Spanish American War Era Soldiers

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"The war in Cuba and the Philippines had little impact on Lawrence. Though a hundred volunteers left for battle, they were late in arriving. A few local professionals got into action, but they were men who remained in service afterward. No one carried home tales of Spain and a few ever drew pensions for their activity. It was a great contrast from the Big Wars which came just before and just afterward." (source 4) "Soldiers who were in the Second U. S. Infantry Division saw battle in the vicinity of Santiago." (source 9)

Evidence of Spanish American War Era Soldiers in Lawrence County has been recorded from Court Order Books, cemetery records, federal census, Pensioners Lists, pension application papers, or other documents. It should be noted that soldiers who were recorded within the boundaries of early Lawrence County (before her redistribution to Carter (1838), Johnson (1843), Boyd (1860), Elliott (1869), and Martin (1870)) are also listed here. The list below is compiled from various sources, and is not intended to be a complete account of Spanish American War Soldiers who had connections to Lawrence County. If you have record of an ancestor who was born in the county, lived in the county, filed a pension application in the county, or died and is buried in Lawrence County, please contact me so that the information may be added to this list. --Beverly L. Pack

Soldiers Documented in Lawrence County, Kentucky

John H. Abbottunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Stanley AllnuttJul 30, 1878Oct 12, 1942Captain - U. S. Army (Retired)Pinehill Cemetery
Nicholas ArnettunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
John H. BakerunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
John D. BartramunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
James N. BordwineunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division; wounded in first fighting - survived
Albert T. Boweunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Frank G. BradleyFeb 22, 1877Jun 24, 1964Second U. S. Infantry DivisionSylvester Bradley Cemetery, Morgans Creek
Landon E. BradleyunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Victor H. Caperton187519103rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")Pinehill Cemetery
Alonzo CarterunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Dock "Hezekiah" CarterOct 2, 1886Nov 25, 1975Yatesville Memorial Gardens
Lafayette CarterunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Zona CassellAug 15, 1878Mar 16, 1942KY - Company I, 27th U. S. RegimentBorders Cemetery, Ulysses
Harry CastleAug 26, 1872Feb 29, 19403rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Harlan ChapmanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
John ChapmanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Rush ChildersunkunkGraves-Childers Cemetery
Russian "Rush" CopleySep 22, 1881Jun 17, 1975Private; Company G, 11th U. S. InfantryGreenlawn Cemetery, West
Burwell CoxOct 16, 1876Jun 8, 1965Company C, Second U. S. Infantry DivisionCox Cemetery, Shannon Branch
Car Crabtreeunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Jerry CrankNov 13, 1880Jul 9, 1948KY, Private; 15th U. S. CavalryWoods Skeens Cemetery
Walter L. DaltonunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Charles G. DavisunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Samuel DeBordSep 2, 1874unk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Wayne F. Diamondunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
J. K. DixonunkunkLieutenant; 3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Jay N. Drakeabt 1880Jan 2, 19033rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")Pinehill Cemetery, Section 14
Claude P. FrizzellunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Elijah N. GambillunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Thomas Gradyunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Hezekiah HackneyunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Wilburn HallMar 28, 1877Mar 3, 1952KY, Private; Second U. S. Infantry DivisionGreenlawn Cemetery, West
Robert Hawkinsunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Hezekiah HawsunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Luther G. HawsunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Frank Hestonunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
James F. Holbrookunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Leander HowardunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Elwood HutchinsonFeb 18, 1872Sep 13, 1950Second U. S. Infantry DivisionPinehill Cemetery
Henry H. JohnsunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
William Orlando JohnsonFeb 24, 1866Sep 13, 1926Second U. S. Infantry Division; West Point Graduate; May 1898 organized company of 40 volunteers from Louisa; action in Cuba, fighting lightly at San Juan Hill. Also served in WWI. Retired as Brigadier General.
Frank Jonesunk1898died in Puerto Rico of yellow feverPinehill Cemetery
Charles JusticeunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Comodomre KiseJul 15, 1870Aug 17, 1962Co A, Second U. S. Infantry DivisionKise Cemetery, Meades Branch
James KitchenJun 19, 1875Apr 24, 1952KY, Private; Second U. S. Infantry DivisionPerkins-Kitchen Cemetery
Millard KitchenunkJune 1898Second U. S. Infantry Division; died en route to Cuba from TampaBuried at sea
Nicholas B. McGuire18771912Second U. S. Infantry DivisionPinehill Cemetery, Fulkerson Addition
Corbin L. Millerunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Richard F. Mooreunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Polk Pendletonunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Fred PerryMay 9, 1875Apr 26, 1950KY, Sergeant; 17th U. S. InfantryWellman Cemetery, Lick Creek
Charles PetermanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Henry Phillipsunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Ulysses S. Grant PiggDec 10, 1878Apr 23, 1965Co L, 3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")Patrick Cemetery, McClure Branch
Comidore Elexander PopeFeb 12, 1878Dec 20, 1951Co L, Second U. S. Infantry DivisionWallace Cemetery, Donathan
E. H. PorterunkunkU. S. Army - Assistant Surgeon
William B. PowellunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Wiley Prestonunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
William PriceunkunkCo L, Second U. S. Infantry Division Black-Hatton Cemetery
John B. RainesApr 11, 1877Dec 3, 1962Second U. S. Infantry DivisionFt. Gay Cemetery, Ft. Gay, Wayne Co, WV
Lonza Rameyunkunksaw duty in the Philipines
Edgar A. RatcliffeunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Barney ReynoldsunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Malcolm Riceunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
John RobertsunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Loranzo D. Skaggsunk Mar 7, 1903enlisted May 19, 1899 in Co F, 22 U. S. Volunteers; served in Philippines
Tilden Alfonzo SkaggsSep 12, 1876aft 1900Second U. S. Infantry Division
George H. SkeensunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Jimison T. SkeensunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Arthur J. SloanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Peter SmithunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
William Edison SparksMay 16, 1874June 1947
Felix M. ThompsonunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
Herbert Vanhooseunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Charles T. VaughanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division; was hit by a bullet, but not badly hurt
Harrison G. VicarsNov 12, 1875Jun 22, 1943Second U. S. Infantry DivisionBillups Gap Cemetery, Wayne Co, WV
Jay A. VinsonunkunkSecond Lieutenant - 3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Eugene WellmanunkunkSecond U. S. Infantry Division
William S. Williamsunkunk3rd U. S. Regiment ("KY Volunteers")
Wallace J. WilliamsonJul 24, 1877Mar 12, 1900Corporal; Company K, 4th Regiment KY InfantryBoyd Cemetery, Richardson
Ralph Wilsonage 58Oct 4, 1934Co A, Second U. S. Infantry DivisionPinehill Cemetery (Fulkerson Addition)
Katherine WrotenunkunkOct 1898 - appointed Nurse in Army hospital at Jacksonville, Florida

Note: Not all of this information has been documented and verified. If you find errors, please contact me at the address below and let me know. I appreciate all assistance in maintaining accurate information.

Additional information, such as Wills, Biographies, Letters, Diaries, Pension Application Papers, etc., may be found on those soldiers which have a link indicated. If you have a web page with information about one of these soldiers, please contact me so that I may add your page to the links.


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