The 'Trips' at Jamestown

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We were cute little buggers, weren't we? I'm the one on the left.

My mom likes to tell stories about us when we were little.
One time, when were just toddlers, she tried keeping us in tow by using those leashes for kids.
She lived to regret it because the three of us ended up wrapping ourselves around her legs like puppies around a tree!
Needless to say, the leashes were retired very quickly thereafter!

Well, I guess this homepage ain't so new anymore.
I started it quite some time ago, in late 1998 or early 1999.
I moved to Colorado not long after first putting it up and I haven't done jack on it since!
The world has changed a lot in that time and so have I. So, I hope to update this page on a more regular basis.

My grandmother, Elva White was a remarkable woman.

Read a little about her and read her poetry.

My favorite actor is Russell Crowe.

To see an Award-winning web site devoted to Russell, go to:
It's the most comprehensive fan site I've ever seen.
It's a site done by fans for fans.

Drop me a line.

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