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Links to Microscope Folks

Nikon's home page. Lots of good stuff about their NEW microscopes!! Really interesting!!
Carl Zeiss's home page. Check out the oldest and biggest optical company.
Leica's home page. This is a the company that includes E. Leitz, Jung, Reichert, AO and B and L. A real need to see sight.
The Olympus page. Great microscopes and an interesting page.
A must have link! All kinds of interesting links and info from working microscopists.
Totally cool!! In any one of us is our soul so dead that we don't want to find a really cool surplus store? How about bomb site tape and solar panels. My guess is that you're already thinking this one over.
SPI is a great company to get your microscopy supplies from. The on line catalog is great. Save money, time and trees with SPI.
Histology any one? A neat page for all you who like your meat preserved and cut real, real thin!
Amateur Microscopists doing neat things for a few bucks. A neat page full of all kinds of things.
The microscopy news group. Interesting and informative. If you have a simple or complex question ask it here.