would be interested in becoming a foster parent, or know of anyone who would, please contact us immediately.

Next, I made a goal list for the shelter. On the list I have a window for the catroom; some of these babies have been there for 3 or 4 months and haven't seen the light of day. Then we need to expand the catroom, and since we really don't need the waiting room which adjoins it, we're pushing the wall back several feet. And the list goes on--I'm trying to focus on this project first.

Of course we're doing some fundraising, trying to come up with the money to accomplish these things. Our fundraisers include car wash, bake sale, penny drive all accomplished. Now we will be doing a cookbook. If you have any recipes you'd like to share, please contact us! And starting in March, Ron Perry is giving us the use of a hotdog stand the first Saturday of the month. We have contacted WKEE in Huntington about donating concert tickets we could raffle off.

The Humane Society usually has a yard sale a couple of times a year. They would certainly appreciate anything you could contribute!"

If you can assist in any of these projects by donating your time, materials, or money, please contact Marsha at the LC Animal Shelter (606) 673-4509 right away.