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"William & Mary Quarterly," Series 1, Volume 6, p. 33. I have typed it exactly as it appears.

"Macon Family--St. Peter's Parish Register, New Kent Co, VA--Gideon, son of Gideon Macon and ____, his wife, natt the 20th June and bapt. the 22 June, 1682. Ann, the daughter of Gideon Macon and Martha,(1) his wife, natt the 15th Dec., bapt. the 2d Feb., 1685.

(1) June 24, 1703, there was a suit depending in York county, between Nathaniel West and Martha, his wife, executrix of Gideon Macon, late of New Kent county, deceased, and Richard Packe, of London, merchant. Martha is said to have married, thirdly, a Mr. Bigger, and the Goochland records name, about 1760, a Macon Biggers. We miss from the register Gideon Macon's daughter Martha, who married Orlando Jones, and was the grandmother of Martha Custis, wife of George Washington, but her tomb is at the old Macon place, on the Pamunkey--"Prospect hill."

"William & Mary Quarterly," Series 1, Volume 3, pp. 267-269. I have typed it exactly as it appears.

"Personal Notes--From The Maryland Gazette. 1765--May 10--An account of a schooner which sailed out of York River, bound up the Bay, and was lost in a violent gust of wind above the mouth of Rappahannock, all on board perished. There were two passengers, one of them "Mr. Graves, son of Mrs. Sarah Packe of Williamsburg, a very hopeful youth, of about 18 years of age." The friends request the favor of good Christians who may happen to find or hear of their bodies, "to give notice to Mr. Parks, printer at Williamsburg." Mr. Packe was a thin slender youth; had on a scarlet Great-Coat, a new green cloth Waistcoat, with white metal buttons, a new pair of leather breeches, and a new pair of boots; and had a silver watch in his pocket, the maker's name, Bradford of London, with a silver seal hanging to it; and had a mourning ring on one of his fingers. They both had money in their pockets, and other effects with them of considerable value." The date of the accident was March 27, or that was the day when the schooner sailed.

In a letter of Mrs. Ann (Thomson) Mason, dated 1743, she states that her sister Mary Thomson married first a Mr. Booth, and secondly "Capt. Graves Pack." She had but one child by her second husband, a son who died in infancy.(1)

(1) In the York county records is the following order: "June ye 21, 1725: On the petition of Booth Armistead by Robert Armistead, Gent., his next friend, setting forth that Thomas Booth, late of this county deceased, by his last will & testament did give and bequeath 200 pds sterling to y sd petr & by his sd will did constitute Mary his wife Ex who has since intermarried with Graves Pack, Gent, ordered that the sheriff summon the said Pack to answer y sd petition at next court."

Robert Booth was clerk of York court as early as 1645. He married Frances _____, and had Elizabeth, who married Dr. Patrick Napier. Robert and William Booth succeed him in the York records, and were probably his sons. William left a will, which shows that he (William) had no sons. Robert married Anne, daughter of James Bray, Esq., and Angelica, his wife, but as he left no will, it cannot be said positively that Thomas Booth was his son. Capt. Robert Armistead (Anthony, William) had two sons by a first wife, Booth (died in 1727) and Ellyson; and he then married, secondly, Katharine Nutting, widow of Capt. William Sheldon, and had Robert, Booth, and Angelica. It looks as if Armistead's first wife was Miss Booth, either a daughter of grand-daughter of Robert Booth, the younger. (See Keith's Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, p. 21; Quarterly, Vol. II, p. 234) Graves Pack married, secondly, Sarah _____. He was justice of the peace of York county, and under date Feb 16, 1740, is the following: "Edward Randolph of Loudoun, mercht, now residing in Virginia, devisee under the will of Graves Pack, late of London, mariner, dated 16 Dec 1728, for 25L current money of Va.," sells to John Kaidyee 4 lots in Queen Mary's Port, near the capital of Williamsburg. Witness, J. Palmer, Bedford Davenport, John Parker.--Editor"

"William & Mary Quarterly," Series 1, Volume 14, p. 159. I have typed it exactly as it appears.

