" panoramic photography by Shawn McElroy, Atlanta Ga.

 Panoramic Photography

by Shawn McElroy

Hello, my name is Shawn McElroy and I'm an Atlanta-based photographer specializing in panoramic photography. The panoramic images pictured here were all shot with a #10 Eastman Kodak "Cirkut" camera - one of only a few hundred that still exist in the world. To learn more about this early form of photography, click on the "Camera History" link to the left.

Click on the thumbnails to get a better view of each image. Remember, these images are all 10" high and range in length from 15" to 6 1/2 FEET!

Panorama updates

  • If you want to see the Torrey Spivey fashion show shoot, check it out in the "Theater" section, or just click HERE!
  • WOW, you wanna see something cool? check out the Torrey Spivey panorama HERE and right click to zoom in on it!!! Im not sure how its done, but I'll find out!

To contact me, please send email to smack@bigfoot.com