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The Abandonment of U.S. International Leadership  -

The alt-right -

Death with Dignity -

Just Transition: The Intersection of Jobs and the Environment -


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Islanders' Voice (A citizen journal of San Juan County, WA, Democrats)

New web site about the San Juans


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Occupy Friday Harbor

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Historic Friday Harbor

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Janet Thomas' book The Battle in Seattle
San Juan Island Senior Services at Mullis Center




Candidates Forum for 2018 election -

Affordable Housing -

What’s going on in SJC  -

Saving the Salish Sea -

County 20-year Comprehensive Plan - 

Annual membership meeting -

Hope for The Best, Prepare for The Rest -


Water in San Juan County—

Candidates forum for 2016 election  —

Dr. John Geyman on universal health care (March 14, 2016) -

County Family Resource Centers (February 8, 2016)  -

Rep. Kris Lytton on Education and other topics (November 16, 2015) -

School Board and Hospital Board Candidates Forum -

Affordable Housing (September 21, 2015) -

Domestic Violence Forum (April 13, 2015) -

Forum with Sheriff Krebs (April 1, 2015) -

Updates on Redistricting, Campaign Financing, Voter Registration, Gun Control (March 9, 2015) -

Friday Harbor Town Administrator, Duncan Wilson - How the town works (Feb. 9, 2015) - 

Joint meeting with the Prevention Coalition on drug abuse (Nov. 14, 2014) - 

Candidates forum for November election (Oct. 8, 2014) - 

The 2014 ballot gun initiatives (Sept. 8, 2014) –

 Island Crossroads: Vessel Traffic, Oil Spills and You (Apr. 14, 2014) -

Public Health in San Juan County (Feb. 14, 2014)

 Religion and Health Care (Nov.18, 2013) -  http:/

David Perez on voter suppression in WA state Sep. 12, 2012 -



Saffiya Hardin, a volunteer with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, speaking at the 40th LD Democrats general meeting about hate crimes and discrimination that American Muslims face. --

Jim Steagall’s  South America tour SJI Library Nov. 2016 

Rick Larsen on the TPP - November 15, 2015

Hospital Board Candidates' Forum - July 7, 2015

Economic Development Council Luncheon - June 17, 2015

County Council responds to request to place $15 per hr min. wage on their agenda

Oil Spill Workshop - March 7, 2015

Mike Lapointe addressing the SJC Democrats prior to their endorsement of him for Congress

Are voted ballots public records?  Clark County court hearing - 2/20/14   short version

Are voted ballots public records?  Clark County court hearing - 2/20/14   full version

March 16, 2014:  Our Islands at Risk-Increased Vessel Traffic and Increased Risk of a Major Oil Spill  

March 15, 2014 meeting on the Whidbey Island jet noise

Bev Harris of Black Box voting at the PAN Supper in Friday Harbor on election fraud

Public information meeting on the rental of Friday Harbor office space to the U.S. Customs/Border Protection, November 25 2013

Public information meeting on the rental of Friday Harbor office space to the U.S. Customs/Border Protection, January 17, 2014

San Juan County Council asked to remove bar codes from ballots

Alice in Wonderland performed by students of Catherine Blaine School in Magnolia

An Educational Forum on the Federal Government’s “Secure Communities” Program

Coal Terminal Scoping Hearing - Nov. 3, 2012

Edward Snowden interviewed by Glenn Greenwald

The No GMO initiative

Making Change at Walmart

Percy Schmeiser takes on Monsanto and genetically modified food

List of food in the US containing genetically modified organisms: 

Tips on downloading files from ftp sites  

Ballot Tracker Lawsuit Explained

Ballots Public Records Request

White v Skagit County and Island County Appeal

A Favorable Decision! 

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Court rejection of State motion for Reconsideration

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video about ballot tracker

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