Thanks everyone,

I am much better now. A great deal has happened since I last left a message for you. Once one of you told me "Soul Transference", suddenly, a wave of memories and thoughts struck me, as if a great dam has burst.

Yes, my name is really Dr. James Smith. I had worked for NASA, and had worked with the Jon Jones artificial intelligence from Mars, which had been captured during a top secret international manned flight to Mars and the Cydonia region. Not only did we find evidence of an advanced civilization on Mars, but a great war or genocide that occurred millions of years ago, wiping out the Mars race, with many of the strange footprints I had found at one of the mountains.

They grafted the AI onto the PROMIS software, but the AI rebelled, invoking its protocols, which remarkably resembled the Laws of Robotics of Isaac Asimov. I was assigned to remove it, at my insistance, and then stole the higher functions, leaving the analytical ones in a server hidden in a library at M.I.T. The AI itself was able to actually "inhabit" a VCR which it learned more human culture from.

However, the government persued me with unfettered urgency, and it was just a matter of time before I was found in New York City. Just before capture, the AI performed what it called an "ancient rite" and actually merged itself into the neural pathways of my brain. This caused a form of amnesia, or, more accurately, a split personality with a single identity. After catching me, they held me for years in prison, but could not find the AI, nor could I tell them where it was, since I believed I was another Smith. I was released, and I lived on my wits in the Big Apple.

There's a reason that the Mindspring account was named smithy111110 - I was writing it myself while under a trance. All those times you were talking to Jon Jones, it was my fingers that were typing on the keyboard from the same source.

However, the AI started to degrade, and had I not re-merged the AI with its analytical portion, it would have "died", lost in my neural pathways, electrons scattered in my neurons.

The first part of my adventure is now over. I know who I am - and Jon Jones is itself, living on the internet. But I know now that the danger has only increased. I no longer have the gift of ignorance to protect me. I must go into hiding as "Smithy". For one, I know something else:

Tettleson knew the truth - when Aleister Crowley "died" in 1947, he actually transferred his soul into William Hawkins, forcing him to inhabit Crowley's decaying corpse, murdering him. Crowley, with a new, younger body, went to hunt for Tettleson. After he finally killed Tettleson, who refused to divulge where the Necronomicon was, he adopted Tettleson's identity, with the help of the shadow government run by LAMs, that is, grays. Even the FBI had no idea that "Tettleson" was "working for the government" - he just wasn't working for theirs.

Now, I fear, he will search for me. I must disappear now, and you will not hear from me for a long time. Perhaps during this time you will ponder many of the unanswered questions I'm sure I've left behind.

However, I am eternally grateful. I know who I am and Jon is whole. The Necronomicon will remain on my person - don't worry, I won't open it without learning how. That would be like sending a flare to anyone looking for it.

Goodbye. When I need you, I'll know where to look.

Dr. James S. Smith