"York County Records--Estate of Charles Collier's Orphans. At a court held for York County, 17 June, 1723.

Present: Joseph Walker, William Sheldon, Graves Pack, William Stark Gentl.

On the petn of Edwd Baptist praying that ye estate of Chas. Collier's orphans may be delivered to him Ordered that ye sheriff summon Mary Collier to appear at said Court. Truly Entered by Phi Lightfoot Clerk Cur.

A Copy Teste. T. T. Hudgins, Clerk, October 3, 1904."

"William & Mary Quarterly," Series 1, Volume 7, p. 11. I have typed it exactly as it appears.

"Old Virginia Editors--There is a deed at Yorktown dated August 19, 1749, which shows that Parks had as partner in the printing establishment and store-house in Williamsburg, Mrs. Sarah Packe, widow of Capt. Graves Packe; tht when the small-pox occurred in Williamsburg, Parks had established a store-house at Hanover Courthouse; and the object of the deed was to provide for a settlement of accounts between him and Mrs. Packe.

Embarking for England on March 23, 1750, Parks died at sea April 1, 1750, and was buried at Gosport, England. His will, proved at Yorktown June 18, 1750, provides as follows: L100 to each of the children of his sister, Jane Spilsbury, wife of Thomas Spilsbury; to sister Elizabeth Parks, L50 currency money; that his wife Eleanor Parks and his son-in-law John Shelton, of Hanover county, should "complete the printing of the Laws of Virginia which I have undertaken"; the accounts with Mrs. Sarah Packe to stand until the determination of John garland and benjamin Waller; son-in-law John Shelton, Benjamin Waller, and William Prentis, of Williamsburg, gentlemen, executors; and Mr. Waller to please accept L20 for executing this will; his residuary estate to fall to his daughter Eleanor Shelton.

It would seem from this will that the first wife of Patrick Henry, Sarah Shelton, daughter of John Shelton, of Hanover, was granddaughter of William Parks and Eleanor his wife. It is probable, too, that Mrs. Henry derived her name, Sarah, from Mrs. Packe, who was, perhaps, connected by family ties with William Parks or his wife Eleanor.(1)

(1) Was Mrs. Packe mother of William Parks' wife? Captain Graves Packe married, first, about 1725, Mary, sister of Stevens Thompson, the Attorney-General, and widow of Thomas Booth, of York county. He died before 1732, at which time Sarah Packe was his widow. They had a son Graves, drowned at 1745, aged eighteen years. John Packe Garland, in 1771, devised his property to Mr. Holderby Dixon, in trust for the separate use of his mother, Sarah, wife of Dr. George Pitt, except a legacy to George Pitt, son of George and Sarah Pitt. The will (proved 1773) of Mrs. Sarah Pitt, wife of Dr. George Pitt, of Williamsburg, names daughter Mary Pitt, late son John Packe Garland, and sons Richard, William, and Thomas Pitt. See, also, Quarterly, III, pages 268, 269."

"William & Mary Quarterly," Series 1, Volume 7, p. 21. I have typed it exactly as it appears.

"Armistead Family--(Captain) Robert Armistead (will proved in Elizabeth City county May 19, 1742), son of Captain Anthony Armistead, is named in the will of his brother, Anthony, and of his mother, Hannah. On February 20, 1715, he was commissioned by "the Honble the Governor" to succeed his brother, William, deceased, as agent for Row's storehouses on Pocosin River, York county. Thomas Booth and Samuel Pond were his securities. [snip] Thomas Booth left him a legacy of L200. (Said Booth married Mary, sister of Stevens Thompson, the Attorney-General of Virginia. She married, 2dly, Graves Packe, justice of the peace, York county.)+

+Graves Packe's bond to administer on Thos. Booth's estate has for securities Thomas Jones and David Bray. See Quarterly, III, pp. 267, 268, 169."

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